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Nothing To See Here, Just Marauding Neo-Fascists Wearing Frocks

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2020/12/13/nothing-see-here-just-marauding-neo-fascists-wearing-frocks


That poll shows 82 percent of Trump Voters believe he was robbed and is the rightful President.

These guys are not going away. There a litany of articles such as this that the Trump supporters read that convince them that they still are going to see Trump win.


The recent revelations about Joe Bidens son (alluded to by a number of readers here on these boards as a huge negative) will not help matters here as the right is convinced the failure to report on Hunter Biden during that campaign was orchestrated by the mainstream media to ensure Trump lost.

I fear it is going to get a whole lot worse.

Here is that Goofball lawyer filing more lawsuits over the election results.(the same one that claimed Chavez along with Communists helped rig this election from his grave)



The group mooning pic is a crime against humanity.


Not sad at all to see fascist trump gone but I think it was an orchestrated job to keep negative Biden and son stories out of the press. Look what happened with Glenn Greenwald when he tried to realese a story on the Intercept. Things can get down right scary in a failing empire.


Oh I think it was an orchestrated job as well. Here is the thing and the lesson I take away from this.

People diametrically opposed to me on a number of issues can be just as RIGHT when it comes to them forming an opinion on a given matter (Such as the media colluded to keep Hunter Biden stories out of the news). This does not mean they are on the same side as me and or that I must therefore agree with their politics and belief systems.

Too many people conclude that because there that agreement on that singular issue , those people become “allies”. This is exactly what happened when the DNC rushed to embrace all of those War Criminals from the Bush administration just because they were opposed to Trump.

Then there are those others who claim they are “on the left” who insist that if a person agrees with a single opinion that someone on the right might have then you are in fact on the right for agreeing with them.

This is how the facts and the truth gets buried away and transformed into myths and lies.


This machine kilts fascists.


Interesting. I’m reading the story of Eddie Conway, incarcerated over 40 years for struggling for justice in the Black Panther Party, for a crime he didn’t commit but was framed by the government. Point is things are not always what they seem and when you are having any thing like revolutionary success it will get you lots of government attention. Best defense is to start with a good historical understanding of what went on before us. Not something one gets in school I’m afraid. So the dumbing down continues as the system runs out of options to solve any real problems.
This was a general comment but also a response to Mr. Suspira


Left you a comment above.

Trump and his Cult are indeed Cunts. Tomorrow should be very interesting indeed. I have this nightmare fantasy that Trump will attend Biden’s inauguration, trying to sit quietly until Biden begins to take the Oath of Office. Then Trump grabs a Secret Service Agent’s revolver and begins to fire wildly into the group, but not before Biden is rapidly sworn in.
At that point, Trump is a Private Citizen going berserk and he’ll be restrained, arrested, etc.
Please, just make it all stop. There are going to be over 300,000+ people dead from Covid. This doesn’t include their family members, friends, other loved ones who are going through hell right now. Not fucking once has Trump mentioned them, not even now with the holidays upon us.
He is a CUNT!


No comment from George Tekai? I can’t believe he would let this one pass him by. It is such a “Proud Boy” moment.

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Leonard Peltier was framed as well in my opinion.

We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false

Ex CIA Director William Casey.


Those are some PROUD BOYS for sure <—LOL
@Godless beat me to it. LOL
@d4l3d …(speechless, LOLing)
no, seriously, d4l3d…best comment of 2020 award contender!
I want to clarify…
I think it’s fine if men wear skirts.

@CommonDreams blur the mooning pic i can see scrotum

can you believe them proud boys bent over with no underpants on?
see the rooster in the middle, how proud he is?
@sLiMsHaDy you aint lying!
I mean seriously. I grew up in the S.F. Bay Area.
Thats a regular Castro party right there, well, not as colorful. LOL
forgot the rest of the rainbow’s colors. LOL

People should go out of their way yo thank “the Proud Boys” for advocating for gay rights.


"This White Supremacist group, The Proud Boys, are aptly named for, in truth, they are among all Supremacist groups—no matter race or ethnicity— who go lost among us, like the "Lost Boys of Peter Pan,” seeking a mother after loss of a father image, and, similar to “Georgie Porgy,” will find neither mother nor father till they’ve weened themselves off the “witch’s tit” from which they suck their malevolence and do a bit of growing ."Neil J. Smith *

This is an amended version of previous post. Asked why he changed it and here was his answer:

“[I]t brings more to mind that it is not one’s mother responsible for such reprehensible behavior but something like a succubi. A mother, is often the best memory we have of childhood and love. Whereas a witch is every man’s fear of demonic possession.”

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The truth by most commenters, on Common Dreams threads…KILLS FASCISTS!

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Couldn’t agree more!

I love this …

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Laddie—ye could get kilt by Scots
for callin’ them “skirts.”

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Plainspoken truth usually does!

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Thanks for the smile : )

My people stopped speaking Gaelic(<-American spelling) when they came to America for other opportunities. Imagine their disappointment.
I like your play on words and offer you my apology for any offence.

As for the ‘proud boys’ they looked like skirts to me ; )