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Nothing Afeared: The First Veteran Just Walked To Standing Rock

Nothing Afeared: The First Veteran Just Walked To Standing Rock

In what has been likened to a classical "hero's journey," Chris Turley - a decorated wounded veteran of Afghanistan and member of the Osage Nation - has arrived at Sacred Stone camp after a prayerful, two-week, 800-mile trek on foot from Oklahoma. One of the first of over 2,000 veterans expected this weekend and a self-described "warrior of this country" raising funds for both veterans' programs and Standing Rock, veterans say Turley exemplifies "the highly contagious emotion we call courage."


Thank you Chris you are an inspiration and a truly beautiful cat!


Most of us are unable to physically support the water protectors at Standing Rock. However, many of us are able to make a financial donation that goes towards camp expenses and their mounting legal bills.

You can donate as little as $10. The donation page is easy to use. Here is the link to donate…



“In many tribes, including the Cheyenne and the Sioux, the Medicine Man also had the role of the head warrior or war chief which made him the most influential man of the tribe.” Alchin

In our Country’s madness for war, we have strangely enough created generations of People who no longer contribute to war, but rather become Healers within their own communities.

In my own battle with PTSD, it was my Brother (the Teacher) who taught me that this was a common path for those wounded by war.

Find the Wisdom to Heal Yourself and extend that to Those who need your Care.

It is the Path of the Shaman to enter into the Fire and Return with the Wisdom for his People.
It is the Ability to Survive what appears to be Death, to Understand Crossing this Threshold to the Infinite, and then Impart the Learned Wisdom to Protect one’s People from Harm.

The Warrior become Medicine Healer has nothing but, his Humanity, the Courage to face the Certainty of one’s own Mortality, and the ability to Manifest a Wisdom called Compassion.

Those that still cling to their Guns, their Water Cannons and their Ignorance are lost in Cowardice and Fear. As We all Are at many times in our Lives.

Stand Simply, Speak Truth from the Heart, Extend the Protection of Wisdom and Peace.

Good Job Turley.


Turley already has a Purple Heart. Add to that a Nobel Prize for Peace, he has and is continuing to earn it


I donated in hope of sustaining these courageous folks! They have my prayers every minute, every hour, every day!


Exquisite! Thank you. Blessings to you.


Respect, and lots of it, Chris. Damn.


Great admiration for these veterans taking a courageous stand within the country. I feel very sad and uncomfortable with all that is going on and there is a sense of deja vu. is history just repeating itself with violence towards the native American population and anyone who would support them? I don’t think the people of the US have ever done an honest confrontation with our horrible history - particularly towards African and Native americans but also against the poor or those would stood up for rights of all kind. I would like to think that things would change if there was an awareness but there is the possibility that people are just afraid to give up their comfort and their illusions. Unfortunately, a time comes when there is a knock on the door. Can we do something to prevent that?


This is one of the most inspiring stories I have seen in years!

I’ve often felt that our voluntary military troops are victims – victims of economic decline, victims of government propaganda, victims of ignorance of the world, victims of corporate media lies, and victims, simply, of our and their own government.

These veterans are the true heroes. They are the ones who, whether knowingly or misled, joined the US military for noble reasons, but, discovering that they had been misled, now see where true patriotism lies, but unlike most of us who see the truth, they’re not just protesting or signing petitions. They’re taking that same courage it took to sign up and in many cases go to war to go to this latest battle against the Sioux People, unarmed and with a commitment to non-violence, to put their bodies in the way of police and military oppression.

Wow! I cannot even find a way to express my awe and admiration!

Thank you Veterans!!!

Dave Lindorff
founding editor of ThisCantBeHappening.net
Son of a WW II Marine and and Navy WAVE (both anti-war activists since the early 1970s) and grandson of two WWI veterans, one a Silver Star soldier who earned his high honor driving an ambulance on the front lines for his entire tour on the French front.


Can’t thank enough all the brave folks there standing up for Standing Rock, putting themselves in harm’s way to do what we all know is right. Stay strong, be safe and let no harm come to you. You will succeed!

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Of course Chris’s actions now are admirable. But is there a way out of this militarist mindset if soldiers can ONLY change their minds AFTER the damage is done, whether to themselves or the direct victims of miltarism (the Afghans, Iraqis, Syrians, et al)?

And even then, it seems that Chris’s change of heart puts him in a minority; my uncle was a Vietnam vet who was wounded, but he was a right-wing Rush Limbaugh fan who advocated in favor of the Iraq War, and my friend works with vets at Fort Bragg and hears very little in the way of criticism of American foreign policy.


Sorry, but the Nobel Peace Prize has been sold to the highest bidder.
Otherwise, how could war criminals like Kissinger and Obama have “earned” it.


I suspect that veterans like Chris Turley and the legion others who are wounded, broken in one form or another, and those homeless, will see the same maltreatment and lack of critical needed care from Trump & Co as they/we have seen from most all administrations.
A nation that sends its sons, daughters (except for the wealthy), to wars and then abandons them to all the damage, physical, emotional, spiritual the wars caused, is lost - has and squanders its own future and is near the end.

Bravo to Chris and all the other vets who will stand in support of the Water Protectors - if only America will listen…

Water is Life!


Beautifully put. Thank you for the articulation of essential aspects of the true human heart.

I add my thanks to Chris Turley and the vets who are on their way. Deep in my prayers with peoples of Standing Rock here and each and every one around the planet


There is something beautiful about veterans joining the community at Standing Rock. Many are veterans. But there is something symbolically powerful about the combination. I hope this opens hearts in this sad nation, called America.

The smartest thing the elites could do, as long as we’re talking short-term advantages for power and money, would be to shut the pipeline down immediately putting an end to this amazing show of resistance and solidarity that has the potential to transcend anything we’ve seen in recent memory in terms of presenting a real challenge to the dominant paradigm and ruling elites.