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#NotDying4WallStreet Goes Viral as Progressives Reject Efforts to Put Corporate Profits Over Public Health

Thankyou. You too and all commentors - be well.

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Read “Democracy in Chains” by Nancy MacLean.

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Let him be the first to hang.

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Wasn’t it Blankfein that said “Bite Me” ? If I get my hands on him he will never say anything like that again.

We have an artificially low late start due to lack of tests and many of our COVID-19 deaths actually occurred before we officially started the US count.

Likely the EVALI electronic vaping associated lung injury deaths were actually COVID-19. All the symptoms were the same; the pneumonia acted the same with duration of 2 weeks for mild pneumonia; 3-6 weeks for Severe which required ventilators and intubation, resulting in death or 30-40% permanent lung damage with eventual “recovery.”

EVALI affected men more than women. CDC Director Robert Redfield reported the first death from EVALI on 8/23/19. In line with a 6-week COVID-19 incubation and illness onset as that is six weeks after the CDC shut down two Fort Detrick USAMRRID labs for leakage and poor protocols, including lab workers not wearing respirators in BSL-14 lab working with coronavirus. The CDC reported the last of these cases as EVALI on 2/28/20: 68 deaths of the 2807 cases, 2.42% death rate from DC & 29 states. When I multiplied out doubling of COVID-19 cases as if 8/23/19 were the first, I got to 350 million cases by December 2019. If true, that means many of us have already had it.

This season’s “flu” pneumonia deaths reported by the CDC on 3/14/20 are DOUBLE what they were last year at this time. Likely really COVID-19 pneumonia deaths. How many health care workers have been passing it to people since flu season started in November? Another reason not to use WHO tests but to delay CDC tests, which had to be made privately due to contamination at CDC’s Atlanta lab, where lab workers also did not wear respirators.

what a load of bull… science isn’t encoded linguistically but it could be encoded linguistically, using a very small subset of the available spoken words, it’s just not handy enough to do so… either way you are completely wrong because it’s entirely possible to express everything a language can express with a subset of the vocabulary of the same language — there are obviously many reasons why this is true, a truism even — in other words: even a trash language can express everything the languages of your nobil men can express.

Hi smertzasmert:

sigh— sadly America has to be NUMBER ONE all the time--------------but WHY does it have to be number one in screwing its own citizens? : 0

Oh my God: It’s a raging case of post-structuralism, I’m afraid. I hope it isn’t catching!

(Damn! Now I blew it. It’s not post-structuralism, it’s post-modernism. I should know that, I’m sorry.)

I’ll see your Wittgenstein and raise you a Popper, dimbulb.

I happen to know something about Tarski, Frege, and Godel. Not one of whom had anything at all to learn from the fraud Wittgenstein – whose ideas about Mathematical Logic in particular were legendary risible bunk! I don’t know where the hell they teach ignorance like yours.