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Notre Dame Students Stage Walkout During VP Pence's Address


Notre Dame Students Stage Walkout During VP Pence's Address

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Over 100 members of the University of Notre Dame's latest graduating class walked out Sunday as commencement speaker Vice President Mike Pence began his address.


Kudos to the Notre Dame class of 2017. While the MSM echo chamber repeats the lie that the National Security Advisor was fired for lying to Pence about his foreign payments, the truth is, Pence was well aware of the security breach way way back, since he was the head of the Trump transition team. He put our country in danger, and much else will come out soon.

Watergate took down dozens of criminals; hopefully Russkigate will do as well.


Far too many students remained seated. How could a majority of graduates from such a ‘prestigious’ institution cower at the opportunity to be a meaningful member of our society? While I am proud of the few, I am devastated by the many. If I ever meet a 2017 Notre Dame graduate, I will certainly ask if they remember themselves as a proud or subservient member of their class.


Ok so this is my fantasy – that Trump/Pence and Ryan all get caught in the ‘russkigate’ dragnet, but I’ll be happy if at least the trumppence goes to Gitmo for it!


“Proud”. “Honored”. Which is it? These two descriptors of moral character do not mean the same thing. A thief and a swindler, “in business”, might use “proud” to describe how he/she feels about a fellow “business” colleague. But to say that he/she was “honored” to be a business colleague of said person, would be laughable, at best. Replacing the usage of “proud” with “honored” here, reveals the “weasel word-ifcation” of the very over-used adjective, “proud” by corporate conmen, who try to win over our affections. NOT! lol


You better hope that it’s all three – and that Turtle-Face McConnell goes with them – because if only Tweetle- Dumb goes down that’ll leave far-right ideologues Pence & Ryan in control, and that would likely be even worse than Das Drümph!   Considering how much fuss those idiots made with their “Never Trump” rhetoric during the Repooplican primary, I’m surprised they’ve stuck with Tweetle-Dumb as long as they have.   OTOH, Hitler and Stalin controlled Germany & the USSR with only about four percent of the respective populations as members of their parties, and Herr Drümpf is still polling at over 30% support . . .


“we need to show the world that there has to be tolerance, and we need to me more inclusive and wrap our arms around one another, even if we have different beliefs”

They probably took Mr. Dimarro’s words seriously. Kids today…


As governor and vp Pence has had the time and freedom to not just express but to demonstrate his affinity for supprssion and intolerance. It’s the recognition of Pence’s public history that the students were exercising their ‘time honored tradition of free expression’ … against vermin.


They should have all walked out leaving Pence to stare at empty chairs, what a statement they would have made


Great effort at making the uncomplicated seem so difficult.


If he has anything to do about it…

“…I would submit that the increasing intolerance and suppression of the time-honored tradition of free expression on our campuses jeopardizes the liberties of every American.”


What would have been even better is that THE ENTIRE STUDENT BODY walked out. However,
I know that it is always the awakel,inspired person of courage who takes action. Furthermore, as one who
was an activist for the end of hunger and the worst aspects of hunger for nearly 25 yrs.,i never saw all the Congress
critters sign onto simple measures that could have saved every so many more lives. My organizations RESULTS/
ResutsEducational Fund brought microenterprise to the forefront of the fight to empower the poorest of the poor to
end their own poverty by starting/maintaining tiny businesses; we were particularly focussed on supporting the
women of these poor families who were most often the backbone of their families.
I am particularly proud, too, that although I am Jewish, for many decades have enjoyed the closest of friendships
with a proud Catholic family.


Trump, Pence, Ryan gone…and then you have Orrin Hatch. After Orrin comes Tillerson, and then Mnuchin. My Oh My is that one deep pile of toxic sludge! (Order of Succession to the President)

Hatch is the least of all those evils…at least he knows how complicated and monumental the duties of a president are and has decades of experience in government.


There is another sinister presence hiding in the wings. Rachel Maddow hinted at this ‘current White House senior adviser, who is close to Trump’. This slimy snake in the grass is quite willing to throw Trump under the bus while subverting the constitutional order, just to save himself from going to prison. Know who she means?


Have you forgotten that nearly all of the students at such ‘elite’ universities are themselves elitists-in-training?  Rodhams, Clintons and Obamas are their output; even the Lying Son-of-a-Bush was an Ivy League-er (which cost Bush 41 a pretty penny, I’m sure).  Even my alma mater Colorado College - once a bastion of rationality - has succumbed to elitism; I haven’t donated a single dime to CC since my classmate Lyin’ Liz Cheeney* was placed on the Board of Directors in a shameless effort to suck up to Multi-NaZional Korporate financiers.

* The only positive thing I can say about that loudmouthed boor Chris Matthews of MSNBC is that he usually manages to pronounce the surname of the former V.P. correctly.


You are right that’s why they are working hard to privatize education so the poor kids won’t have a chance. Their sons of bitches will become the managers and CEOs they don’t care to hire American they always opt for the low cost India labor for high tech and Mexican labor for low wage or no wage jobs. American skilled workers are left out of their calculus.


This is probably representative of society at large. 100 out of 3,000 is probably pretty good. The great uninformed and manipulated masses are not going to do much to rock the boat.