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Nothing Less Than Fate of Planet Hangs on Next Supreme Court Nominee



It will be important to have someone recognizes that taking action on Climate Change as a crucial for the future of humanity or at the very least does not try to obstruct the means to address it by this persons vote on a whole range of issues.

Of course, the SCOTUS only affects decisions here in the US and climate change must be addressed across the globe. Perhaps more critical issues that Environmentalist should be working to defeat are the TPP, TTIP, TISA, which would be governed not by the US, but by corporate powers (and their government enablers).


I'm fearing that Obama's nominee will be someone like Sri, who supposedly is very brilliant, but is pretty middle of the road and has an extremely limited track record to determine how he might vote.


Scalia's opinions regarding climate change are only superficially better than Obama"s. Maintaining our obscene, international war machine, is a major source of environmental pollution. Recall permits to drill in the gulf, the arctic, the eastern seaboard and subsidizing domestic drilling. Obama's maleloquence conceals nothing. Both parties are up their necks in oil.


Maybe we can get Obama to nominate Siri instead. I hear she is very knowledgeable.


Since corporate behemoths have held such preponderant power since l980 (when Reagan opened the floodgates to the corporatocracy), it's the ambitious types willing to show fealty to these oligarchs that see their careers advance.

If Obama pushes Srinivasan, the media will speak about his personal success story... the American Horatio Algers myth modified to suit the ethnicity du jour (notice how it's used for Marco Rubio, another corporate mouthpiece who entirely lacks any moral principles).

This is very scary as is the idea that ONE U.S. Supreme Court justice can have that much bearing on the overall direction of Climate change and major actions taken to mitigate it... or otherwise:

"Srinivasan's work on cases "in which he defended ExxonMobil and the mining company Rio Tinto have raised particular objections from environmentalists," Politico writes. "He also represented that enduring symbol of corporate excess, former Enron CEO Jeff Skilling, in the appeal of the executive’s fraud and conspiracy convictions."


Dear President Obama,

Do you expect to have grandkids? If so, you'd best find a better nominee than an attorney who has defended Exxon.

Suggestion: Ask Sandra Steingraber if she would be interested.


True, that the Supreme Court only directly impacts the US. However, as we are one of the primary polluters on the planet, we are used by emerging nations, such as Brazil, China and India to hide behind, when they are urged to curb their share of the problem. After all on a per capita basis they they still produce less pollutants, than we.
As such it is of global importance, that we turn the vector of our "leadership" 180^.


Ted Cruz wants to wait until he is president so he can appoint somebody who will rule that the earth is flat.


If there is any "litmus test" for scotus nominees, it must certainly include a strong commitment to our common environment (even if the Constitution does not mention it) and current scientific data.

The TPP, TTIP "free-trade" deals championed by Obama in concert with the RepubliCon Congress, and their potential subversion of American interests and laws, should also be such a litmus test - and there we run into trouble with Obama and any potential nominee, Obama wanting to cement his "legacy" assuring the passage and signing of especially the TPP.


I guess we better hope the next one is appointed by someone who is not a Democrat or a Republican then. Tim DeChristopher is the Emergency Climate Action Coordinator in the Green Shadow Cabinet:


"No drama" Matt_Heins... It's going to be funny watching you spin complete climate chaos 15 or 20 years from now as nothing to panic about. I imagine something like this:

Calm down people! No one with access to a working air conditioner needs to worry about any 'wet bulb temperature'. Rumors about the grid going down are just that: rumors. Are the lights on? Yes. Will they stay on? Of course.


Common Dreams contracts with Clickbait.com to write story headlines,


After Obama's TPP, hope for the best but prepare for the worst.


I'll admit, I don't know much about the subject.
Is there anyway to get a Supreme Court justice off the bench other than retirement or death?


The planet will be just fine. Us? Well, that's the problem.


Yes, impeachment applies to any federal official who can't be removed by other means, including Supreme Court judges and other federal judges. I think you have to come up with a high crime or misdemeanor, but that's obviously a matter of political will.


Who could Obama pick that would support environmental goals and still win approval in the Senate which of course is controlled by climate change denying Republicans?


There are some very interesting choices in this green shadow cabinet. Thank you for sharing it. Any ideas why there are two Secretaries of State? I like them both so maybe it's a time share thing?


"Nothing Less Than Fate of Planet Hinges on Next Supreme Court Nominee"

Fate of humanity (at best), the planet will take care of itself. I guess we'll all have to vote for Killery, or get behind the Warmonger-in-Chief like HE has some frik'n moral standing. lol