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Noting Nation's Unparalleled Contributions to Global Crisis, 100+ Groups Push Biden to Commit US to 'Fair Share' of Climate Action

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/11/noting-nations-unparalleled-contributions-global-crisis-100-groups-push-biden-commit


"USCAN calls for domestic reductions of 70% by 2030"

  • from the article

“The EU made a commitment on Friday to cut carbon by 55% in the EU by 2030, compared with 1990 levels, after member states wrangled into the early morning as Poland held out for concessions.”



It would be helpful to adopt a uniform baseline for emissions cuts. The Common Dreams article discusses cuts from 2005 levels - the EU cuts are from 1990 levels.

That EU cut scenario appears significant, because it is big, soon (2030), and from a 1990 baseline, which I would like to see all countries use.

Momentum for change, real change, is building.

The big powers, the US, China, Japan, the EU, India - they are all necessary if we are to finally get a handle on emissions reductions.

My sense is that this will not be enough, and several blocs have to begin artificial drawdown of CO2 at beginning scale. Then there can be a competition to see whose drawdown technology is best practice.

Forget it. It’s over for us.

CD really needs to stop pushing the endless stream of articles talking about groups pressuring Biden to do anything substantive. They are, at best, irrelevant and insulting to the readership here. Biden is clear that he will enable and implement a Republican agenda, just as he promised. There is no moving him left and never will be. He must be removed from office and both of the state parties bypassed in order to bring about real change for the better.

70% by 2030! Finally, a pretty reasonable emissions reduction timeline!

And with international fairness and a reasonable plan to do better with the world. All we need now is a way to make it happen. Cause there’s not a chance in a billion that either corporate duopoly party is going to do anywhere near enough to matter.