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Nothing Short of Medicare for All in 2020


Nothing Short of Medicare for All in 2020

Heather Gautney

Medicare for All is going to be the litmus test of progressivism in 2020. Legislation will soon be introduced in both chambers of Congress by Senator Bernie Sanders and Rep. Pramila Jayapal that would guarantee health care to every person in America.

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Nothing Short of Expanded, Improved Medicare for All in 2020.

Glad to edit headline for clarification.



Once again I’ll note that thigh “Medicare for All” is a great slogan and a good aspirational goal, folks not on medicare might not know that most on medicare had to contribute to it during all their working life, have to make “Part B” (doctor services) payments of about $125/month, have copayments of 20% for many services and medical supplies, have to either pay extra for drug coverage or join a private “medicare advantage” plan (I like mine for its comprehensive coverage, emphasis on prevention and life style changes - for example gym membership is included) and does not cover long term care.
So the details of what the phrase actually means need exploration. I also think if private plans like the voluntary medicare advantage are kept in the system we’ll benefit both from innovative ideas the plans initiate and the enhanced political prospects of actually getting something done.



Meanwhile, the punditocracy is licking its chops in anticipation of Joe ‘Corporate Puppet’ Biden getting into the race. A Biden, Harris, Booker, Bloomberg, or O’Rourke presidency will effectively kill expanded, improved MFA for the foreseeable future – the d-party is worse than useless, they exist to strangle progressive legislation in its crib.



Given the fact that the current economic paradigm of maximizing economic activity as measured by the Gross Domestic Product is destroying the planet, I think that Universal
Basic Income should be coupled with Medicare for All. Only sustainable activity should be valued. Libertarians may shout from their perches about the loss of their freedoms but fundamentally freedom and more people on the planet (and/or increasing ecological footprints) are at cross odds. There is no technological fix for that reality. Only evolution or revolution (or some combo platter) can effect the coming changes. Much like the Late Great George Carlin, I shall mostly be a spectator secure in the knowledge that the earth has time to fold our mistakes into its synclines and anti-synclines before the sun explodes/expands to render our memory to the ultimate memory hole, anthropomorphically speaking, that is.

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Can you clarify something for me as it pertains to Medicare in the USA (I am Canadian).

Was copayments, the part B schedule and all of those adds always part of the program or have they been added as time wnet on and the system eroded by policy?



Medicare as is is woefully inadequate and is not predicated on all of us being equally valuable.

To have a system that is dignified and treats and values everyone equally and leaves NONE out, frankly, should be our collective goal if we are ever to actually BE a society and not just a collection of autonomous selfish beings which is actually unnatural and disadvantageous in the long run–could our bodies hold together long enough if each of our atoms and cells wanted to do their own thing? I think not.

Seniors who are impoverished may qualify for Medicaid but this is small consolation when 30 million people go uninsured–which means not having access to health CARE–and then facing the real prospect of not finding too many health care providers who actually would take you on as a patient. Then there is the real fact that such patients may need to go out of state for the service they actually need and are placed in the impossible position to have to come up with the 20% co-pay. That is a lot of money for poor people. Medicare “advantage” plans offered by such self-serving organizations as AARP are “advantageous” only to those who have money not to the poor and especially near poor who do not qualify for Medicaid. This sets us up for resentment toward those who do qualify for Medicaid with all its restrictions (the health insurance they actually get is only a loan to be payed after death) by those who become impoverished by having to have these “advantage-to-the-health-insurer” plans.

It is time we have a plan that does not rob Paul to pay Peter.

Some links:


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Part D, drugs, was privatized under W. Bush and self-serving groups such as AARP supported this. This group claims to be for seniors but all you need to do is find out they are in the business of selling health insurance “supplemental” plans. Also, you quickly discover that they are for those who have some financial “security” (BS of course).



This is an excellent article and covers all the bases as to why Medicare For All is the only solution for America.

It makes me sick to my stomach regarding how callous we are with respect to being our Brother and Sisters keeper.

Actually what Pelosi or the new Congress has to say is meaningless.

The only thing that counts is electing a Democrat for President in 2020 and a Democratic Senate and House to support Medicare For All.

No progressive legislation can become law for the next 2 years while the bigoted Fascist is still in the White House.

We need to concentrate on taking control of the Executive and Legislative Branches of Government in 2020, which will give us the ability to pass Progressive Laws like Medicare For All.

Nancy is just fine where she is for the moment, but once the Progressives take over the Government in 2 years she can no longer remain Speaker.

She and her corporate flunkies are to easily controlled by the large legal bribes being handed out by the Private Insurance Companies.

Obama and Nancy threw us to the Wolves when they refused to consider a Public Option and placed us in the hands of the greedy FOR PROFIT private Insurance Companies.

It is literally impossible to have the Best Health Care imaginable when it is Profit Motivated.

I do not wish to impugn the integrity of Doctors, but let me give you a hypothetical situation:

A Surgeon can make up to $50K by amputating your Diseased Leg or he might find that the Leg can be saved with some simple low-cost hydrotherapy.

This particular Surgeon fell behind on the Mortgage to one of his estates and he also fell behind on his Alimony and Child Support.

He can tell the Patient in his office that his Leg can be saved and it will not cost him anything or he can Lie and tell the Patient that the Leg must go and he must bring $50K cash to his office on Monday just before Surgery.

Profit Motivated Health Care only benefits the Stock Holders and the Physicians, rarely the Patient.

We Americans need a Group Health Care Plan that Covers 300 + million people. In other words every Man, Woman and Child from Birth to Death.

It is Called the Expansion of Medicare to cover everyone.



Richest country in the world, check. Just about ALL the other industrialized countries in the world have some kind of “single payer” healthcare system instituted by the way BEFORE 1970, check.

It is way past fucking time that we in the US have Medicare for all, politicians get it the fuck DONE!!!



Well good for you. “Advantage” plans were instituted to destroy/privatize Medicare. You don’t seem to know that Medicare SUBSIDIZES the Advantage plans, thereby taking money out of traditional Medicare. Anyone I talk to about Medicare I try to convince to stay in traditional Medicare and get a “supplemental” plan to cover costs not covered by Medicare.
What we need is Medicare for all with drugs, dental, senior care etc all covered 100%.



Or else…

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No, Sanders would not be the only presidential candidate who has taken on corporate health care profiteers etc., unless you disappear Dr. Jill Stein from the conversation as usual.



After the people have converted their insurance premiums into the tax increase, the government will still have to provide a substantial subsidy. I wonder what the fight over that will look like.



Technically it’s “Improved Medicare for ALL”…zero premiums, zero deductibles, and zero co-pays, along with dental, vision, and hearing covered.



http://www.pnhp.org/sitemap/ This national physicians org supports Medicare for All & has excellent info & speakers.



I have used Medicare for years & love it. this is a physician’s org that is very pro Medicare for All… http://www.pnhp.org/sitemap/



Part A (hospitalization) is available to everyone without additional cost starting at age 65, but if course hospitalization has become a fairly small part of medical expenses today. Part B was an optional part from the beginning if my understanding is correct and it always had premiums and copays. The supplemental programs that picked up the copays were introduced in the 90’s and part D (prescription coverage) came in just after the turn of the century.



I believe Dr. Stein has indicated she does not want to run for President in 2020. At this point, I understand there are two candidates who have announced they are running for the Green Party nomination: Dario Hunter and Ian Schlakman. I’m sure others will come forward soon - but so far Jill Stein hasn’t given any indication she wants to run again.