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"Nothing Further to Add": Spicer Shuts Down Questions on Trump's Tapes Tweet


"Nothing Further to Add": Spicer Shuts Down Questions on Trump's Tapes Tweet

Common Dreams staff

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer refused multiple times during the daily press briefing to clarify President Donald Trump's Friday morning tweets, saying he had "nothing further to add" when asked about Trump's cryptic warning to former FBI director James Comey.



Spicer now has to admit to himself that he hitched his future to the wrong orange wagon. He will be reviled by his very own GOP (Greedy Offensive Pikers) buddies (soon to be "former") when all is said and done. But his coffers are full enough by now for him to retire to a bungalow on Cyprus (Wilbur Ross will be the lessor) where he can live out his life commiserating with numerous other politico castoffs and criminals.


Disdain is constantly written all over his face! Or is that a guilty conscience--from telling so many outright lies?!


I doubt seriously if there is a systematic recording regime installed by Trump, but I certainly wouldn't put it past him to use his iPhone to secretly record meetings -- outside the scope of "official records" that might be subject to FOIA or other record keeping regimens.

Although, I admit there could be a recording regime that came with the office -- could have been there for years, I suppose.

My guess, this is just another misdirection bluff by our Liar-in-Chief.


'if there are "recording devices in the Oval Office,"' I remember this issue. Nixon and one of the people that helped develop medicaid or medicare, or something...maybe it was HUD, was recorded talking about how the subject was a fake for whatever reason and Nixon was cool with that. So, there are. If i find it I'll post, but it's actually them talking in the Oval office. I thought it came up during the Obama administration but maybe not. Either way, Spicer won't say now. Trump doesn't have to cut the WH briefings, all he has to do is get Spicer to do what he did.


From The Real as not-fake News:


If there's nothing to hide and it adds nothing, there would be no harm in letting us check it out for ourselves.


Sean Spicer's two fondest hopes:

A slow news day, just once.

Trump's smartphone accidentally falls in the toilet.

PS--I dread a Pence Presidency more than I'm appalled by this one.


With the Brexit Exit, the Likud and Netanyahu in charge of Israel, Trump as POTUS, Turkey full of our nukes; all it would of taken was for Le Pen to have won in France. All four are nuclear powers, all four want to get at Syria, are distrustful of Pakistan, want Libya to go away and can't stand Iran for various reason, etc. The political/militarist pivot on foreign policy, and use of overwhelming tactical warfare, tilts to crazier than ever. Not good, not good at all.


I am beginning to feel sorry for poor Spicey. He doesn't seem to have room for even one more small foot in his mouth. My god, he must feel like a Zappos warehouse in dire need of a dental-podiatrist. Anyone out there like to swap jobs with him? I didn't think so. The imagery of the American presidency will never be the same again.


Mr. Spicer has a horrible job having to lie and cover up over and over again for Trump.


It seems difficult to imagine that these people are OUR public servants, not the other way around.


It's four days now and the Trump team hasn't decided on a single lie to tell yet. How could any reasonable person expect Sean to comment when he doesn't know which falsehood he is expected to parrot?


My bet is that with this batch of career criminals, there are no recording devices in the White House.

Except those left behind this week by the Russians and their press people.


Doris, There is a special place in Hell being reserved for each and every one of them.

All of their money cannot stop that one way ticket.