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Nothing Surprising as NRA Urges Less Restrictive Gun Laws After Las Vegas

Nothing Surprising as NRA Urges Less Restrictive Gun Laws After Las Vegas

Common Dreams staff

Powerful gun industry lobby exploits massacre that claimed 59 lives to push for Congress to undermine tougher state-level laws after

People die from Guns and Bullets and the NRA urges less restrictions and regulations.

Who’s the Fucking Morons now?

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It is oft been said that if you make guns illegal then only criminals will have guns!

It is my opinion that if you try to make guns illegal then only right wing conservatives will have guns!


“…amend the federal criminal code to allow a qualified individual to carry a concealed handgun into or possess a concealed handgun in another state that allows individuals to carry concealed firearms.”

I think they meant to say “…in another state that doesn’t allow individuals to carry concealed firearms.”

Yes, NRA. More guns for everyone. That way we’ll all be safer. Just like if every country had nuclear weapons. Your logic is unassailable.

If only those Las Vegas concert-goers had all brought their assault rifles with them. The American terrorist would never have dared to do what he did, right? RIGHT?!

The NRA is a terrorist-supporting cell funded largely by those cowards who do not believe in the ideals of America.

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I think concealed carry laws are relatively insane. Making it legal to hide a gun and take it into places where guns shouldn’t be allowed like a school or other public meeting place is hardly comforting.

On the other hand, I reiterate my fellow progressives and lefties of all size and shape, >>> there are literally hundreds of millions of guns in this country and gun owners won’t be allowing others to round them up to be confiscated. That said…

Liberals have made gun ownership an issue but if they succeed in banning guns then only the right wing conservatives will have have guns. And criminals! The only ones who would comply with giving up their guns would be the Left. The Right, the NRA, ultra right survivalist militias, nut cases like this shooter who wasn’t a lefties and so forth!

Why doesn’t the Left get scared at the prospect of only the Right possessing guns? Fascism won’t come from the Left,

Nothing the NRA spouts can ever be taken at face value. The calls for congress to “look at” bump stocks is little more than trying to lead protests in a direction that will have little to no affect on their bottom line compared to banning semi-automatic rifles. They are still trying to blame Obama for not stopping congress from passing a law that made the conversion possible.

We will never get rid of guns but it is time to look into annual licensing and a $1M per gun liability insurance policy to start the discussion. Denying any problem exists is all that congress does while continuing to shovel bribe money into their pockets. The citizens must unite and scream that practice is no longer acceptable.

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A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

can insanity inebriation childhood retardation be infringed upon and what is a well regulated Militia. RPG army tanks nukes? We are well beyond flint lock and muzzle loaders. We have slipped from mildly insane to total cuckoo and I love guns.

They get paid to be morons like this! More gun owners == more members!

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Yeah, and if one is not cuckoo- well never mind

How about making it illegal to won a gun period. Also, how about paying people to give up their guns?

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I like that about the insurance. Also, vote out any body in congress who spouts out about protecting second amendment rights. Even liberals in congress have been guilty of that.

They hate the Northeast . I once called the NRA to point out how deluded they were, and the person who answered said that I must be a communist from the Northeast! He then slammed the phone down in my ear.


I meant to say that if guns were banned as many on the Left want then only the Right would have guns. Lefties would turn them in but the Right, the NRA, survivalist militias and nut cases like this shooter would have guns.

The Left want more control oddly enough in this issue and the Right less. The Left are being fools if they think that Americans would simply turn in their guns, so banning guns would effectively mean that only the Left wouldn’t have them!

If gun sales in Nevada (and elsewhere) were regulated to the same degree that Recreational Marijuana is regulated in Colorado, we would be a much, much safer society.

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Hey relax. Your right to peaceably assemble has to be mitigated by a crazy’s right to own and use multiple high powered weapons. Everyone knows the first amendment counts for less.

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I agree with the first half and disagree with the assumption of the last half of that. The percentage of people who are gun owners has been decreasing for decades - even the number of gun owners has gone down a good bit. But the NRA is not interested in more gun owners - they are interested in more gun sales. They are a lobbying organization representing gun manufacturers, not a lobbying organization representing gun owners. And they have been very successful at that. The number of guns and the cost per gun for the types being purchased have risen sharply thus increasing the profits of the gun manufacturers - the fundamental purpose of the NRA.