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'Now Is Not the Time for More Studies': Sanders Rips Weak GOP Bill and Demands End to Police Immunity

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/18/now-not-time-more-studies-sanders-rips-weak-gop-bill-and-demands-end-police-immunity


Where I live we are having a lively debate about cops in general as our June 20th action for BLM approaches. I have been busy sharing articles and videos as well as stories that I witnessed first hand on how quickly problems with cops’ violence and indifference can escalate–they simply are not trained to handle domestic conflicts for starters. They seem to think that we, the People, are the enemy and if you are a human being of color it can be lethal.

We need across the board gun control starting with the cops and seeing to it they are placed under community control.


No Bernie, clearly it is the time for more cheap speeches and pointless demands you are not willing to fight for.

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If you take guns away from the police who would enforce the confiscation of private weapons?

We need to make deep structural changes to society so people won’t feel as if they could be killed at any moment, instead that everybody’s reasonable rights are defended and cared for by all society.

Corporations shouldnt be considered to be people with superior rights, should not be written into treaties that lock in bad policy forever, and prioritized and all peoples rights especially BLACK people’s rights should not be nullified (and people killed for no reason) as they are often now.

And yes, police who shoot people in the back should be sent to prison and fired, and have to compensate victims.

Huge efforts should be made to give them better training and verify that training has taken hold. And all inappropriately violent cops should be replaced.

Virtual reality hardware and software could be used to do this. Its affordable now. It could become a community effort that could bring about real change.


Recall that whenever the issue of cutting coal emissions and addressing other acid rain sources during the 1980s arose, Ronny Raygun’s stock response was we need “more studies” first, despite decades of “studies” having already identified the problems and potential solutions.

After seeing how successful that strategy worked for Saint Ron, other politicians continue to apply it.


The government will never be able to confiscate private weapons by force, that would lead to a bloodbath. They will have to incentivize the action in some way.

Two thoughts on “accountability:”

Isn’t that supposedly a mantra of the r-party?
Oh, yeah, their leader, Bunker Boy, said he feels no responsibility.

And I wonder if Bernie is holding his party standard-bearer, Sleepy Joe, accountable on this topic?
Oh, yeah, he pretty much can’t since he’s sworn to sheepdogging for Joe no matter what.


Bernie sold out me and all progressives in 2016 when Bernie said: ( and I paraphrase) EVEN THOUGH YOU GAVE ME MILLIONS OF $$$$, YOU PROGRESSIVES NEED TO NOW BACK YOUR NEMESIS BECAUSE WE CANNOT ALLOW tRUMP TO BECOME potus IN 2016.


I hope people realize that when Hillary is represented as trying to “fix” healthcare that the country was actually RIGGING IT GLOBALLY - to be permanently BROKEN-

We were negotiatiating a TREATY, a global scheme to permanently privatize all kinds of services, including health insurance making it portantially impossible to ix, the exact opposite it seems of what she and the Clinton Administration was claiming they were doing, unless one digs a bit deeper, and then we find ourselves down a rabbit hole worthy of the DPRK its so convoluted…

Well, an analysis would likely reveal a web of deceit of monumental proprtions, one that by locking in by one way privatization forces governments (many many) disinvestments in public healthcare education, housing, water, - literally all necesities here and all around the world in the Uruguay Round negotiations (trading away our decent jobs in exchange, but then dragging our feet - until this day- now it seems the jobs finally will be traded- Sounds great, huh? Thanks for your service…

Well its for a cause, feeding the global corporations claws.

So, we should look at the incredible intricacy of this onion like multilayered SCAM… with different groups all around the world, getting totally different spins on the same events, or being selectively deprived of knowledge of some or ALL of them (like us)

so we were deceived into a frame that foreigners aware of THAT history are fooled into thinking Americans endorse the worst possible healthcare policy, one thats already killed a million Americans at least. I hope people understand the implications of all this and how dishonest they were and neoliberals remain.

Now literally everything we know in many important areas, in not so subtle ways, is wrong.

This must have been planned by some pretty intense data modeling, it must have been planned by software - because mere humans would have a hell of a time figuring it out. This is why we need help we need a global hive mind to occur to get us out of this mess they created without World War 3 happening instead… Which I am sure our disaster capitalists would just LOVE.

help us !



