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Note to Media: Having A Penis Thrust In Your Face Is Not Harmless Fun and Jesus What Is Wrong With You

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2019/09/16/note-media-having-penis-thrust-your-face-not-harmless-fun-and-jesus-what-wrong


Repeat…Our Republic has become an open sewer, the greasy, slimy, fat risings to the top.


Kavanaugh appears to have some strong mind altering skills. Nobody seems to remember anything about his shenanigans. Some with stronger minds, do remember but only have vague recollections of times and places that keep changing.

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He’s a privileged white boy in a world where privileged white boys rule. What more do you need to know except maybe how to find the nearest vomitorium.


Judge: “Young woman, are you trying to show contempt for this court?”

Mae West: “No, your honor–I’m trying my best not to!”


NYT creating turmoil to sell, create a market, for their employees book.
Their reputation within our young peoples is that they and the DC Post are government news.
Bill Clinton had ladies who actually remembered his …
Today’s outrage is genuine.
Folks are ticked off.
That 28 straight years of republican rule.
Shows that american voter is a fool.


“No, your honor, I’m doin’ my best t’hide it.”

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So, if I showed up in the Supreme Court and started waving my genitalia around, Kavanaugh would get a good laugh out of it and I won’t have to worry about having the guards haul me out because Kavanough understands its just harmless fun? Can I try this? Or does some one else want to?


Almost right, Moss. Once you unzip and take out the contents, you gotta drool and git up close to some woman/girl, the younger, the better, and shove your goodies into her face or hand. Then you, too, could be a Justice on the Supreme Court (you don’t even need a law degree, just a nasty, drunken leer).

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What’s your point?


Judge Kavanaugh:
I’m sorry that your ,“boys will be boys,” action seems to play well in D.C and NYC and-----oh but wait, Mr. Kavanaugh----- you have 2 teenaged daughters, don’t you? YOU very possibly have made them and other young girls their age into rape bait— because it’s all in fun, right! Yeah, Dr. Ford was like 14—right? I sincerely hope that no one ever does this to your daughters ----but maybe it’s just a male thing? I remember the Stanford swimmer’s dad in a rage about his son’s damaged future for as that father said, “20 minutes of action,” of course it was with a passed out girl, wasn’t it? The word "human, becomes increasingly hard to define. : (



For 50 years Americans have been voting on hack-able electronic computers
which immediately began delivering very odd and unbelievable right wing results.
That’s 50 years of election theft by the right wing –
and it’s the only way they could rise.

Plus their violence –

As Europeans said after the assassination of JFK …
“American progressives and liberals have an odd way being assassinated
or otherwise eliminated.”

We also have an odd way of having our elections hi-jacked.


Maybe some day, some drunken frat boy will do the same to one of
his daughters –

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We also have an odd way of having our elections hi-jacked.

When “Votescam – the Stealing of America” was first published in …
it was delivered to bookstores and quite normally put up on bookshelves,
only to very quickly be removed – packed up again – and returned to publisher.

See: Votescam – The Stealing of America" – republished in 2000
Book can be read here - free - Scroll down to read it –

Page 194 -
"When you’re dealing with the networks, you’re dealing with a shadow government."
Tim O’Brien, ABC Supreme Court correspondent

Book One


“Who shall stand guard to the guards themselves?”


The Premise

Votescam asserts the unthinkable.

It is a strange and frightening true detective story. It contains fact, film, documents and visions seldom seen by the public. It is troubling look at the corruption of the American vote that most Americans cannot bear to believe is even partly true.

The authors assert, and back it up with daring reporting, that your vote and mine may now be a meaningless bit of energy directed by preprogrammed computers—which can be fixed to select certain pre-ordained candidates and leave no footprints or paper trail.

In short, computers are covertly stealing your vote.
•For almost three decades the American vote has been subject to government-sponsored electronic theft.
•The vote has been stolen from you by a cartel of federal “national security’s bureaucrats, who include higher-ups in the Central Intelligence Agency, political party leaders, Congressmen, co-opted journalists—and the owners and managers of the major Establishment news media, who have decided in concert that how America’s votes are counted, by whom they are counted and how the results are verified and delivered to the public is, as one of them put it, “Not a proper area of inquiry.”
•By means of an unofficial private corporation named News Election Service (NES), the Establishment press has actual physical control of the counting and dissemination of the vote, and it refuses to let the public know how it is done.*

This book also contends that the theft of your vote or Votescam, is part of a supposedly patriotic “collaboration” between federal officials and the news media that began shortly after the assassination of John F. Kennedy in 1963, when the “responsible” American press was persuaded by American intelligence services to hide from the American people the actual implications of the Kennedy murder.

My brothers, Jim and Ken Collier, report this story as if the “hounds of hell,” as Ken used to put it, were snapping at their journalistic heels.

I, too, am a journalist and editor by profession, and a skeptic by training. Yet, as hard as I have tried not to, I now believe they were actually holding the tail of an elephantine conspiracy that they uncovered, inch by heart-rending inch.

After reading Votescam, the impatient citizen may well ask: “Why, if there is truth in the charges, are there no indictments?”

That question is one of many provoked by Votescam’s reporting, and if Americans actually value their vote then there will be indictments based on this book’s data and documentation.

My brothers peeked behind Oz’s curtain and into a voting booth where people of power had secret hold of all the levers—as well as all the keys on the computer keyboard.

Yes, that’s one hell of a conspiracy, and it—as Jim and Ken uncorked it doesn’t stop there. You may be shocked, annoyed, angry, astounded or alarmed to find out where and how deep my brothers feel it penetrates.

Votescam is one of the weirdest trips 1990s Americans may take. My hope is that you will suspend disbelief for a while and read it with an open mind. If it raises questions you will demand answers.

Answers to “improper inquiries” is what this book is about. It’s what excellent journalism, in its best days, is also about.

Barnard L. Collier

New York City, 1992

  • In 1964 it was born News Election Services (NES), a consortium of ABC, CBS, NBC, AP, and UPI. In 1994 NES merged with Voter Research and Survey (VRS) to become Voter News Service (VNS), which included CNN and Fox News. In 2002 it morphed again to become News Election Pool (NEP).

I never heard all of the story –

but there was $92,000 in Country Club fees –

another $200,000 in credit card debt –

and $1.2 million –

and just who purchased themselves a Supreme Court seat?

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My point is nobody seems to be able corroborate any of these stories so either they are under the influence of a powerful mindbender or they are in error as far as the truth is concerned.

Joe, talk to a therapist who has experience working with survivors of any kind of sexual assault. The issues with memory that you’re hearing about are very normal and typical. Repression is a mechanism that helps people cope with trauma. So is partial repression. Ask war vets with PTSD. Same phenomena.

And from what I’ve read, there ARE corroboration stories. Of course, if the FBI did jack s***, you’d not hear more truth.


The fascists, that in reality now control our nation, will never allow his impeachment. And you (all of USA) will allow them to not allow you.

Please. Take down that picture. Waking up to the face of that sniveling creep turns my stomach.

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That’s $1.2 million MORTGAGE –