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'Now It's the Senate's Turn': All Eyes on McConnell After House Approves $2,000 Coronavirus Relief Checks

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/28/now-its-senates-turn-all-eyes-mcconnell-after-house-approves-2000-coronavirus-relief


I have total faith in moscow m. doing what he paid to do Stop it from Passing. Then we’ll hear demodogs whine those nasty repugs wouldn’t let us.

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I was reading on the suggested 2000$ direct payment some time ago on right leaning websites and they were all slamming it as unwarranted, claiming it would lead to socialism and a debt that the people of the USA can not afford.

Trump then came out in favor of it and now they claim Trump looking after the interests of the working class and Trump is the one to credit if they do get those 2000$ checks out. The same sites now claim that McConnel is just trying to make Trump look bad as McConnel will not get onboard with disputing the election results and calling for an investigation into massive voter fraud.

They are a strange group.


America needs to punish the state of Kentucky for electing this scumbag.


Were the Democratic misleadership serious about getting meaningful relief to suffering Amerikans, they’d have held this year’s record “Defense” bill hostage, refusing to pass it in the House unless the Republican pigs gave in on substantial, regular checks for the working class and the poor.

Of course, were the Democratic misleadership serious about getting meaningful relief to suffering Amerikans, the pandemic relief bill(s) would have been one page long, not 5,000+ pages of pork for the real owners of this banana republic.

The Democratic misleadership is not serious about getting meaningful relief to suffering Amerikans. They sure are serious about keeping us distracted with good cop/bad cop Duopoly Theater, though.


Hold the presses. Jayce yer a genius! We’ve got U.S. a whole new paradigm and a whole new format for expressing the high drama of life in these marketing segmented, wealth concentrated, off-shore holding company chartered in the Legal Fiction state of Delaware and unfettered global capital flowing, while idle cash-hoarding carpet-bagger states of Murica are locked down in Austerity Policies in perpetuity throughout the universe. Just like our Ma and Pa back between Brexit and the deep blue EU.

Get the National marquee updated. NOW SHOWING: DUOPOLY THEATER
Starring Joaquin Phoenix as Good Cop\Bad Cop and stylishly Directed by Roger De Bris
Produced by Senate Whip Mitch McConnell and Transportation Secretary Elaine Lan Chao with cameos as Heir to the Foremost Transport Corporation of Formosa and belabored Secretary of Labor for the Gig E-CONomy!
Now showing at select theaters in CRONY-O-CRACY VISION.
Get your special glasses at the candy and popcorn counter or out back at the Sugar & Plastic Soft Drink Shack.

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Possibly #ForceTheVote has alerted the Democratic leadership that large numbers of the hoi polloi need more than a good cop’s disinterested understanding to feed and shelter themselves, and further that with current circumstances there is a potential for revolt within the Party unless this is addressed.


Very pleasantly surprised that the House managed to pass the CASH Act with 2/3 majority needed. I was thinking this would be a challenge to muster the vote.

I’m curious to know who the 44 repubs voting in favor are - any (for all people) populist inclinations among them? Also, wonder who the two Dems that voted against are.


Blind followers of any political stripe, or anything else for that matter, have serious cognitive issues.


McConnell isn’t the problem. The problem is that one person has the power to stop any legislation.

Same goes for Pelosi and the people who keep re-electing her.


The vaunted “Checks and Balances” in the US system are demonstrated to be an utter fabrication. Kings and Queens have less power then these individuals in the US Government do.

The power they have is closer to that of individuals in old Authoritarian states like the USSR with Joseph Stalin.


Living there is punishment enough


Hen’s got this already, but just wanted to pile on: the Right aren’t the only ones to change their tunes to that of their masters. How many “progressives” would you have seen jumping into bed with every security state alphabet agency 10 years ago/ Beaming with pride at “our” intelligence services?

How many 25 years ago would’ve been screaming for war with those pesky Russians? Or agitating constantly for foreign military intervention into every country that was labelled a “dictatorship”?

Yet. Here we are…

Propaganda works. On everyone.


Just came here to laugh.

Is this more of that ‘feet to the fire’ thing?

You figure a couple of Dems would vote against this in the Senate. How many GOP defectors would be needed to pass? How many Senators does Trump really have in his pocket?

It is possible, I suppose, that you could flip enough GOPers to make up for the inevitable Dem defections that will happen if it even looks like this thing could pass. Wall St doesn’t want this stimulus. They love it when mass mortgage failures occur: more property for them to gobble up on failed loans.

No. This doesn’t get out of the Senate. But if it does, and the Dems actually enforce party discipline in a close vote? I’ll happily tip my hat to the little ratbastards. It would be a refreshing change.


Well those guys claiming themselves as “progressives” or “on the left” are not that at all. Just as those on the right are really not all that concerned about “freedom and liberty”.

They are just like those phony Christians that forget what jesus in fact was claimed to have said when it convenient for them to do so.

They are self serving . Blind obedience tends to always be about “There something in this for me”


Nancy was against it before she allowed people to be for it, and Democratic Leadership has now rigged two primary cycles in a row.

They are a demonstrably crooked group.


Tump just keeps out trumping Pelosi. He moved her left. I can’t keep from laughing. She really hates him now. She’ll probably dig up those torn-up pages from the state of the union and stop on’em.


It is beyond absurd that one person has the power to thwart the combined will of the majority of the House of Representatives, the majority of the Senate, and the President of the United States; and thwart also the clear intent of the Constitution (which provides for majority rule in both Houses). That needs to change; the rules that permit this need to be amended so that the Constitution can work as intended, and something-like-sanity can be restored.


America needs to punish the state of Kentucky for using computerized election machinery likely responsible for electing this scumbag.


Does that mean we get $2,600 ? /s