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Now, America, You Know How Chileans Felt


Now, America, You Know How Chileans Felt

Ariel Dorfman

DURHAM, N.C. — It is familiar, the outrage and alarm that many Americans are feeling at reports that Russia, according to a secret intelligence assessment, interfered in the United States election to help Donald J. Trump become president.

I have been through this before, overwhelmed by a similar outrage and alarm.


The similarities are hard to miss. We’ve seen this tactic many times. You are correct, it’s time America takes a good look at it’s self and decides what they want this country to be. Time is short.


The first half of this article was great, the second half not so great. Exposure of our ‘ruler’s’ wrongdoing is never a bad thing.


“The United States cannot in good faith decry what has been done to its decent citizens until it is ready to face what it did so often to the equally decent citizens of other nations”: Yes but we must begin at the very beginning, the founding of the USA on other peoples lands. That was the beginning of the end. Until the US faces that and the kidnapping and enslaving of people from Africa it has no future and will continue to act out in the rest of the globe.


It beggars belief how anyone who’s been victim to cia atrocities/violations of sovereignty could in all sanity, then proceed to emigrate to the very country that worked to destroy the legitimacy of his own country’s government.
That said, undoubtedly “there should be an independent, transparent and thorough public investigation” so that the truth be exposed and your acceptance that the Russians did it before said investigation, be exposed for the falsity it is.


I’ve often felt we Americans are like the German citizens who were kept in the dark during the Holocaust - repeatedly lied to by “our” government about the atrocities “our” government has been commmitting, in our case globally, all the while assuring us we are the Exceptional Nation “liberating” other people elsewhere.

One point our author misses is that the very forces that set loose the atrocities of Operation Condor are alive and well here in the US today, manipulating our elections, our laws, our criminal justice system. They now have the power (thanks to an amendment in the NDAA signed by Obama) to legally detain anyone, anywhere, without recourse to habeas corpus, in effect legitimizing on a global scale the powers of “disappearance” from Operation Condor.

Yes, it’s frightening that Donald Trump will have these powers. But what’s much more frightening is that both political parties OK’d them.


Nacht und Nebel rides again! The Fourth Reich has learned well the lessons of the Third.


Why is this so hard for US citizens to grasp the meaning of the above?


The nefarious, egregious, and fascist deeds done in Chile by the CIA, Kissinger and others, has been kept from most American citizens. They have been so brainwashed, by the lies, canards and propaganda of their MSM like: " We are bringing them freedom and democracy; we are supporting the freedom fighters; if we do not defeat then over there, we will have to fight them here; we cannot allow then to acquire nuclear weapons; " ad nauseum! That many are unaware of what their government has done in their names in most foreign countries, in order to politically, protect the vested interests of American oligarchs.


Dorfman correctly tells of CIA involvement in the overthrow of Allende in Chile. But the CIA is the one claiming that the Russians hacked our elections, while reputable former intelligence agents say that in fact, there was no hack and that the breach of DNC emails was a leak by an American insider, a whistleblower. In other words, the CIA is doing in the US what it has done in other countries, a psyops to challenge the legitimacy of the democratically elected Trump.

While I do not like Trump, we need to be skeptical of CIA claims that the Russians did it. Maybe the oil industry did it, and now Trump is rewarding them with cabinet positions and drill baby drill. And Trump’s oil people want to make whoopee with Russian oil resources.

I don’t like Trump, but Hillary was poised to make war on Russia, and he is poised to cooperate with them. The motive is oil, but we need to back off on this Russian is horrible hysteria. We did a putch in the Ukaine on Russia’s borders. The CIA and Hillary did it, replacing one corrupt dictator with one more to our liking. Hypocrites, hypocrites, hypocrites.

Time to back off on Russian hysteria and look at our own government meddling


Because much of the U.S. citizenry still believes that “America is the best country on the planet and Americans truly are God’s Chosen People and really are better than everybody else.” This delusion blinds the residents of the U.S. to an accurate perception of reality and to possible solutions all of which probably require recognition of the oneness – the “we’re all in the same leaky sinking boatness” – of all earth people and that all hands are needed to bail out water and plug the holes.


“The seriousness of this violation of the people’s will must not be flippantly underestimated or disparaged.”

We already have a more serious violation of our rights, using hackable voting machines, purges and more to subvert the will of the people.

And we have no proof that this was Russia.

Otherwise, great reminder of our history, especially in Chile and Argentina, where we wanted OUR financial neolibcon system to rule.


You’re absolutely right. Like Nixon’s “If the president does it, then it’s not illegal” claim, Americans somehow have come to believe that if American does it, then it must be ok.


The American establishment and it’s freeloading mouthpieces (the MSM and it’s representatives) have never accepted as real, factual and true, as most people the world over understand, that Lee Harvey Oswald DIDN’T shoot President Kennedy, and there was in fact a conspiracy to do so. I am afraid that the truth about the fact that Russia had nothing to do with the 2016 election will get the same sad treatment. I’ve never heard of the media admitting that it simply got something entirely, completely WRONG. They just don’t do it, even when it’s public knowledge. We’ll be hearing about the Russian cyber-attack on our country far into the future, even though most people will eventually understand that IT NEVER HAPPENED.


There is no comparison here whatsoever between the coup d’etat in Chile which installed a dictarship which killed 10,000 Chileans and tortured many and Trump’s win. This is a faux analogy. This is the only bad Common Dreams column I have read lately.


Bravo, ArchStanton. The evidence for the assassination of JFK as a CIA driven Coup d’Etat is overwhelming. Treachery and lies is all they know. Not content with murdering JFK, they also wished to blame the deed on the Russians so that they could have their WWIII and pre-emptive nuclear strike. It would be interesting to one day find out just how exactly the Deep State rejected the Casus Belli option.
Once again, I urge everyone to read James Douglass’ “JFK & The Unspeakable. Why he died & Why it matters”


Yep, “The Russians Did It”, the Gift that just keeps on Giving.

Mr. Douglass committed Corroborated Facts and Testimonies to the Public Record almost 9 years ago.

May the Truth continue to Spread.