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Notorious Repeat Offender Behind Oil Spill "Nightmare" in California


Notorious Repeat Offender Behind Oil Spill "Nightmare" in California

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

As an investigation into an oil spill along the California coast continued on Thursday, environmentalists described a "nightmare" scenario in the area and new details emerged about the pipeline operator's long history of generating similar disasters.

California Governor Jerry Brown declared a state of emergency late Wednesday over the oil spill near Santa Barbara that may have dumped more than 105,000 gallons of crude along the coast on Tuesday morning.


"What is known, however, is that Plains All American has a history of wreaking environmental damage.

Not including Tuesday’s disaster, the company has been responsible for 175 spill incidents nationwide since 2006, including 11 in California—the most recent one in 2014, when 10,000 gallons of oil spilled in the Atwater Village community in Los Angeles."

Yet the powers-that-be who allow this company to continually erect and oversee these pipelines (with the cheapest material and labor possible)…insanity and corrupt practices are the rules not the exceptions. All they have to do is pay the fines and BAU…nothing changes, not the operations, not the safety oversight (none), not the total disregard for the environment and all life within the purview of their operations/pipelines.

Unregulated, unrestricted Capitalism and corporatism are our planet’s worst enemies (with HUMANs at the helm).


But the CEO did say that He was SORRY for the inconvenience! Doesn’t that make it all better?


It seems to be taboo to call attention to the increase in seismic activity since Fukashima - especially given geological structure of California plates and faults - in relation to the profit driven short-cuts and failings by oil and pipeline corporations.

One fellow who has been tracking and observing has been noting predictable patterns that formal geologists are just beginning to take into account.


The regulators were captured long ago, government has been co-opted, the American people continue to cover their eyes and ears and refuse to take responsibility for the corruption they endlessly vote for again, and again and again.
If people want real change, ask every candidate what they will specifically do to ensure that corruption no longer pays. The answers are very revealing.
Not sure centrists will ever be ready to take responsibility for their political corruption.
This spill and all the others to come are no surprise - people voted for this.



We’re not buying it Edmundo. We are not losing because “the people” picked a particular blackjack dealer. We can pick another one and we will still lose because the mob owns the casino and the house makes the rules.


Repeat offender Plains All American needs to be run out on a rail from CA & the Gov. regulators should be fired for their neglegence.
A little CA surfer localism needs to be directed at these polluters.Take your oil mess back to Texas & give to the Bushies!
CA doesn’t wan’t anything from Texas.


TJ, so roll that around for us. If you are not proposing a democratic (elected law maker) solution, what are you proposing?



Most of the Founding Fathers despised Democracy in Large Populations. That’s why they referred to our 1787 government as “the Great American Experiment”. Just like this TPP scam of Obama’s, the 1787 Constitutional Convention was debated in strict secrecy from the people. Mad Man James Madison (scared of Shay’s Rebellion) made everyone sign a non-dislosure agreement. The Anti-Federalists mutinied and refused to sign the Constitution without a Bill of Rights. Many of them, like Luther Martin, rep of Maryland, warned that representational democracy cannot work except in a very small population like a small Greek City State or Swiss Canton. Democracy failed under both Greater United Greece (Athens and Sparta) and the Massive Roman Empire where the corrupt Senate was finally just ignored by everyone.

The Anit-Federalists said it was nuts to even have a Senate Body which is comprised of noblemen and will always conspire with the President/King against the people. They said it was insane to send a senator away with his family to a far-off corrupt political city (Washington D.C.) for more than one year (six years) and no way to recall him for misbehavior. Indeed, it was nuts to no longer be the one paying his salary. And it was insane to appoint judges for life and no longer have a citizen jury on the highest court like we had for hundreds of years.

Most Americans don’t know it, but we didn’t found America with a President/King nor poor representation in 1776. We had one chamber of 2000 legislators and no Executive Branch at all. We had one local rep for about 300 landholders. Now in California, we have one rep for 744,000 people. You will never get to speak to your rep ever. This means you can’t ever get his attention unless you buy a 10,000 dollar/plate fundraiser dinner ticket.

This is not Democracy, it’s a Corporate Dictatorship concealed in a Fake Democracy.

The reasons for forming a huge Federal government are now obsolete since King George III was defeated and we rule the world. I propose we go back to the Articles of Confederation and close Washington D.C. and break Wall Street into a million pieces. Local Direct Democracy at the block level, just like Occupy Wall Street advocated, is the answer to all our ills.



Yeah Cyn,

It was surreal how far they took it. Because engine reversers were malfunctioning on our widebody Airbuses, and it cost a couple of million an engine for the new parts, they just deactivated them without telling the FAA or the aircraft manufacturer. I knew it had to be wrong, but our bosses lied and said it was approved. Sure enough, one flight couldn’t stop and went off the end through the traffic in Manila during rush hour hurting a whole bunch of people. Somehow, it only made local news and they forgot to mention the people in the hospital!

I always wondered what the payoff was…

I provided evidence that a single reverser was all that stopped me from going into the traffic since there was so much standing water on the runway and the brakes were useless, months earlier. One engine flamed out from water-ingestion and turned me into a boat with a single remaining asymmetric anchor which I had to reduce reverse on or spin out of control. My old azzhole was really chewing the seat cushion as the traffic loomed close in the windshield. I submitted a safety report which they ignored. Then the crash happened about 10 months later. The airplane was completely destroyed, but they rebuilt it for the price of a new one just to claim it was not a hull loss.

Such are the close calls and FUBARs of “Self-Regulation”!


There’s a 3-strikes law in many states for people who commit certain crimes. There should, likewise, be a 3-strikes rule for corporations who violate laws and regulations. If they can’t be any more responsible than this they don’t deserve to be in business.


Sorry Cyn,

I was off-line for a few days there. Will check it.