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Nothing to See Here: On Pooh-Poohing Sanders’ Surging Crowds


Nothing to See Here: On Pooh-Poohing Sanders’ Surging Crowds

Michael Tkaczevski

With each city Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders visits, the number of supporters he draws to his rallies keeps growing. Since June 1, Sanders has spoken to 100,000 people across seven events.

In Phoenix, Arizona, on July 18, he drew 11,000 people, setting a new record for 2016 presidential candidates. His record continued in Seattle with 15,000 supporters, and then in Portland with 28,000 supporters. In Los Angeles on August 10, Sanders drew about 27,500 supporters, according to the Sanders campaign.


Even MSNBC's Rachel Maddow got the word not to mention Bernie too much.


"If Sanders’ rallies, like Obama’s, are signs of a growing movement, why do the Post’s columnists focus their articles on doubting the political potential of that movement and hailing the inevitability of Hillary Clinton?"


  1. Because the FIX is in. She is a consigliere to powerful interests and knows where all the bodies are buried
  2. Because The Big Money is on her... given the Clintons' record and how much it's favored the "Corporations-First agenda" for 2 decades
  3. Because this IS American Dynasty where choice is reserved to Coke (Clinton) or Pepsi (Bush), and NO healthy alternatives are welcome
  4. Because lies told often convince many of what is not true
  5. Because perception management is a component of the illusion of electoral choice
  6. Because no authentic challenges or challengers to the status quo will be tolerated (best to foreclose on these possibilities by convincing voters they are impossible)


"Because the FIX is in." Or to put it in a nutshell: those numbers that Bernie Sanders is getting at his rallies.."don't mean much ".


Chris Cillizza, really? " Portland as " a den of progressivism " means what exactly? Why not just call it a cave and get it over with. These clodkickers increasingly speak only to themselves and are stenographers and gossips, mostly. The TEEVEE is for watching baseball games now, anyway. Who effing cares what WaPo and the NYT, et al says anymore. They're liars, propagandists and hacks.


The writer didn't mention the crowds at liberal strongholds Houston and Dallas Texas. I thought Jim Hightower was the only liberal left in Texas, since the passsing of Molly, but Bernie's reception changed that perception. I view what is happening as traveling with Bernie, it's the getting there that counts. Sure the destination is the White House, but if that is out of reach, change is happening on the way, Bernie is speaking to issues impacting everyday people, calling for a political revolution, broaching the issue of inequality for the first time since FDR's welcoming the hatred of the malefactors of great wealth. Bernie has already won. I pay no attention to the establishment narrative of people like Chris Cillizza, Philp Bump, or Rachel Madow, who obviously has her heart set on a female president, because even if they are right, it doesn't matter. No, they are the left behind, they are on the wrong side of history.


Cillizza (8/17/15) rejected the entire premise that Clinton could be overtaken, saying, “It’s too late for Democrats to start rethinking Clinton’s 2016 viability.”

This lacks logic: Clinton can be viable and still be overtaken by another (also viable) primary candidate.

But more tellingly, he almost sounds as though the choice of a nominee is REALLY made before the first primary vote has been cast. His statement would only make sense in the later stages of primary season, not before it has started. In fact, that's pretty much why we have primaries, to decide the question of "viability".


She wasn't to keep her job...


She wants to keep her job.


Go Dr. Pepper!! Feel the Flavor-Bern!


Oligarchy conservatives have waged a long disinformation and propaganda campaign of lies and subterfuge. Much of its lies have successfully been ingrained into the public mind. Where I am, it has been able to stifle all talk of beach erosion from global warming and rising sea levels by charging the issue politically.

The oligarchy can only stay in power by deceit. It uses simple-minded conservatives as weapons to attack and demonize their liberal enemies with well orchestrated lies, propaganda and mainstream media exposure. Since we live and let live, liberals are at a great disadvantage. It is time that we recognize the problem, defend ourselves and go on the offensive.

One favored method the oligarchy uses is to have us go at each other over their Wall Street candidates instead of going directly at them. People seem to realize this now and candidates with no Wall Street funding like Bernie are rising in the polls.

Lawrence Lessig may throw his hat in the ring with one crucial issue: to fix the system by referendum.

People are sick and tired of the Wall Street oligarchy running our government. They even support a candidate like Trump, mainly because he doesn't take Wall Street bribes.

Interesting times.


Otherwise she would be looking for a new job. And she knows it.


I strongly suspect that the press will be telling us that Bernie regularly goes into hospitals and throws babies out of incubators (he studied this practice under Saddam Hussein) - but they're saving that story for later in the campaign.


If you are referring to Harvard Law Prof. Lessig, I just read about it this AM on an email poll.


It's like this:

Having huge turnouts in 2015 for an election in 2016 is like getting a mile headstart at the beginning of a marathon run. It doesn't mean squat unless your candidate can stay the course till the end of the race and the Bern doesn't have what it takes to do so.

What the Bern lacks is:

The financing (we are talking about billions of OPM (other people's money) for which your patrons will demand, "access", "influence", and other favors.
The hired whores in the information media who will wait for the opportune moment to puff your candidacy and disappear your opponents from public consciousness.
The hired whores in the pr and advertising field who will put on all the lipstick and rouge needed to pretty up your candidacy and find all the mud needed to uglyfy your opponents.
The shocking revelations late in the campaign that will sink your opponent before they have time to respond (October surprise!).
You will either play their game or they will find someone who will and sink you at the time and in the manner of their choosing.
In the end most of the tens of millions of voters needed for the winning candidate will not be swayed by debates, campaign literature, or personality, they will be sold by relentless and prolific advertising on your phone, TV, radio, social media and in your mail box (e and snail mail).
For that reason the contest will be between JEB! and Hillary and may the best ad agency and opposition research PR firm win.
All of that yet awaits the passage of 5 or 6 months before roll out.
So go on and "feel the Bern", dump on the Trump, and never fear in a few more weeks school will be back in session, pro football will be cranking up, and peace prize clutching Obama will find somewhere else to start yet another war.


I can guess. And I hope I'm still around to celebrate the demise of the MSM.


I vow to spend the next however many months it takes doing my best to burn Hillary Clinton's campaign to the effing ground. Keeping her from becoming President is my number one priority. So, it won't do them any good to run down Bernie. I'm sure I'm not the only person on the left who's seen the light and had enough of the DLC dog-and-pony show of "OH, my effing God, we must stop the right from taking over the Court, the Court, it's all over if they get the court!" Yeah, it wouldn't be good, we might lose some things, but breaking the cycle of the same damn people running and ruining the country has to be broken. #NomoreClintonsnomoreBushs. Say it loud, say it proud. Bernie 2016!


plus they are not right. :O)


Bernie Sanders or anyone else with his politics, and no, they are far from socialistic he being really a New Dealer, has zero chance of election in the USA. Or if, by a miracle overcoming the total opposition of both corporate money and corporate media he were actually able to become President there would be a sudden heart attack, stroke or crazed lone gunman.
But of course, this is exactly the reason to support him.


Hillary already has more money than she needs to live in luxury for the next fifty years. Can't she bow out and just tell us she wants to spend more time with her money...I mean family ?