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Nothing To See Here, Just the Attorney General Condoning Extra-Judicial Killings To Save Us From Imaginary Violent Mobs

I fear we have similar unrest to the conditions abroad that lead to death squads and extrajudicial murders in Argentina and other countries. If Trump,God forbid is re-elected this will probably come to pass.

America is very sick. I don’t have much hope.


We are on a slippery icy slope and skidding downhill rapidly. According to my calculations and memory, we are around 1939 during the psychopathic reign of Adolph Hitler and he was beginning to be drugged out. Our psychopath in the white house is continuing to follow Hitler’s example of how to rule the world. However, his only drugs are probably his cholesterol, ED and blood pressure meds.

He has bought off law enforcement with his MAGA bullshit and giving them surplus war toys so they they can look tough and fearsome as they gas innocent protestors who are exercising their 1st Amendment rights. He’s had four years to MAGA and has made our country worse with his neglect of his duties (except for duffing on the golf course). As always he is FOS!


This is the first newspaper article I’ve read that’s had the courage to call this for what it is - an extra judicial killing. I was horrified by this story - and even moreso by the internet trolls who rejoiced in this open fascism.

I’ve also been concerned by this VICE news freelance reporter who interviewed MFR. He was killed by the police about 2 hours after the interview and literally hundreds of internet trolls were thanking this so-called reporter for helping the police. The reporter himself, as far as I could see, expressed absolutely no remorse about MFR’s death, either.

Where are the journalistic ethics about protecting one’s source?

Plus, MFR himself said (during the interview) he was advised by attorneys not to do the interview. I mean, isn’t it like speaking to the police when you have the right to remain silent? There is a lot going on here, too, it seems, and in which case, the newspaper and journalist should not have released the interview, to begin with. Or waited to do it another time.

Lastly, a lot of these mainstream newspapers failed to report that the person MFR shot - and he said he shot him in self-defense - was armed with a bat, a kinfe, bear mace, a paint ball gun - and - a regular gun was found on his body, too, by police. In addition, he and his pal were previously engaged in threatening and assaulting Portlanders when they drove into the city, already in direct violation of a police directive to stay on the freeway - and immediately began assaulting people as they drove in, firing at them with these paint ball guns, and also beating a man up in the street because he was filming license plates.

Trump is horrendous, but the mainstream media that professes to hate him so (and on behalf of getting Biden in) backed up this police execution too. They didn’t take this on at all; they rather dropped the ball - and in order to support it. They refused to defend MFR’s right to due process, and those of us who have - have been virtually lynched online - left all alone by the mainstream press, for defending the Constitution of the United States and an American citizen’s right not to be assassinated by the police, and assassinated in cohorts with alleged “freelance journalists.”


The knowledge that I’d be afraid with or without my AR-15.
I wouldn’t get one because I was afraid. I’d get one to be an agent of retribution.

This assasination looks like a revenge assasination." Extra-Judicial Killing" by the clan
The clan with blue federal uniforms came to Portland to kill the man who killed one of their clan members.
plain and simple… trump ordered this hit, with his bill barr backing him all the way… This hit came from trump himself


But, if we think our firearms can protect us FROM their police & Trump’s MAGA terrorists, we’re falling for the exact same marketing bullshit Freedom Group, NRA, etc. used to sell hundreds of thousands of crappy guns (used, almost exclusively, on: spouses, kids, dogs, innocent neighbors, or the owner?) If yunz liberal boomers are fixin’ too waddur dat TREE O’ Freedum, PLEASE drive around my piss po’ white trash yard sales any Sunday. Ask the widow or divorcee if there’s anything she needs to sell, “out in the garage?” AKM & SKS hold up pretty well. Milled recievers cost more. FLIR sights should be part of the price, along with suppressors, higher capacity magazines & ceramic/ Dyneema armor and meth lab equipment? Don’t BUY until somebody QUALIFIED checks the action. Only, PLEASE don’t buy a NEW firearm!

~https://pamplinmedia.com/pt/9-news/480246-387696-video-shows-clackamas-county-deputy-fueling-antifa-arson-rumors- (Biden quotes law enforcement source in 5… 4… 3…

~https://www.nytimes.com/2020/09/12/climate/methane-natural-gas-flaring.html (as predicted by API boss, in 1965)



Except it doesn’t take a marketing group – although I have first hand experience in marketing campaigns for firearms manufacturers – to spin up the efficacy of guns. I’ve got the US Constitution to do that:

“A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

DN—Trump in an interview is asked about this killing----Trump says these people need to be taken out–Trump is supporting extra judicial killing of people on the left------and he is doing it ----WAKE UP—who on the left wants this traitor re-elected-----ow yea RT------The Hill----Fox “news”-----Rupert Murdoch----and the lefts friend Putin-----very strange world we live in.

When it’s too late, of course.

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Like the horrible riot in Lancaster, PA where a garbage can was overturned and the City Police glass door was broken and bent. Obviously a need for more killing craziness.