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'Now is the Time for Boldness': Naomi Klein, Notable Canadians Call for System Overhaul



Note some of the twitters , one claiming this "imbecilic campaign" undermines the campaign of Mulcair and the NDP.

This very much like those people arguing that people should shut up about the shortcomings of B Sanders because it will undermine his campaign.

This is NOT the voice of a progressive. This is the voice of someone trying to kill this initiative before it starts.


And Neil is on "The Monsanto Years" tour right now: Dates left in the U.S. :

October 4 in Seattle, WA
October 5 in Vancouver, BC
October 7 in Portland, OR
October 8 in Eugene, OR
October 17 in Berkeley, CA

With: "The Promise of the Real" & Reverend Billy & "The Stop Shopping Choir"


Poor analogy. If you said Hillary or Jeb or Trump, you might have a point to make. The Sanders bashing is ridiculous.


Pointing out where Sanders policies are weak is not ridiculous. This is how a democracy should work.

No one on the left is going to vote for a jeb Bush or a Stephen Harper. No one on the left should expect a jeb Bush or a Stephen Harper to represent the left.

Stephen Harper and Jeb Bush represent the right wing.

Here in Canada the left should be listened to by the NDP and in the USA by Sanders. Those ARE the people the left should and must lobby in exchange for their vote. That is the only way a democracy can work.

Now I am myself still likely to vote Green. I might vote NDP if Mulcair clarifies his position on my most important issues , those being Militarism and the Environment. If he can not do this to my satisfaction he will not get my vote and I will let others on the left know my reasons.

Now just as people continue to claim it was Nader's fault and those that voted for him as President leading to Bush getting elected over Gore , there will be people claiming those that vote for Green party members will get Harper elected. I call bull on that. The people voting for Harper are the ones who would get him elected and were this to come to pass wherein a conservative elected here in my riding because of a vote split, the blame for my vote going Green would because the NDP could not or would not address issues important to me.

This is the only way one can have a healthy democracy.

That all said the most important thing about the Sanders candidacy is not the man himself. It is the shakeup it does to the entrenched powers and the awakening of the people to the possibility of a truly representative government. One would hope that as people get a taste of the benefits of a sharing economy and of the power of community , they will further explore those possibilities and demand even more than what Sanders can offer.

Again I hope to see Sanders win the nomination but will continue to insist his Presidency would not be the end game and the critiques and voices of the purists as some have labled them should not go silent.


Shut up is all I see in werefleas posts where the hedges article condemned. I call it as I see it

If someone is going to condemn the stand Sanders might have on military spending or on Palestine than he can be corrected (or not) by posting the facts rather than suggest said person working for the Conservatives and yes to this day people insist that those that voted for Nader in that Presidential campaign were responsible for electing Bush.

Absolute rubbish

Now look to my original post in this thread. An NDP supporter called this movement "imbecilic" because it might hurt the NDP campaign. He is saying "shut up". He is rationalizing it the same way as many of those are doing south of the border if Sanders critiqued.


Precisely and well put. Any person with any sort of conscience who advocates for peace and justice both abroad and at home must raise these issues as a matter of course.

If I consider myself as an honest used car salesman and sell a car with an engine in perfect condition, a frame and body that is flawless and a transmission that is failing and going to need 2000$ in work, I can not justify selling that car to someone while not mentioning the faulty transmission by telling myself the rest of the car in great shape .

This the very thing people suggest an electorate must do just so the dealer down the street who is even more dishonest does not get the sale.


Well polls out here on the west coast show the greens are not doing that badly and in particular on the island.

At this moment I still lean Green although that might well change.

What I find troublesome is even the Liberals under Justin Trudeau have a policy to the left of the NDP. The old guard of Socialists in the NDP is no longer there


What the Leap Manifesto leaps right over is the fact that corporate capitalism has captured our governments and that none of these ideas can go anywhere without overthrowing the Bankers and Billionaires Club first.


Maybe the Leap Manifesto could become powerful enough to overthrow the Bankers and Billionaires Club.


yeah and that bothers me big time. This move to the right started under layton. I suspect that if they lose the NDP will move further in that direction and if they win they will move further in that direction. it a lose lose. they will use the same language as to why they must move to the right in both instances.


I think the time for boldness is much, much bigger than just the climate issue. The time for boldness needs to be the unwavering commitment to truth-telling in the political sphere. Partisanship is BS. Refuse to buy the lies that are well documented lies. Say it out loud. Repeat as necessary, which is very often. Political corruption is the issue- the time for boldness is refusing to participate in nor support the undermining of democracy, justice and truth.
We can do this by modifying discussions with friends and neighbours so that the truth is actually discussed rather than the superficial, odorous, conventional misrepresentations.
Don't vote center - the results are well documented over many decades. Take responsibility for your actions. Unravel the web we have woven that has trapped us all. Yeah, it hurts.


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