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Now Is the Time for a Bold Pro-Democracy Agenda for America

Now Is the Time for a Bold Pro-Democracy Agenda for America

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

While supporters of pro-democratic voting reforms on Wednesday celebrated a number of key state-level wins on Election Day, the Democratic Party is being called upon to go much further by making voting rights a central issue going forward and embracing a slate of changes that would dramatically improve civic participation and end GOP suppression tactics.

Among the successes from Tuesday's ballot:

Paper ballots, hand-counted in public—that’s the gold standard for electoral transparency, and it would make any talk of “hacking” or “Russian meddling” academic. Anything less is unacceptable.


This going to be a really neat fight. I’m going to buy a really nice arm chair and life time supply of popcorn.

It’s now time to dump out the neo-liberal establishment democrats(Pelosi, Feinstein, Shummer, etc) and replace them with the most progressive pro-people folks out there. It’s now or never.

When 49% of all the people ( 100% ) want a more peaceful, better and more equitable world: and, the author says that it shouldn’t be the job of just one party, please tell me why the GP in Arizona’s Senate contest might just give them the opposite, if " War Hawk " McSally wins that open seat. The GP’s 2% vote would of ensured Sinema the win if they’d been strategic. Now, they’re looking like spoilers, yet again.
Same thing in Maine’s contested Congressional battle. Though the stakes aren’t nearly as high, a case can be made that this is counterproductive. Like speaking to the people with a forked tongue, oddly enough. Is that your party’s intent in Arizona? Just askin’.

Many of these articles are incorrect when calling the USA a democracy, since it is actually a kleptocracy.


Andrea, NO ---- Now is the Time for a Continuation and Completion of our “Revolution Against Empire” [Justin du Rivage] — there is no democracy, just this God Damned EMPIRE!

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Making the system more democratic isn’t easy because the Republican Party is working hard to make it less democratic. The Republican Party is attempting to have a minority achieve permanent control over a majority by preventing citizens from voting or preventing their votes leading to election victories through gerrymandering, and filling the courts with right wing extremists.

A bold agenda in the House now is absolutely crucial for kicking out the GOP Senate in two years. All the beautiful programs of the DSA/Bernie should be meticulously crafted, and beautifully written in non-legalese. They are not for passage, only for documentation and release. So why do this? Because publicizing these goodies to the public, then letting the GOP show its ugly stone wall face, provides the powerful motivation for kicking the GOP Senate out in two years. And perchance even derail Trump’s re-election. ‘Moderation’ a la Pelosi will condemn the DSA as do-nothings. She poses an existential danger to the DSA.

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