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'Now It's the Senate's Turn': All Eyes on McConnell After House Approves $2,000 Coronavirus Relief Checks

Hell, Nancy and Biden called themselves “progressives”
so …B to the S

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America also needs to punish the Democrats for getting involved in the primary to ensure the candidate most like McConnell, offering ordinary citizens nothing at all, was offered as a challenger to Mitch. The Democrats preferred Mitch to a progressive, and were successful in getting Mitch 6 more years.


Well all kidding aside $2000 is a sh*tload more money than $600 to a lot of people. Now double that for marrieds and we’re talking $1200 versus $4000! That 4 grand will pay a lot more rent and food. $1200 will be gone by the end of the week.


People like McConnell ultimately do not belong in the U.S.




you beat me to it . My german wife and i were walking in downtown Knoxville many years ago and a woman overheard my wife speaking with her heavy accent and asked her where she was from .
My wife said, " germany " and the woman paused for a moment and then asked , " oh really, do they have flush toilets in germany "
I am not joking . My wife looked at me with the ultimate WTF on her face.


And Knoxville (along with half of Nashville) are considered Kentucky’s bleeding heart liberals.
Hunter Thompson called his home state the “dark and bloody ground”.
He wasn’t wrong.

“All eyes on McConnell” as he once again says, “No.” What a surprise.

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McConnell says no - another case where the US Congress operates more like a dictatorship than a republic, let alone a democracy, when one person gets to decide what gets voted on and what doesn’t.

The goings-on are games, obviously, like that unanimous consent theatrical production. It starts to feel like being trapped in a very unfunny Gilbert & Sullivan musical – all the gags are so regimentally formalized, it burnishes some of the fresh glow from the humorous angles. It gets old to me, friend, in the context of an historic plague, now likely ratcheting into yet another quantum surge like the one that started in November, this time fueled largely by new, more contagious variants. Have you noticed that nobody is checking for new variants in USA (or if they are, they are not sharing what they see)? Our local psychopath Gavin Gruesom regularly assures Californians that we’ve seen no sign of it yet, which makes me want to hurl the radio out the damn window. Of course we don’t find what we’re not even testing for! Governor Duh.

No wonder California’s trajectory continues to worsen more quickly (relative to 2-weeks ago) than that of any other state. We’re cooking in the viral kitchen, out here. Some of those more contagious variants, now turning up in UK, South Africa, and Nigeria, might have originated across the Bay from me in the cooker they call San Quentin State Prison. Apparently variant-details of USA’s outbreak are classified. Perhaps to delay indefinitely the day we discover we’re killing ourselves with genocidal prison policy.

This one I keep the closest eye on: per-capita death-rate, where the rubber rubs off on the road:


(Rollover a nation’s label at right to see its trajectory highlighted.) Today there’s a remarkable convergence, a traffic jam in global stats, with Italy, UK, Germany, and USA clumped tightly together.

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True but it is still not a solution. Can’t make plans on a one timer
It’s still a head fake. It’s deeper camouflage while kicking the can down the road. Yes it’s better than nothing - or $600


Maybe something else has been going on there

BUSTED? Why the numbers behind Mitch McConnell’s re-election don’t add up


Featured comment on this one:


Sorry if I have yelled too much here. For 35 years I used statistical methods to tease out differences in all kinds of data to find even small amounts of fraud in the credit world and other places. I see numbers like this and my head explodes. I’m going to leave now and go get drunk.


Idiots are everywhere.

A friend of mine (back when I lived in New Orleans), was on vacation in another state, and started talking to this guy by the pool. He asked where she was from. She said New Orleans.

He replied, Oh, the state of New Orleans, what city do you live in?

She saw that she had a real sucker, and had him agasp with her tales of battling alligators to get to the street outside her house.

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On the other hand, I had a friend (something of a super-geek, a colleague from my personal heyday of software engineering) who would start drawing a state-map of continental USA on a blank piece of paper at the beginning of a boring meeting – totally from memory! – and have it complete and labeled in a half hour or so (depending on whether he’s paying any attention at all). On my bucket-list of dubious achievements toward which to aspire, if I can squeeze it in sometime before my dotage drops me entirely into incapacity.

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Had this stimulus been done months ago, perhaps $600 would have been enough –
but by now there should have been a third stimulus … so they’re way behind
and the delays cause further complications – and the GOP doesn’t give a damn
as Dingell made clear the other day –

This is also immensely important to avoiding a total Trump Crash of the economy –

from today’s news –


Sen. Ted Cruz reportedly helped manipulate the coronavirus aid program to get $35 million for Texas billionaire frackers who contributed to his campaign.
President Trump complains of ‘pork’ »

When I was a kid, we had a wooden map of the US. I liked to put it together with the pieces upside down, so I couldn’t see the names.

I can’t draw well as well as your friend, but I used to know the states well enough.

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Yahoo! The Nation of super heroes takes it to the wire while denigrating all other nations in the world.
Speaking of the defense bill I noticed it is second place to the largest expenditure, social security, that’s one hell of a dichotomy.
Not to mention the federal minimum wage is $7.25 an hour.
Clowns laughing…you poor suckers!
Vote! LOL

Unless I miss my guess, to pass a constitutional amendment would require McConnell to allow a vote on it.


I would be surprised if somebody as against the democratic process as he could have legitimately been elected anywhere.