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Now Comes the Difficult Work of Pushing the Biden-Harris Ticket Left

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/08/12/now-comes-difficult-work-pushing-biden-harris-ticket-left

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Nope, Harris isn’t a weather vane, and no, it’s not up to progressives to push this train wreck left. How many delegates did Harris receive during the primary? A: -0-. (she was so far behind she dropped out before any votes were cast)
Obama knew better, he picked a VP that would not outshine him. Biden picked one that can stay awake longer than he can. Remember, the VP doesn’t really do much, they’re the spare, and this time 'round we might actually need to get the jack out and put 'er on. Frankly, my opinion: Harris is a slap in the face to those protesting in the streets and BLM. This is Clinton/Obama/Clinton all over again. And seriously, doesn’t Biden have something better to do in his golden years? Will the wife/trickster pull her stunt of hiding out in the overhead storage bin on Air Force 1, jumping out at other unsuspecting elites for laughs? Nary a care in the world. Oh, how the privileged in this country amuse themselves. ttps://thehill.com/blogs/in-the-know/in-the-know/443726-prank-loving-jill-biden-once-stuffed-herself-in-an-overhead-bin

Until we accept that the Democrats will never deliver, we will not look at alternatives, and are likely to face fascism in the near future.

So what are some alternatives? After the DNC cheated Bernie Sanders twice, many of his supporters launched the Movement for a People’s Party: “Polls show that a large majority of Americans want a major new party, support progressive policies, and want money out of politics. That means that it is both possible and necessary for us to build a corporate-free, progressive populist party.”


Will they keep telling us that the system is not rigged?

Joe should have picked Condoleeza Rice and took a 1 term pledge. That’s the only way that he could have credibly ran on a unity platform. Now, everyone from every type of politics knows that Joe and his baby Trumpers are a bunch a con artists. They run this same scam every four years convinced that the masses of people won’t catch on (they are probably right). The republicans were talking about Kamala before she even ran for Attorney General in California. Rubio was hand-picked to run for US Senator. We know where this thing is going: Nothing will fundamentally change.


agree completely.

That was the point. This VP pick is about 2024 and beyond and finishing Bidens only term for him. Biden has already said he’s a one term-er and chances are good that he won’t finish the first one. This is about the 3rd Way DNC making sure that there ‘is no need’ for a Primary again in 2024 (unless Harris completely blows it).

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Biden never said he was a 1 term-er.




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A suggestion is not a pledge.

I was going to suggest that this pick by Biden was a middle finger to those on the genuine left and a very clear message that the Corporations will be taken care of first and foremost.Others beat me to the bunch and recognize this for what it is. To suggest that somehow these two can be moved left is beyond the pale. Biden would have picked a genuine progressive had he felt his position could be influenced by the left.

As to the claim that Ms Harris some how a progressive, this is just fairy dust. Compared to Trump anyone can be deemed progressive but that hardly means that they are progressive. The Democrats have been moved so far to the right , a Ronald Reagan as a member of that party would be seen as “progressive”.


I don’t for one second think Biden and Harris can be pushed left. His choice in her signaled he was staying where he was at, if not pivoting to the right. Picking Harris screams, “I want to nab all the disgruntled Republicans I can.” Not, let’s unify the party and make this a society again. Utter garbage, that will inevitably usher in a true fascist.




it’s up to progressives to change the weather.

This is so sad. Here we go again, as Yogi said…“Deja Vu all over again”

For liberal devotees, I’m sorry, this is so embarrassing. How do you keep getting up everyday and look yourselves in the mirror, and echo the same BS year after year?

I wish I could say I feel sorry for you, but I don’t. You are lost.


Indeed. A Reagan-Eisenhower ticket would be denounced by the DNC-GOP junta as a “far left, communist ticket.”


I’ve been feeling pretty good about this VP pick all day. A local writer observed that it’s nice when a Bay Area background is not regarded as disqualifying, for once. It’s appropriate that she’s Willie Brown’s protege (and old flame, no less!) We love Willie Brown out here, because of his irresistable charm, despite his shameless (albeit artfully-concealed) corruption.

