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Nothing Less: Improved Medicare for All


Nothing Less: Improved Medicare for All

Michael Lighty

Isn’t this a “radical transformation” of the US healthcare system?

No. Medicare for All expands the role of public financing in healthcare- 60% of healthcare is already paid for by our taxes. It does so through an existing “single-payer” called the Medicare Trust Fund that already pays virtually every provider in the US but just for seniors. Under Medicare for All it will cover everybody and reimburse providers who remain mostly private. The new financing replaces all premiums, co-pays and deductibles –Medicare for All is the only reform program to do so.



“60% of healthcare is already paid for by our taxes”.

Does that include the Veterans Administration (VA) wherein the US Government owns the hospitals, directly employs the doctors, nurses, orderlies and other staff, mirroring the United Kingdom’s socialized medicine model, including enabling the US Government to negotiate drug prices ?

Despite the GOP’s attempts to privatize VA by contriving crisis there, my veteran friends who are treated by VA are very satisfied with it. In rural areas far from a VA hospital the vets are able to go to non VA doctors, with a single payer system in place to compensate those doctors.

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Yes - the 60% figure does include the VA - which I agree is a fairly effective working example of socialized medical care (note that they have a very different patient population than other health care systems in the U.S. so directly comparing them is not a trivial matter). This socialized medical care for veterans is also done at a reasonable cost (averaging less than $4,000 per vet) though I think they should spend more in order to get wait times reduced.

Then there is the USAA which provides financial and insurance services for military personnel and their families which is run as a non-profit co-op.

Then there is the worldwide network of commissaries providing groceries and household goods to military personnel, vets, and their families in a non profit government run operation.

Only the best for our people in uniform. And the best is socialized.

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With current Medicare being under the thumb of the best Congress money can buy’s pay to play one stop bribe shop on the Potomac I believe that the only way to improve Medicare’s coverage is to enact single payer in one state which will spur adoption in other states, with each state (or groups of low population states) managing it the way Canadian provinces each manage single payer and the way each state now has its own insurance commissioner regulating insurance.

If left up to Congress future Medicare will continue to exclude dental, natureopathy, acupuncture and other vital health services.



I believe “improved” is a dog whistle adjective to help politicians keep talking for ever without actually doing anything. First things first is another way;

Medicare for All

Three words.

Open medicare law;

  1. Edit age of eligibility to birth.

  2. Edit 80% limit to 100%.

  3. Edit funding to all incomes.

Close medicare for all law.

Vote on it.

Up or down.

Do it now.



I love the service I receive from the VA. I must admit that at first I would be a little jealous if everyone had VA care. But my better angels would be glad to see it.
This plan outline from the article is exactly what I was proposing in an earlier thread this afternoon.
Bernie, this is the plan and description the people want and need to see as often as possible.
I didn’t read of what happens to programs such as workman’s comp. and disability’s.