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'Nothing to Fear for Voting for Love and Equality': Ireland Poised to Make History



Proud I am, to have a dual citizenship - Irish and U.S.. And, especially blessed I am to have seen and experienced, firsthand, what an excellent education for all is given in our beloved Emerald Isle. Schools are all public and Catholic combined, with little time off (i.e. two weeks off in the summer), great and rigorous teaching of education essentials, and much emphasis on teaching of ethics, compassion, et. al..

Not at all surprising that this excellent combo of critical thinking ability and empathy for all (true Christianity at its best and holiest) is resulting in granting of gay marriage rights. Betcha our beloved Pope Francis is smiling and greeting this vote with a Cead Mile Failte - A Hundred Thousand Welcomes.


Marriage is a civil right. To leave it to the whim of a vote is not right. What next, voting in slavery? It should never have been an issue.


In the US, identity politics can get too confusing, particularly for liberals. We stand with gay couples, we don't stand with poor people, so what should we think of a poor gay couple?