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Now Is the Time for Obama to Recognize Palestine


Now Is the Time for Obama to Recognize Palestine

Juan Cole

I’d like to return today to an argument I made two years ago in The Nation, which is that President Obama should recognize Palestine before he goes out of office. For different but related reasons, Jimmy Carter made a similar plea last month.


On target as usual from Prof Cole! I would drop to the floor if Obama had the courage to recognize the Palestinian state!

"Israeli squatters on Palestinian land in the West Bank will at some point engineer a civil war, and try to expel the Palestinians" - this observation from Prof Cole is more than likely under a trump regime - Israeli extremists never miss an opportunity to act when the worlds attention is focused elsewhere or when they have a sycophant toady in the WH.


Anytime would be the right time to do the right thing. Obama probably won't but he could earn back some cred if he did.
Palestine should be recognized as a state with borders according to the last internationally recognized agreement (memory fails) and because they were there before Israel was created.
Israel's claim that it should be theirs because they have history there is a joke. Many groups had history there, including Egyptians, Christians and Muslims. Their claim is false because they did have it once in history but they left. They didn't try to return until Israel was created. The UN should recognize Palestine as a state, period.


How about since pre 1976 Israel is about 20% Arabs with full citizen rghs(even in Knessett) How about if Israel goes to the UN and says there can be a Palestinian state of the whole West Bank (minus Jerusalem) and there is a 20% limit of Jews who full relegiious and civil liberties as citizens of the new Palestinian state. If Gaza wants to join in then fine as long as they swear on the Koran they will abide with the agreement. Considering it isn't safe to be a Jew in much of Europe why would Israel want to be part of a one state country with a Muslim majority?


Yep, many groups have history in Palestine. The area was once occupied by the Jews -- until it was taken away from them by others who were bigger and badder. The Jews lost their land just as they had won it -- by force. Today, the Israeli right wing looks at the Palestinians as modern Canaanites, with Bebe the new Joshua. The Canaanites were cursed by Noah, and marked for extermination. When Joshua took Jericho he killed every man woman and child except for one prostitute (wink wink). If only we could find the descendants of that lady, I suppose that chunk of Israel must be given to them as their rightful inheritance, along with a nuclear arsenal to defend it.


Who did the ancient Jews first take it from...the Neanderthals?


This discussion has been going on for decades and the Terror Jews keep taking Palestinian land without consequences. There isn't enough land left to declare a 2 State solution. Israel has seized the best, the resources, and will take what little is left. The Palestinians will be homeless which is the ultimate goal. They are prisoners in what was once their country. Genocide is being committed and no one has seriously stepped up to put a halt to this Apartheid regime.They are not going to return all that illegally seized land, or pay compensation for all those who lost their homes, farms, and livelihoods. How about all those olive groves torn asunder that had stood for hundreds of years? You can't bring them back.

Obama never had balls to begin with, so asking him to recognize Palestine is a waste. He should pardon Peltier. He should pardon Manning, Snowden, Assange. He should pardon all the truth-tellers he has imprisoned and ruined financially as well as professionally. None of that is going to occur.

Taking steps to stop Trump in his insanity once he takes office does not make him a humanist, or even a fair President. He is a sociopath whose greatest legacy is the Drone Wars, the refugee crisis in the ME, continued outsourcing, and corporate friendly trade deals. He is a celebrity President. All talk and no show.


According to the Good Book the Canaanites were living in the Holy Land when Moses led the Jews out of Egypt. After a few years of horrific slaughter ownership changed hands and the Jews had their Promised Land. History is repeating itself at this very moment.


And who wrote the good book? And for what reasons? World peace? Hahahahaha


Yeah, if you believe in World Peace keep Ecclesiastes and Song of Solomon and throw the rest of the Old Testament away.


Assange is not an American citizen. As well, he attempted to interfere in the recent presidential election - against Clinton, inherently FOR Trump.


Let's be very clear here. Obama targeted him as one who committed acts of treason. He has been held as a political prisoner and isolation in the embassy for years. He ordered Assange to be extradited by Sweden if (or when) they got their hands on him. Don't tell me Obama can't "pardon" him. There's an arrest warrant outstanding on Assange. If he can kill American citizens by drones without proof or evidence of crimes against the US, well, hell, this is simple. He has a pen. He knows how to write. Assange may not be a US citizen, but he has committed no crimes against the US empire either.

Obama has made him an outlaw. Which is funny as hell since Obama is an international war criminal who cares nothing about laws here or out there. Assange hasn't killed anyone, assassinated anyone, destroyed any countries,but Mr. O certainly has. Perhaps "pardon" is the incorrect word. Let's go with "bounty" on the head of Assange. Dead or Alive and preferably dead (as many have demanded of Snowden). Yeah, we'll go with that. Lift the sanctions and the reward for delivering Assange into the hands of the US war criminals. He could do that, right? Right.

You missed the point entirely.

As for the HRC election, she did that to herself by rigging it against all comers, Sanders, and believing the real fix was win with an opponent like her best friend Trump. Assange, all he did, was put the truth out there. Which, by the way, Obama has made a crime. HRC has always been her own worst enemy.