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#NotOurLaborSec: Fast Food Workers Protest Puzder at Corporate Offices and Chains Nationwide


#NotOurLaborSec: Fast Food Workers Protest Puzder at Corporate Offices and Chains Nationwide

Nika Knight, staff writer

For the third time since anti-worker fast food CEO Andy Puzder's nomination for Labor Secretary was announced, fast food workers are flooding the streets in protest.


I just realized how amusing it is that Puzder's message contradicts Trump's message.

Puzder says if the cost of service worker labor goes up it'll accelerate the shift to automation. (Note: "accelerate", not "start".)

On the other hand we have Trump saying he's going to impose protectionism so production companies have to hire more workers who live in higher cost of living US. Thus increasing production labor costs for those companies. Yet Puzder has already pointed out, indirectly, that if Trump does this, all he'll do is accelerate the adoption of production automation.

Indeed it was reported, but very under-reported, that Carrier said precisely that when they were taking "the great negotiator" to the cleaners and getting him to force the taxpayers of Indiana to pay Carrier's workers. Carrier's statements basically said they were going to take the cost savings from having the Indiana taxpayers pay for their employees and use it to accelerate the automating of their production facilities.

It's a total win-win for Carrier. Once their automation upgrades are complete they'll be able to lay off the workers the Indiana taxpayers have been paying for them and Carrier will get to continue saying "Made in the USA" without including the part about "untouched by human hands".

I realized during the campaign that if Trump won and started implementing his protectionism, a ton of the smart money would start investing in companies that made production automation equipment.

As always, the secret is about who controls the means of production. It's been that way since the agricultural days. It's why the King owned the land and the serfs only worked it. The King owned the means of production and could deny unruly serfs access to the means of production unless they agreed to the King's terms.


The workers in this country have been losing ground ever since neoliberalism has been the the prime economic model. Cut taxes to the rich, workers unions destroyed or not allowed, cut social services, etc. This has left large groups of folks need 2nd and 3rd jobs just to make it. These large corps running food service establishments are a great picture of how bad it's gotten. They cut hours as to not have to pay benefits only to make managers work ungodly hours to earn an underpaid salary. Yeah, this choice makes perfect sense in the Dystopic States of America.


And how about the undocumented nanny he employed and did not pay SS taxes throughout that employment? The GOP senators will just turn yet another blind eye and confirm this SOB...remember Zoe Baird, Clinton nominee for Atty General...and she asked President Clinton to withdraw her nomination when it was found she had employed undocumented workers and failed to pay the taxes on their wages. Puzder does not have the integrity or self-respect to request his name be withdrawn nor would the emperor grant that request. A Secy of Labor that despises and objectifies/enslaves his workers...that is horrific.

Thick as thieves, as the saying goes.

Will the bloodletting never stop?