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Now Is the Time for Medicare for All


Now Is the Time for Medicare for All

Robert Reich

In the midterm elections, most Democrats who were elected or reelected to the House supported Medicare for All.



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Peaceful Coexistence!

Socialism Works In Medicare-For-All!


You and me, toe to toe, mine stink but they’ll kick the foe.


I have to agree with PonyBoy above. Universal socialized healthcare for all, from birth 'till death with no profit involved is the way to go. Pay the doctors and everyone else well. Have those devices, like walking casts, etc, that pad bills have to be reorganized, again, socially. For example I was charged a co-pay for a walking cast that was more expensive than I could get on Amazon. Remove advertising for TV and have pharmacologists work together instead of against each other. Healthcare would greatly benefit from this which, of course, will never happen.


You’re a poet as well.

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In industries dedicated to the betterment of humanity, profits needn’t go to investors, rather, profits must be returned to the People in the form of lower taxes from which our Medicare-For-All is generated.

All Healthcare industries must become a part of the socialized network which serves our people.


We already pay taxes to support government laboratories so we should eliminate private pharmaceutical companies as well and add that to our national health care system.


Again, we have a consensus.


Form a European/Canadian point of view it is so hard to believe that this is still such a controversial issue in the USA. A lot of Dems don’t even want to support it.

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I’m so sick of hearing about Medicare for all and all other single-payer-like health care. It ain’t never happening (sic). This is our political class’s (oligarchy) Waterloo. Stop with the delusional political baiting, et. al.


Well done, PonyBoy!

They will simply have to find something else to profit from. That won’t be a problem for “them” since they are so much fucking smarter than everyone else.

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Again, and again, and again: It’s Expanded and Improved Medicare For All, H.R.676. not "Medicare For All’.

Expanded and Improved Medicare For All is a single-payer system without co-pays, no deductibles, includes vision and dental. The most cost effective, equalizing and, therefore, dignified system.



Why don’t we have it?

Is “Of, by, and for all the people” a lie?

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Perhaps, however, I feel their biggest advantage has got to be the fact that many of them have been doing this for generations, and, practice makes perfect.

Until, Trump entered the White House, and he was thrown into the spotlight, more so than his braggadocio younger years trying to impress everyone with his wealth, and now, he wants to believe that he is immune from breaking the law and being investigated.

Well, thank Goddess that he fucked up royal, and the noose is tightening.

I’m semi-confident that before it’s all over, he’s going to be seen by many more, as a bigger cheating slime ball moron than we already believe.

A little parody…

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“Now is the Time for Medicare for All,” and that is my hope and expectation.

It is striking that JFK advocated clearly for Medicare for All, for nationalized medicine, in his speech in Madison Square Garden on May 20,1962. I’ve watched several videos of his speech on Youtube. His support for the legislation is unmistakable.

So here we are, 56 years later, declaring “Now is the time for Medicare for All.” Just strikes me as funny.


Well, hooray for Robert Reich, for once.

Why don’t we support only people who support such things, though?


We need an up or down vote.
Let’s get the pretenders on record.


The USA has one of the highest rates of MRIS measured per capita. Japan is the only country higher. Canada has a fraction of the MRI’s per Capita as the USA has.

Average cost of an MRI in USA 1800$$
Average cost of an MRI in Canada 750$$
Average cost of an MRI in Japan 98$$

Canadians do not pay 750 for the MRI. This is what persons such as Foreign Nationals pay if they wish one.

The Japanese have the longest life expectancy on the Planet.
The Life expectancy in the USA was once the same as Canada but is now less and is declining.

Those opposed to reforming that system in the USA are worried about something other then your health.


Not Medicare for all–The multi-million dollar CEOs and the stockholders make too much money. We need government-run programs like in Europe. But our lobbyist-led legislators will not adopt a sensible program. The new book “Make America Great Again–Like Norway” covers completely the competing health care systems and compares some of the costs–eye-opening!
Government-run programs have nothing to do with socialism, they are social democracy welfare programs, like Social Security. But Norway doesn’t borrow from its retirement system to fund tax reduction vote-getting schemes.