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Now Is the Time for Ambitious Action, Say Protesters, Flooding COP21 Summit

Now Is the Time for Ambitious Action, Say Protesters, Flooding COP21 Summit

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

Wednesday's release of a weak and vague draft climate deal touched off angry and energetic protests, including a large sit-in at the COP21 summit, where civil society and social movement groups from around the world demanded global leaders take the truly ambitious action necessary to address the climate crisis.

I received a very disappointing email today from Howard Dean, the founder of The Democracy for America movement. The email was coauthored by him and Hillary Clinton and contained strong endorsement of the latter.

Here is my response to that mail, which is also directed to both:
Are you trying to prejudice the outcome of your own poll?
Is it, that early results show Bernie in the lead and you want to desperately change that, by interfering with the outcome? Will we see a true accounting of the votes?

Hillary Clinton is just as much of a corporate hack, as any of the GOP candidates.

You tried to draft Elizabeth Warren to run for President (remember “run Elizabeth run”?)
Now, that Bernie Sanders comes up with virtually the same program you suddenly favor Hillary Clinton.

What is it?
Is it, that Bernie will never make the front page of Gentlemen’s Quarterly?

We do not need a dandy as President, but a person with the heart in the right spot and a well thought out program to carry out the progressive cause. Bernie is that person; HRC is NOT!

When Billionaires like Donald Trump whistle, she comes running. That has been established!

What made you abandon your progressive cause? Have you been also sucked in by the “system”?

If it is eligibility you are concerned about, then look at the ‘Person of The Year’ poll by Time Magazine Bernie outpolled HRC by a margin greater by more than 5:1. And if you quit manipulating your own poll you will see a similar result there.

Deeply disappointed in you,


You may wonder, what she paid him for his support and be implication the support of the the voters of the progressive wing, who still believe, that he is a progressive, as I still did until this morning.

Is it the position as a running mate with a chance to become VP?

I wished, that Susen Shapiro would enter this discussion, so that I could apologize for doubting, that Howard Dean has been corrupted as she asserted in another thread.

In USA, Congress is thoroughly corrupt, up for sale to highest bidder. Somewhat over a dozen too big to fail fossil fuel firms have more political power on climate change issue than all on other side combined. Only hope for input is to come up with a plan more profitable to fossil fuel giants than free market and also acceptable to environmentalists. An emissions (based on CO2 equivalent) tax on fuel burned in USA and a carbon tax on fuel exported from USA with all revenue from both used to buy fossil fuel as mineral rights only from too big to fail fossil fuel firms might be attractive to both sides.

If COP21 plays out as many expect, you bet it will be time for “Ambitious Action”: Total, rolling non cooperation just as Gandhi did.

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this x 1000. Dean is a corporatist.

Meanwhile, the US Geological Survey released a study indicating that one quarter of the permafrost in Alaska could melt by the end of this century releasing lots of carbon dioxide. Weak or strong agreement in Paris this is bad news.



Protesters Flood COP 21 Summit! our Young people and civil society, indigenous representatives, our PEOPLE, flood Paris amid the mayhem of a police state. Blessed be the peace makers, the rabble rousers with their hi-jinks, those who speak truth to power. They’re the ones who push the change. Not Dean or couch potato discontents.

As it stands, the nations at COP 21 will likely sign an agreement that essentially kicks the can down the road. They will be patting themselves on the back for weak voluntary actions that if put into effect (and that is a big if) will lead to about a 3.5 degree Celsius increase in global temperature, far higher than the 1.5 degree C goal most think should be the target (not the 2 degrees C you might have heard). Nice work, so called leaders.

What it really comes down to though is a general change in behaviors by all of us anyway, with those with the highest consumptive behaviors having to make the greatest changes and those with the most power and privelege having to give up/share that too. It would be easier if government representatives to display the moral courage to set appropriate policies, but if that is not going to happen the people will have to take charge.

You are correct, but it also depends if the media covers all those rabble rousers. Most people are still relying on the TV for their news and the corporate media is busy talking about the terrorists almost 24/7.

Howard Dean turned out to be a two faced crook like Obama, they both used the young progressives to launch themselves into elite status but don’t really give a damn about the ordinary people.

We know the corporate media, particularly here in the US, is not going to cover our efforts in the streets, and most activists dealt with that truth several years ago, and now don’t let their passions rely on the reward of making it to page A-1 or A-7 or whatever. Informed, involved, inside (the meetings) when possible, representin’, blockading, singing and playing, networking and building solidarity, its hard work. The lack of coverage has only gotten worse over the past years, and still First Nations stand strong in Canada. They never had the media in their corner. Lets help all those committed to the long fight get the messages out.


There are a lot of serious research projects going on in terms of fusion. The fuel supply is practically endless I have heard it said that 1 liter of sea water holds the same energy potential as 300 liters of oil (?).
The only radioactive component is tritium (H3) with a half live of 12.5 years, which in most designs does never have to leave the plant. Compare that with a half live of Uranium, now used in nuclear power generation, of several billion years.

The big problem has been containment of the plasma at fusion temperatures (min. 40,000^C). That has been achieved at Wendelstein 7-X underthe auspices of the Max Planck Institute achieved today, Dec. 10, 2015.
See: http://www.ipp.mpg.de/3984226/12_15
That is a huge milestone!

. Here is my list of ongoing serious fusion research projects (probably not complete):

  • EMC2
  • Fusion Development Corp.
  • Dynomac (Spheromac)
  • General Fusion
  • ITER
  • Helion Energy
  • Lawrenceville Plasma Fusion
  • IEC Bussard Physics
  • Tri-alpha Energy
  • Lougheed Martin
    Today’s achievement is part of the ITER black hole project, not my favorite (that is General Fusion), but a very important breakthrough nevertheless.

Despite the bias displayed by Howard Dean by lobbying in this poll for HRC, Bernie Sanders is asking for your endorsement at http://2016.democracyforamerica.com/?akid=7060.270485.Ea0z0_&rd=1&selected=berniesanders&t=3
Please do that! You do not have to be a DFA member or subscriber to make your voice heard

What are the chances that this Paris “climate summit” (or any previous charades) include anything about militarism, obscene military spending or use of fossil fuels, or endless wars and their influence on our increasing catastrophic global weather crisis? Slim to none would be my guess…