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'Nothing More That Can Be Said,' Warns Famed Social Scientist, Humanity 'Doomed' by Capitalism and Fossil Fuels


'Nothing More That Can Be Said,' Warns Famed Social Scientist, Humanity 'Doomed' by Capitalism and Fossil Fuels

Julia Conley, staff writer

Dr. Mayer Hillman, the influential social scientist known for producing research that has successfully led to policy changes to improve road safety, has declared humanity "doomed" due to its reliance on the burning of fossil fuels and the capitalist economic system that ensures that dependence will continue.


I for one am ashamed at the greed and selfishness being laid at our generation’s feet. No, not by a long shot do we all bear responsibility, but our generation (Baby Boomer AND Generation X… both grew up with a Tiger in their Tank with gasoline being in the $0.25-0.50/ gallon) and sported the muscle cars and pickups that drank gas like an alcoholic drinks wine.

Still, the real blame lies with the same bunch that has created society’s problems forever due to to their insatiable addiction to money and selfish power they hold over those who have no wealth but think someday they will. If you haven’t guessed yet that would be the rich (aka as “elites”, “rich filth”, etc.) Exxon (Humble Oil, lol) knew forty years ago their products were causing climate change. But rather than be responsible corporate citizens (the biggest oxymoron of all…responsible corporate citizens) their executives basically chose eventual death for life on Earth over personal self enrichment. They didn’t even think about the welfare of their own children or grandchildren. Wealth was more important to them personally than the lives of their own offspring. Sorry, I can’t even begin to wrap my mind around that much selfishness and greed. Lee Raymond, the CEO of Exxon when the Exxon Valdez ran aground and broke up pouring millions of gallons of crude oil over the Inuit Indian’s historical fishing grounds said he would rather bankrupt Exxon with court costs rather than see the native fishermen, who depended on those contaminated fishing grounds get “one red cent” in damage payments.

Yeah, I drove my ‘69 Chevelle SS 396 which got maybe five mpg. but after the OPEC Embargo of 1973 I traded that muscle car in for an little Opel GT then finally a Harley that got 50 mpg. There is no excuse for greed or selfishness to the extent that it harms other. Perhaps we Boomer May bear a tad more than our fair share but the Greatest Generation was the generation that really cashed in on the post WWII economic boom accompanied by FDR’s New Deal. The bottom line though is the elites, not any generation that bear responsibility for the dire straits we now find ourselves in. Just like a person addicted to heroin will do anything they can to avoid the sickness of withdrawal from heroin so will a rich man to anything they can to avoid losing the power and status money gives them over other people. A heroin addict feels comfortable though just having enough to get by. A rich man can never have enough power or money for his sickness to control and manipulate others though.


Emblematic of the situation is the style/content that looks a whole heck of a lot like an organized crime syndicate of Chevron in the Ecuadorian Amazon. The ethics are deader than fossil fuel.

" For example, in Canada, Chevron is hiding its assets behind a seventh-level subsidiary called Chevron-Canada. Every company up the line from Chevron-Canada to the ultimate parent Chevron Corporation is nothing more than a holding company that owns 100% of the shares of the company below it. It’s a corporate shell game devised to insulate those at the top and, as one of the justices on the Ontario Appeals Court remarked to Chevron’s lawyers, “it’s a pretty good way to structure your company, huh?”

Indigenous peoples, millennial stewards of “the lungs of the planet” are being screwed as Chevron flits from court to court in country to country to try to avoid the court conviction calling for $9.5 billion clean up of its destruction in the Ecuadoran Amazon.
The fight is now in Canada and criminal Chevron is now trying to get the case heard in the US.


It’s socialism or barbarism, Luxemburg said; sadly, we’ve chosen the latter.


Emblematic of the shift in consciousness we require is the April 5, 2018 Supreme Court decision in Columbia that the Amazon forest has the same inalienable rights as a person.

The Colombian Amazon is now officially a person thanks to a group of youth activists


I find the notion of sociocracy intriguing. It de-toxifies the poisoning of the term ‘socialism’ and introduces methods that can prevent the toxic centralization of abusive power.


“Future generations”?


Between the loss of bees, butterflies, bats, arable land, fresh water and with the continued adding of 350,000 human beings to the global population every day, I do not in any way foresee how Humanity will come out of this. Add in that CO2 levels are now north of 411 ppm, polar sea ice is disappearing, and no one has taken into account the exponential factor… it all sums up to the fact that our time on this planet is nearly over. Dr. Hillman is correct. We are done and it won’t even be our children and grandchildren who will lament us. We are all going down together and terribly soon! NTHE (Near Term Human Extinction) very likely by mid-century. This should be the biggest headline for all the world to see.


Check this out on the barbarism of capitalism:


I have been telling people this for years. As someone who has leukemia, I have paid attention to this stuff. Why in the world would they want to find a cure for cancer? (Maybe they already have).
They’re making a killing off of cancer treatment and drugs, They will keep you in treatment and using their drugs as long as they can. If they cured you, they would no longer have any use for you.


Great news.


No. Mustn’t panic the sheeple and tell the truth.


Well knock me down with a feather. Who would have thought such deviousness?

“Who would have thought the old man had so much blood in him?”


Close those valves and weld them shut!


My fully highway-capable battery-electric motor scooter gets about 350 carbon-equivalent mpg (actually infinity since I have a renewable-only electricity contract), and unlike a Harley, it is so unfashionable that It will never get stolen! It is the only one in my state, the few manufacturers of them having gone out of business due to their sheer unpopularity.


I drive a Prius and am amazed at how I seem to see less of them on the road than just a few years ago. Where I live, every mom drives an SUV and every dad drives a pickup, or so it feels.


Stop right here:

““I’m not going to write anymore because there’s nothing more that can be said,” he said.”

Right now. NOW! We must prepare for insect infestations and the consequential diseases and food quality degradation that has already started with factory farming on denuded, artificially fertilized soils. The runaway greenhouse effect is what is the probable cause of Venus’ 180 degree Fahrenheit temps and the constant sulfuric acid rains, there. Why do you think elites like Tesla’s C.E.O. is spending millions on rocketry and Mars as a destination? Same in China with Moon explorations. Elon Musk is a trained physicist, so he gets this fact, that we ARE doomed. BUT WHY take this lying down, I say?! Let’s give it a go and clear our minds, first of our social conditioning, so we can think clearly about this mountain of trash that we are building. Noam and Dan, speaking the other night, said something remarkable while discussing a “madness” that has overcome humankind’s ability to think clearly about “homnicide” - the genocide of an entire planet population. The exact figures I forget, but the planet gross wealth value is about $75 trillion. But the borrowed promissory note is around 350 $trillion. So, to pay back what has been borrowed would take three planets, looking like Venus. I think We the People need to wake up!


I see a third Reconstruction. The last was the rebuilding of the war-torn South. An all out assault on Climate-Change-causing emissions (plus the damn nukes, too)! But, We the People need to clear our minds of “consumerism”. Let’s figure this out pronto and then solutions will come. We the People, are paralyzed as if we were deer caught on a dark road, with our hooves stuck into the rails of a train crossing and staring into head lights of an oncoming locomotive.


We had our chance to try to slow it down.
Clearly, we do not care.


If I were “king of the world,” SUV’s and " mini"vans would be not be manufactured. Period.