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Note To The Complicit Thinkers and Prayers: God Isn't Fixing This


Note To The Complicit Thinkers and Prayers: God Isn't Fixing This

So soon after Vegas the memorials are still up, 26 more "slain again senselessly, riddled...idiotically by a repeating evil." By a young white guy whose Facebook profile boasts an assault rifle. By virtue of his skin color he was not deemed "an animal"; Trump et al just blathered, "May God be with" the innocents murdered by their unholy inaction. From God via the fiery Isaiah: "Though you make many prayers, I will not listen; your hands are full of blood."


Thank you Abby, as always you’ve pretty much said it all. I might add though that it’s oil, guns and drugs that rule, not you Dear Citizen.


Thanks, Abby, for a very honest and sane piece of commentary. I love the cartoon portraying Uncle Sam protecting his favorite buddy! The graphic showing the top 20 politicians who have received NRA money speaks volumes as to the fact that the two Parties indeed have significant differences!
The NRA knows who will give them the most “bang for the buck” (Please excuse the pun. I can’t help it.).


I’d rather not see an unidentified quote from Isaiah (there are at least three main writers of that book, and a whole school of commentators), writing about the Babylonian exile of the Hebrew elites some 2 and a half millennia ago, thrown out for this particular event just because it happened at a church. Let’s just stick to the NRA rot in our culture.

And btw, the “bad conduct” for which the shooter was court-martialled and discharged was abuse of his wife and child. Normally, even an arrest for domestic violence costs the guy (usually) the ability to own guns. So I want to know where/when he got this one, and who was associated with that particular church to arouse his ire. I want us to stop making learning to kill the most available jobs program in our culture, with zero follow-up and detraining when they come back into society, under whatever circumstances. Our compassion must extend to this child of our violent culture, who was driven to inflict such random “collateral damage.”


Just read in WaPo that it does, indeed, seem to be connected to the shooter’s family problems, his mother-in-law being a member of the congregation, though not attending yesterday (she and her husband came over later; one can only imagine their distress).

Oh, and God will fix it as much as it can be fixed, as much as we will let it be fixed, but they can’t do it alone.


The above graph that lists how much the NRA donated to many politicians, is nothing new to many. And I have to agree with the NRA mantra that guns don’t kill people, because these corrupt politicians that are listed in the above chart, are the ones that really have blood on their hands.


I read this comment and had to log-in to reply/cheer you on. What a wonderful slam, slap-take-down. I know the raw emotion has a down side, take it easy.


Thanks for the article. It is hard to get a clear picture of how this happened. It looks like there were a lot of mistakes made. No follow up to events that needed more than what was provided. The man really lived in a punishing environment on a lot of levels. It is quite heartbreaking.


The cartoon of the guy hanging off the cliff should be used to promote comprehensive, cradle-to-grave Single-Payer Healthcare, with 100% paid for mental care. This Kelley should have never been just dumped into the street by the Air Force, either. He was a hot, dangerous mess before they dropped him on the public. Very depressing, actually.
So many missteps here by various agencies, family members, etc. it’s truly mindboggling. And, the poliitical cowardice and shameful misdirection to protect The Usual Suspects…disgusting.
Great column, btw.


The reason this killer was not a terrorist, as far as we can tell, is that he doesn’t seem to have done the killing to support any political cause. Likewise, the Las Vegas killer doesn’t seem to have been a terrorist, as far as we can tell.

Stretching the word “terrorist” to the point that it means only “killer” would make it cease to make a useful distinction. It would be nothing but an expression of hostility.

Americans tend to give terrorism far more concern than it deserves. In the US, it is a tiny danger, small compared with cars or tobacco.

Tighter regulation of guns – not just buying them, but also storing them and taking them out of the house – is desirable to reduce the deaths and injuries they cause. But we should not surrender any vital freedom, such as the freedom to move around and communicate without being tracked and surveilled, merely in the name of reducing terrorism.