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'Now Is the Time to Be Bold and Unapologetic': Progressives Building 'Unprecedented Political Coalition' Around Green New Deal


If you would put down Reason magazine and actually read the news, you might learn something.



You will enjoy playing it. The Democrat nominee game can be fun. A bevy of candidates, each with a compelling personal history, possessing a different persona, honed by past accomplishments and reflective of various genetic lineages. But wait, among this glorious diversity, one common thread runs through them all - they all ring the progressive bell, some louder than others, some more resonant, but all stem from calculations based on the winning Blue Wave, the one Bernie, you, and I just won.

By watching replays of Bernie’s stump speeches, an aspirant can gauge the popular response and adopt the right words. These hitch-riders of the progressive band wagon all aim for that sound bite, that Bern. At heart, they may be Clintonite neo-liberals, like Kamala Harris, or even Republican light, like Beto O’Rourke. Or they could be a blank slate, like Amy Klobuchar. What’s that you say? People are entitled to turn over a new leaf, to grow a new progressive heart? Of course they are - just not one stout enough to lead us in 2020. Maybe in time, but not yet.

The larger challenge is how to flush out the ones only pretending to be progressive. I have come up with a (ahem) fool-proof test you can administer. It is based on the supposition that no one else is confident of raising hundreds of millions from small donors the way Bernie did. Therefore, I’m counting on these closet centrists to hedge their bet by not overtly upsetting the big money. And who are the biggest of big monies? Big Pharm., AIPAC, Wall Street, Extraction industries, health insurance, and ISPs. These six constitute my test.

Here’s how it works: When you have cornered a candidate, at a Town Hall, say, lower the boom with an air-tight question about a critical interest of the big six. If the candidate sweats profusely, hem and haw, evades the question, or contradicts his position taken just weeks ago, you have your test result: a big fat “F”. You can form your own ‘truth squad’, 2 or 3 people ready with coordinated questions, allowing the contestant no chance to weasel out. Fun, ain’t it?


I favor taxing greenhouse emissions for the prohibitive tariff effect of the tax and using the revenue to pay for carbon capture and storage to get some of the carbon out of the air.


She said that??? That is ridiculous- and one of the reasons some people voted for Dump.


Ithought “we” were timid already


Urgency doesn’t occur to those trapped within a panglossian delusion.

And when shit gets real, they’ll robotically cling to their ‘we can adapt’ fantasies.

The company I work for is in AZ. The majority of people there think that water is going to continue to flow by magic and a relatively wet year like this one feeds their fever dreams. Unbelievable.


China has done it and it is the same size as the US. I am in one now. Some of the questions of high speed rail are 1) rate of construction 2)need for mass transit 2) existence of alternatives like bus and slower trains.
China is considered the master of large buidling projects in the world, capable in cost, speed of construction and quality. The US has little experience in high speed rail.


I don’t think emulating a communist nation is such a great idea.


She said it on camera. I’m not “stuck on the other color syndrome”, she is. She said it plainly on camera, that the jobs from the green new deal should go to people of color in “frontline communities”. Race baiting bullsh-t. If you didn’t see the clip of her saying that you should before race baiting yourself.


I saw a clip of an interview with her, and, yes, that is exactly what she said. I wsh I could recall where that clip was but Jesus, the internet is vast and packed with crap. Ere in San Diego county, virtually all of the homeless are white men. The political Left is becoming “No country for white men,” while the so-called “Right” is becoming the home for fascists.


I did not see or hear her say it, but I believe it -------why? Because when this country was in recession er- depression and still is- Obama said the most important issue was immigration . Yes, I saw him say that on C Span. Reporters were incredulous.


Progressive policy must not be only for the “working class”, whatever working class means. Progressive policy also must not be limited to people of color, whatever that means.
In their zeal to be fair, politicos can go overboard.
Alienation of any group is unnecessary.


I agree- sick of pols ignoring people who live right here, and only talking about immigrants as if they are looking for a new source of voters. Ridiculous.


I hear you Ed!