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‘Nothing to See Here’ Headlines Conceal Police Violence at Dakota Access


‘Nothing to See Here’ Headlines Conceal Police Violence at Dakota Access

Jim Naureckas

The New York Times (11/21/16) gets a failing grade for its headline over a report on escalating police violence against Native American activists and others defending the Missouri River against the Dakota Access Pipeline:


Typical; the protesters turn out for the protest dressed for the weather. The corporate defense thugs turn out in riot gear and start another riot! Throw the Obama and Trump families out in the middle to protect the protesters and the animals!


All the news that's bent to fit


How can the use of water cannons against unarmed water protectors IN FREEZING TEMPERATURES be considered anything except Attempted Murder?


I have nothing nice to say about the NY TImes, or its defenders. There's been nothing remotely FAIR or HONEST coming out of that paper since Bernie Sanders began his campaign for the presidency. The Dakota Access Pipeline is another staggering FAILURE by the NY Times to exhibit any ethical journalism. THEY ARE AT ZERO!


I don't know how anyone can look at the police brutality in Standing Rock and not react in horror.

All those complicit in it – Dakota Access, Obama, our government, the banks, the police, and the mainstream media – do they have any conscience at all? By this point I should be jaded enough to not be surprised by their total lack of empathy, but somehow I still am. I cannot wrap my head around it. Even Selma moved LBJ to action. Obama does or says – nothing? I should be able to understand it, but emotionally it's absolutely beyond me.

The circumstances surrounding the Dakota Access Pipeline is a perfect, hideous microcosm of Sheldon Wolin's inverted totalitarianism.


The level of violence being used against the water protectors is nothing short of disgusting. Where is the corporate shill Obama, hiding again. The poor girl who was selected to have a explosive thrown at her, and the use of rubber bullets aimed at heads and groins, this is war. And people need to go to prison including the Governor and head of the oil company, a absolute disgrace. This has now escalated to far more than a dispute about a oil pipe line. This is a blatant attack on democracy and the will of the people, it shows us how the government is yet again following orders from their masters, the corporate world, banks and wall street. the people of the world need to scream at the tops of their voices, this pipeline can no longer be tolerated.......shut it down, shut it down, shut it down.


This is a peaceful protest on TRIBAL LAND. The Uncles negotiating are skilled and are committed to peaceful resistance. I am adding my prayers to theirs that their peaceful ceremonial rights be respected and their treaty rights upheld, and the paid goons and paid thugs go back to their own neighborhoods IN SHAME.


The Lakoff article posted here today says we need to insist on what this really is, so: Obama/Warren/the entire DNC/the R-dominated Congress/Trump/the governors of seven states and everybody who has the voice or the power to stop this carnage are traitors, and they will be murderers when somebody dies (when, not if).


People reported that the paid thugs were firing live ammunition over the
people's heads before they kicked in with the water cannons, rubber bullets
and tear gas. That is, after the dogs were used to terrorize and I hope
that investigation comes to a prison term for some.

Water not oil.

May peaceful hearts and calm minds prevail - leave the tribal lands alone
respect their sovereign land.

The majority of us cannot go back to the pilgrims and un-do but we all owe
it to our Native Americans to demand our government leave them unharmed and

The evil intent IS TO POISON their water, they are doing haphazard and
hasty job, they want to poison the water for future generations.

For profit.


It is becoming very clear that we are all involved in a conflict of class interests. The capitalist class needs to kill and destroy in the pursuit of more and greater profits; and the working class, those who do not own the means of production but who use them as instructed. The Dakota Defenders seek to defend biodiversity, that is to say: Life itself. The machinery that reproduces the world everyday is in the hands of the working class. Our class interest coincides with the interests of nature and Life. Let us organize based on class interest to oppose and defeat the fascistic profit seekers. We are the producers! Organize! We have nothing to lose and a world to gain. We must overcome the deeply inculcated propaganda of the ruling class (throughout our education and upbringing) that confuses us and turns us against our own interest. Do not be confused any longer. The interests of the capitalist class are contrary to the interests of the working class and the interests of Life. Let our humanity come forth through class based expression. The biodiversity of this lovely planet needs our protection.