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Note to NYPD Bemoaning Blue Racism: Blue Is Not A Race (Duh) and You're Not The Damn Victims Here


Note to NYPD Bemoaning Blue Racism: Blue Is Not A Race (Duh) and You're Not The Damn Victims Here

In a stupefyingly tone-deaf turn of the racial tables, a perennially offensive NYPD union has released a video claiming cops are the hapless victims of a "strange form of racism” engulfing the country. "Because I am blue, I am vilified," says a voice-over as we see a cop recently indicted for killing an older, mentally ill, black woman. No. You and your ilk are vilified for killing an older, mentally ill, black woman, and at least 624 other, largely black people in 2017, often for no reason, so get a grip.


The Chronic Transgressions by Our Militarized Police, against African Americans, in the US, have been Skillfully Distracted Away from the fact that these Transgressions, and Victimizations, are being perpetrated against CITIZENS.

First they came for…


That last picture is interesting and rather gets to the heart of the matter - time to answer those questions …

But what happens when you start putting qualifiers in front of whose lives matter …


When will the AFL-CIO throw the IUPA, police union, out of their organization. The police are cops first and workers second. They will always come down on the side of corporations and the state against their brothers & sisters and will always be standing on the wrong side of the picket line. It was IUPA members who shot rubber bullets at and sprayed freezing water on the Water Protectors at Standing Rock. They will never stand side by side with the fellow workers, antifascists, and social justice warriors. At Charlottesville they had their backs towards gun toting Nazi while facing the peaceful antifascist protesters which shows you who they consider a threat. Even when a “bad apple” is caught on video murdering a black man they’ll defend the blue.


Codicil :

The Town of Hempstead, NY, just purchased Office Furniture built by Inmates at a rate of half Market Value, capitalizing on the 21st Century Slavery of the New Jim Crow.


NO SHIT!!! Talk about ‘stupid’ "identity politics’…not to mention Fake News.


Here’s that less than thoughtful NY Times NYC columnist, Jim Dwyer, back in March 2017 very much implying that police is a race/ethnic type:

Dwyer here is equating the white extremist who traveled from Baltimore to NYC intent on killing a black person, which he did, with a mentally unbalanced black guy who traveled from Baltimore in 2014 intent on killing cops in NYC, which he did.

Just saying this “thinking” isn’t only coming out of the NYPD Sergeants’ Association.


Can you have all the power and still be a victim? I tend to think not. And to call “blue” a race is out of hand ridiculous.


So “racist” has lost all meaning, just like “terrorist” or “anti-semite” or thousands of other words whose meanings have been twisted to serve the already very powerful. Too bad that the very powerful are the very same ones who so afraid of loosing what little power they have that they must label anything that doesn’t agree with them with the worst label they can find.

What have we done to our language?


Mitt Romney when governor of MA, and Rudy Giuliani when mayor of New York were both anti-gun. Harry Reid and Bernie Sanders each had NRA endorsements at some point in their political careers. The Black Panthers were definitely pro-gun. All my lefty friends are gun owners. Hope this gets your knucklehead spinning.