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#NotNormal: Trump to Continue Having Private Security


#NotNormal: Trump to Continue Having Private Security

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Protection provided by Secret Service may have been the norm for past presidents and president-elects.

But not for Donald Trump.

In "a major break from tradition," Politico's Kenneth P. Vogel writes Monday, Trump not only has continued to use his private security team during the transition, but he also "is expected to keep at least some members of the team after he becomes president."


Fascist just doing what Fascists do...surrounding himself with mercenary forces. He will extend lucrative contracts to Erik Prince and Blackwater-Xe-Academy Inc.. After all Erik's sister may need some extra protection over at The Department of Education, as she dismantles the Dept. Of Ed. and destroys Public Education.


Trump probably has reason to fear knowing the standard playbook for the CIA.
But the confusion generated by having two security forces protecting him might work in their favor and against him in any case.


And the private security group's call letters are: FSB.


Can't you just smell the fascism?

Oh yes he is, so spare me some history lesson.


Isn't this how Buzz Windrip started out?


A prescient article from May of this year: https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/this-is-how-fascism-comes-to-america/2016/05/17/c4e32c58-1c47-11e6-8c7b-6931e66333e7_story.html?utm_term=.945ad5833537

> This is how fascism comes to America by Robert Kagan


Can you picture the Secret Service taking orders from some 3rd rate Rambo wantabe


Will there be ANY END to the surprises?!!


Their motto: "We--the FSB--protect the SOB"!


Can you even imagine any decent person willing to put their life on the line for Trump?
Maybe he will need his own protection once the max exodus of his secret service people begins.


FSB - Federal Security Service of the Russian Government - 70,000 strong.


this guy is even dumber than we think he is (:slight_smile:


Surprised? Not me! Hitler had his private security force called the Gestapo and they were not subject to German law and Blackwater; or whatever Trump's private security thugs are called, will probably not be held accountable to American law. A Trump private security force will be there to stifle any dissent during Delirum Tremers speeches and rallies. Fascism has come to America waving the flag of patriotism and vowing to make America great again.


and who is paying for this?


Liebstandarte Trump? Trump touring the country holding rallies of supporters? Now what happened in Germany back in the 1930s?.

Hitler's personal security guard was the Liebstandarte SS, who were distinguished from the SA by their black shirts.

The Gestapo was Goering's little pet, which he created when he ran the police in Prussia.


Thanks for the history lesson.


No. No one, or at least no one with any power, is even trying to stop him. I guess we are soon to see if any real Americans have any guts left.


Plenty of indecent people out there . . .


Reeks of proto-fascism. And when do we ever hear about Trump's excuses for doing what he does? He's certainly short on the logic, to put it mildly. But we need to demand explanations from this little demagogue. Is he afraid to trust our national mechanisms? (Of course, the SS has had its rational critics lately.)

We know already about the notorious "turf wars" between different branches of our national security arms. Now we will have turf wars between private and public security.

Maybe they'll both slip up and indirectly free us from this nightmare!