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'Now Let's Do This Everywhere': Kansas City, Missouri Approves Free Public Transit for All

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/12/06/now-lets-do-everywhere-kansas-city-missouri-approves-free-public-transit-all


Free transit was organized by the University of Massachusetts in the Amherst, Massachusetts area. I used the system in 1977. Busses would travel up and down Pleasant Street every 60 seconds, and they were all pretty full at that. College students were getting their CDL licenses and driving buses. Loading of busses was quick.

The system worked just fine.


My city, Corvallis, Oregon has had free public transportation for most, if not all, of this century. It’s a very good thing. However, I wish the Willamette Valley, & the whole Pacific Coast, had a well-developed, comprehensive rapid transit system. A trip from my home to key healthcare facilities in Portland, which takes less than 2 hours to make by car, takes more than 6 hours to make by any of the other alternatives we have: train, bus, airport shuttle, or some combination thereof. While Japan, Europe & China all have comprehensive rapid transit systems throughout their territories, the US is still in the primitive stages over half a century after Japan introduced the bullet train.


This is the only responsible solution to the Grid-Lock Congestion and the insufferable Pollution.

Getting Millions of Private Automobiles off the road and putting commuters on Free Renew-ably Powered Mass Transit.

We have gone too far with Privatizing Everything, it is time that We The People take back control of OUR government and do what is Best for We The People and not the Profiteers.



Oh this is a wonderful idea, and Missouri, with so many sad things in the past, YOU, MISSOURI, really do live up to your slogan , : The show me state."
This is a truly wonderful MODEL for a Green America! Public transportation takes more cars off the roads and leaves more money in citizen pockets! More cities need to follow his plan and asap too!


OMG! We can’t do that. Rich people will get free bus rides!

Rich people don’t ride the bus. They have limos.

Can’t have free public college! Rich people will get free college for their kids!

Harvard, Yale, USC, Stanford, Northwestern, Duke, MIT, Georgetown, etc. are PRIVATE. Really rich folks don’t send their kids to public universities. They send them to private schools in order to network with other really rich kids.


Free bus and train within Chicago would be an excellent traffic reducer, cleaner air and safety. Spreading routes into adjoining suburbs might be a tad costly.

free college at community 2 year colleges, tech schools, vocational that are tied into the federal journeymans card.
For state universities, do not permit rich students a free ride.
I know darn well that students from poorer families with high test scores, AP classes and community service, church, athletics, etc. are NOT being accepted at our premier midwest PUBLIC universites.

2019 incoming freahmen at IU Bloomington, Indiana
78% of incoming frosh = NO pell grants and NO federal loans. darnit, they do not need a free ride. Their families have the wealth, financial resources to pay without going hungry or sacrificing anything else.

Are you going to re-imburse the families and students who did borrow vast sums to pay at public universities?? How many generations back will you go? I want four here.
Are you gonna hammer the doctors and lawyers who graduated and then declared bankruptcy years ago to avoid paying anything??


Thank you for my laugh out loud 1st in awhile. The oh no rich people will get free rides was the one. Im fully on board with the entire US going to , not free, but no charges by putting our taxes in the right spots such as public transit.


Edgar Winter would be proud

(Boomers’ll get it)


Yes, yunohu, Corvallis is indeed a step ahead with their ‘free’ bus system.


Hello yunohu,
The fall of public transportation occurred after the automobile became the most popular form of transportation. What would help is the redesigning of the public transportation system in a more organic manner. It needs to be looked as a whole and not individual parts!


I completely agree, Casey!

I can’t help picturing people in India trying to board a train or bus with people strewn all over them. The same as I saw in Vietnam. A middle class person owned a motorbike. The poor clambered onto three and four wheeled scooters and mini buses with people draped all over them.
This doesn’t sound like transportation U.S. citizens would be okay with.


But, but, this smells of SOCIALISM! (And what a SWEET aroma it is!!!)


Gandolf is right – but the answer is not to do nothing,
but to greatly expand public transit while making it free.


" Kansas City, Missouri Approves Free Public Transit for All"
“The city still needs to work out details of the proposal, including how it will be funded and where that money will come from”

So it’s not really, free. Someone will still pay for it. Mostly people who don’t use it actually.


“The city still needs to work out details of the proposal, including how it will be funded and where that money will come from, according to local news station KSHB.”

A mere “detail”. They have the funds somewhere.

True, it won’t be ‘free’. But it is a worthwhile use of tax money. It will encourage people to stop using their individual cars, which will help the environment and lessen traffic tie-ups, and be a boon to the bottom wage earners, for whom $3 or more dollars a day is a significant sum. And if is two low wage earners, that’s $6, even better!


Nothing is “free”, we also pay for all the wars to oppress others freedom, I’d rather pay for transportation and “free” the gridlock.


True, perhaps Kansas City Missouri can withdraw its troops from Kansas to pay for it