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Notorious War Profiteer Erik Prince Refuses To Give Up Dream of Mercenary Takeover of Afghan War


Afghanistan is the graveyard of empires, starting with Alexander the Great in the first century, A.D. They have expelled the Brits twice, the Russians once (with our help), and now it is our turn. The only reason that we are there is our military budget. We will stay there, hemorrhaging dollars, until we the people demand it, probably in the streets.


Both of them are billionaire, right-wing filth.


Yup. Ladies and Gentlemen, if we do not purge this poison from our nation as soon as we take back control we are headed for really, really, bad times ahead. I’m thinking work/re-education camps. Let them pick lettuce and fix roads by day and learn how to be an American at night. Sentences of no less than 10 years.

Fuckers like this get the firing squad for sedition.


At this unprecedented precipice, the recipients of this regimen could be either side. Is the Sessions DOJ going to punish these people?