“Now is not the time…” to waste further time, effort and money on the meaningless ramblings of Senator Sanders. What the man does now, what he’s actually accomplished over the course of those two so called presidential campaigns, is to keep those hopeful of meaningful change in the Democratic Party fold. The big theme of his fraudulent campaigns, that he was fighting for that “political revolution”, was total nonsense then and is now.

As Sanders fades into the political sunset, it becomes even more clear just how little influence he has had on actual political outcomes. And it’s important to understand this basic fact - talk means nothing in politics absent the raw political power to make it happen. Sanders is big on that talk part but he’s not been genuinely interested in taking the political risks necessary to gaining that raw political power absolutely necessary to the meaningful change he professes to fight for. That, of course, required the creation of another political party, one genuinely committed to the change he supposedly fought for.

Sanders created and has been ensconced in the safe political niche he’s made for himself when he hit the Senate. And since then, he’s been most committed to protecting that little niche. While his rhetoric has soared, he copped out on the only real chance he’s ever had to change our political apparatus in a truly meaningful way. As he fades into the political sunset, he offers nothing new. He continues to serve up the big talk but it becomes as meaningless, each day, as was his promise of political revolution. How very sad for the American people, as Sanders shills for the likes of Joe Biden and this thoroughly corrupted Democratic Party.


What are you suggesting we do, you must have some idea, come on, out with it!

Yes, thanks for your reply.

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Thank you!

I hope we can figure out the way to where we all want to go.

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I should say that I still plan to vote for Sanders in the general.

What else am I supposed to do?

The common sense tools you suggest should have been in place long ago.
Police do NOT have second thoughts as they take a bead on an unarmed suspect. A second thought about using deadly force would save thousands of lives.

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I know a lot of people with guns and none of them would willingly give up their weapons. The government might offer a buyback for example, but for those that choose not to participate - prepare for the bloodbath. New Zealand, with a fairly compliant citizenry had turned in about 50,000 guns as of last December. That is out of an estimated 1.2 million privately owned LEGAL firearms. IMHO, society has very little to fear from the type of person who would willingly comply with an order to turn in their firearms (even for a modest payment).

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There’s one thing, and one thing only, to be done now which at least might alter the political stranglehold that big money and their corrupt agents in government have on the masses. It’s quite clear that Sanders and the Dems are not to be the answer. Meaningful change will be accomplished, if ever, by means of a new and genuinely progressive political party wielding raw political power in Washington and our other seats of government. It will never come from the duopoly.

How many times are we to be suckered by the duopoly? Real change will never be realized by buying into political frauds like Sanders and the other so called progressive Dems. Yes, Sanders is a fraud, a sellout, that sad fact clearly established by his own, repeated conduct. Before Sanders joined the club of elites in the Senate, he repeatedly and publicly stated what had already become obvious - that the Democratic Party was not going to change and that the only way change could be accomplished is via a new party. Once Sanders joined the senatorial club of elites, he essentially became part of the Dem establishment and has supported the Dems ever since.

Sanders preached political revolution during his two presidential campaigns but when he actually had the opportunities (not to mention the justification) for going third party, he copped out. Sanders was presented with the best opportunity in our lifetimes to establish a viable and influential third political party, a party that would genuinely represent the masses instead of the moneyed elites and he passed, at least twice. It’s really important to appreciate that fact. The man had millions of Americans behind him, having enthusiastically committed to that political revolution he was selling. But he rolled over, repeatedly, for the Dem establishment. Hell, he’s doing it right now. That’s to be his legacy. And his sellout is simply unforgivable.

If you genuinely want to do something that has at least some real potential to change the rigged game, consider supporting a third party. You have the Greens and you have the Movement for a People’s party, which is gaining steam with some of the Our Revolution groups finally realizing that what Bernie’s selling is just more of the same.


Biden offers us commissions and studies on every long-standing problem, and Bernie supports him, GOP studies, however are weak.

Truth is they’re all weak, Biden’s studies, the GOP studies, and Bernie.

Don’t take political advice from an enthusiastic capitulator.

It’s only the incumbents who act weakly in service to constituents, but with great strength unity and resolve in serving the wealthy few, war profiteers, the financial industry, and big polluters. All we need do is replace incumbents, until all our lives improve. Nothing else will work.

But Tengri:
Bernie is the only one constantly talking about these issues-----where are the rest of the employed ones in Congress-----not enough are speaking out! : (