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Now Is Not the Time for Democrats to Waver

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/11/29/now-not-time-democrats-waver

Git er done Demos!

Every day that jerk spends in the White House, our nation loses.


Democrats must take a stand for the Rule of Law. If they do not–we are indeed lost.


Well. Thank you for appreciating my sentiment. The republicans have been busy stacking all the courts with conservative judges and the governorships and both houses for quite some time until recently. True enough–obviously.


They are not “wavering”, but should - waver away from their course over the past decades to try a winning “strategy” for a change!

The DINO “leadership” continues to serve big-money interests primarily, predatory vulture capitalism, banker and wall street usury, the for-profit war machine and other interests not the vast majority of the “little people” or critical environmental needs, or the priorities of a civilian nation’s best interests.

The DINO, “centrist”, “third-way”, neo-liberal DINO establishment is built to never “waver” from that MO and continue to sabotage progressive/FDR Dem/Independent America for a right-wing oligarchy and inequality - a craven, steady-state mindset that serves their own and other big-money interests.


Damnocrats being damnocrats while this shit show continues.


Getting rid of Trump solves nothing. We get the toady, Pence. The democrats are just as guilty as the GOP’s with Trump as their whipping boy de jour. The whole system is crap. Only a few national politicians are even remotely favoring ‘the regular people’. So why even bother with the stupid spectacle? Just run someone that can slaughter Trump next fall. The DNC won’t though and will cry Russia, ad infinitum and ad nauseum, if a centrist, corporatist loses again to Trump.


The Senate won’t convict, and the GOPers already have a plan to slow-walk the trial to keep Sens Sanders and Warren bogged down. But folks, on this score, Pelosi and Schumer are working with Sen. McTurtle from Kentucky, either implicitly or explicitly - all three would like nothing better than for the only progressive and the only effective progressiveish candidates to be bottled up instead of out campaigning. Pelosi and Schumer (and the whole whorish DNC) would much prefer Trump to be re-elected than for either of those two to be President. So, the two heads of the political-whore duopoly are aligned in purpose: re-elect Trump or put another establishment D. Neoliberal in the Whitehouse. Indicting and then failing to convict is likely to help Trump in the election.

It won’t happen, but the right thing to do would be to slow-walk the impeachment hearings for 10 months going laboriously over every impeachable count (including many for which B. Obomber should have been impeached, e.g., extra-judicial murder, undeclared wars, conflict of interest (e.g. appointing bankers to public office to bail-out banks), etc., etc… which is why it won’t happen.)

But we’ll hear there only campaign slogans from now until November:

“We’re not Trump!”
“It’s all about the Supreme Court!”

Climate chaos about to set the planet aflame and that’s all they got. Hell naw.


What is the point of impeachment; to replaceTrump with fascist Pence or to ensure Democrat victory for Ukraine carpetbagger neocon Joe Biden who is corrupt as Hillary herself? Why a neoliberal DNC circus to distract from the Progressive movement to overwhelm Wall St./wartime economy?

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Things are not getting done because people have been brainwashed to believe that if you don’t like what republicans are doing, you have no choice but to vote for whatever democrat is running.
The people who own this country can’t stand the thought of a third party gaining power. They can control the R’s and D’s and that’s the way they want to keep it.


Okay, many of Blum’s bullet points for why Trump should be impeached disgust me.

They are reasons to campaign vigorously to insure that he is defeated in an election.

But Blum is promoting the idea that we replace elections based on campaigning on different positions on issues with impeachment based on different positions on issues.

  • Abusing the pardon power to reward political allies;
  • Abusing emergency powers to build his border wall;
  • Incarcerating undocumented immigrant children in prison settings;
  • Attempting to strip millions of Americans of health insurance;
  • Promoting tax reform to benefit the superrich;
  • Gutting environmental regulations and pulling out of the Paris Climate Accord;
  • Refusing to enforce the Voting Rights Act and promoting an ideology of white supremacy.

None of these bullet points are high crimes and misdemeanors. They are disgusting policy positions.

Can’t Blum see what precedent he and like minded folk are setting? Can’t they see that Republicans will impeach future Democratic presidents for being Socialists if they raise taxes, open immigration, seek universal health care, or pass the drastic climate change legislation we need? Will they impeach him or her on promoting terrorism if he or she pardons a Black Panther or Leonard Peltier?

Blum really thinks tax cuts for the rich is a proper bullet point for impeachment?

Oh, boy. Wait until Trump campaigns on this. He’ll say that the Blum types would have impeached Reagan for the Reagan tax cuts.

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