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'Now, Before It Is Too Late': Parents and Teachers Nationwide Call on Congress to Urgently Provide $250 Billion to Save Generation of Students

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/16/now-it-too-late-parents-and-teachers-nationwide-call-congress-urgently-provide-250

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Just like the USPS, this administration wants to destroy public education. The GOP enablers have no problem with this at all.

I’d hope the democrats would do some serious pushing back on this issue, but they’ve been fine with Race to the Top, and No Child Left Behind so here we are.


About time for a general strike? “Essential” got an awful lot of workers killed, here in NYC; then killed coworkers, loved ones, transit riders, friends & neighbors (while their killers were hiding in $2.5M vacation cottages up the Catskills, Poconos & Hamptons). Reopening bars, clubs, places of worship, close contact business, ALONG WITH schools, restaurants, mass transit simultaneously is tantamount to FEEDING us all to a frigging virus, to flip our empty homes, indenture survivors with usurious debts inflated, surprise ER, ICU and PhARMA bills as the now uncontrolled virus goes endemic, symptoms go chronic & kids set off Phase 2

BOTH parties, media AND big unions conspire to silence “essential” labor (as they’d forced nurses, slaughterhouse, transit, clerks, warehouse & farmworkers to work SICK!)

~https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2020/05/05/us/coronavirus-death-toll-us.html (246,000 excess deaths?)


~https://inthesetimes.com/article/healthcare-workers-strike-university-illinois-chicago (nothing, fundimentally…




No argument from me, but then again part of my 'nym is a Wobblie.


We’d watched so MANY sick obviously vulnerable workers, disproportionately women of color: teachers, physician/ nurses, transit drivers, food & retail workers slaughtered in March & April (in caked, rewashed disposable masks, 2nd hand nylon parka “gowns,” pieced-together plastic, tape & foam masks) only to watch it repeat; as the plague fired up in the red states (where media ignored how 5X excess NYC deaths, were recorded 40% as cardiac arrest, stroke, kidney, pneumonia just as often, here, and employers indemnified from civil negligence suites let alone criminal negligence). All they’ve learned is to take away phones, force workers to sign away rights, fire, incarcerate & silence whistleblowers.

Bezos has $200B, but killed HOW many poor-ass folks in Allentown, Hazleton… as WaPo vilified terrified strikers?






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“being given sufficient PPE”
Nutz to them from me.
The teachers parking has cadillacs and mercedes.
Students must provide their own when and if in person attendance happens to occur.
Teachers should have the minimum quality mask assigned that protects all others.

child care, 82% face closure.
Not believable.

what people need to understand is that we are the chaff the capitalists are tossing into the wind–the capitalists are working overtime to produce robotic labor to replace humans–they DO NOT need us anymore and therefore we have become an expensive redundant resource on the corporate bottom line–the only students that count to the capitalists are the ones being prepped for managerial tasks and soon AI will even take away that portion of the work force

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Scary thing: our 401k, IRA, retirement plans made US the Capitalists. I’d just checked how many Eli Lilly shares, what ETFs held the most, since they’re now likely to find some politicians to back their promising treatment as “standard of care” next summer. And I’m pretty sure: it won’t be cheap, manufactured here, or sharing profits with idiots like me? What s fiendish pyramid scheme? We speciously oblivious boomers, subliminally unaware that WE are the dead eyed Republicans, clawing profit out of horrid catastrophes, set off by white flight suburbanite’s soul-dead consumerism?