Willie Brown is your classic old-fashioned capitol-hill crook who never wrote anything down, so you’ll never dig anything up on him. Incidentally, Brown’s name is also mentioned by Isabel Wilkerson in her magisterial Warmth of Other Suns – as a first-generation ex-sharecropper from the Great Migration. Willie Brown is already unendurable. Now that Kamala’s on the ticket, Brown will get even more hard to take (albeit unfailingly funny).

Why am I happy about Kamala Harris’s nomination? Because I think she strengthens the ticket immeasurably. This pair can solidly beat T&P, imho. For that I am grateful. The struggle for liberation never ceases, of course. In that light, it’s significant to me that Harris has been among those most strenuously remembering Breonna Taylor’s name. That’s something.

Unless the Democrat leadership succeeds in their efforts to resurrect Trump’s re-election campaign from the Dead, the Biden will be elected president.

I don’t think pushing Biden/Harris to the left will work, but I won’t oppose folk who try.

However, I do think that it is important to start organizing now, for a mass mobilization against the Democrat’s right wing platform. Mass mobilizations to shut down anti-democratic and repressive government need to continue, uninterrupted


Well, this is formulaic–both neoconservatives corporatist authoritarians, but one candidate’s face and demographic identification will allow some to think or pretend otherwise.

If you cannot swallow the pill, it may be because it is not medicine but poison.

No, there’s no point knowing up front that you will work to stop Biden and Harris, then electing them. In such a case, you teach them that they can ignore you with impunity–correctly, at least unless you change strategy.


No need to feel bad for them. They don’t seem to mind.

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Harris pick consolidated the axiom that young people and progressive, or if your prefer ‘the left’ can ‘rot’ in hell. Biden is the consummate coward. I was willing to vote for the POS had he named a progressive. He did not! Essentially, he is following the HRC game plan to appease all his big money donors. He talks big, always has; Joe is a show-horse. Will he deliver a damn thing for Mother Earth? My guess is the Superstructure is on the verge of collapse. Two dim-wits carry their respective nominations while bloviating, spraying spit, and stuffing themselves with anti-pasta. In the Democratic Debates Bernie had it right: in fact, his closing remarks at the first Democratic Debate were prophetic: my paraphrase, Bernie acknowledged all the good ideas, the well intentioned ideas and then asked the money question asserting that in forty five years nothing has changed. The poor are poorer; the Earth collapsing under the weight of greedy executives; endless war a way of life, et al… The reality is Biden will win unless he continues to grasp defeat from the jaws of victory. Harris will ascend to the presidency and continue to bow before her Wall Street handlers and nothing will change except the rich get more. Count on it.


They are also going to need a bigger shovel.

I caught a short bit of Ro Khanna (First Vice Chair of The Congressional Progressive Caucus) on the Hartmann show today. I heard Mr Khanna actually state that, Harris is a ‘Progressive’ and Biden is a ‘Moderate’. Most here are aware of the track records of these two so I don’t need to lay it out. But I have to wonder what Alternate Universe Khanna lives in where Harris is a ‘Progressive’ and Biden is a ‘Moderate’ with these track records.

This is what the The Congressional Progressive Caucus is now trying to Sell.

Hey Ro baby.
Show a little self respect. Stop lying. Don’t piss on my head and tell me it’s raining.
At least admit that Wall Street is in control and there isnt a damned thing we can do about it short of things that cannot be mentioned in public.


They are not moving to the left. It is evident that no matter who wins the US election the US will have its most far right-wing government ever again, as they have had every four years for the past four decades. Regan ushered in the radical right-wing and every government since then has moved the US to the extreme right. Yes, Biden and Harris will form a government further to the right of Trump, and Trump will go further to the right in a second term. Expect further increase in mass incarceration; deportation and jailing of more immigrants; further militarization of police forces; social-economic-political interference, military attacks and violence against ‘enemy’ countries around the world; massive increases to military spending; privatization/corporatism; crushing of unions; and attacks against democratic movements within the US and around the world


From the article:

As Bazelon described Harris’ evolution in an NPR interview, “Her record has been consistent, and it’s been good. And my hope is that she’s going to continue in that vein, first of all, because it’s the right thing to do but then, second of all, pragmatically, because that’s where the country is moving.”

Bazelon also said this (from the interview):

LARA BAZELON: At almost every inflection point when there was a progressive alternative or a centrist alternative, she chose the safe centrist alternative.

(Source: ~https://www.npr.org/transcripts/881017398)

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