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'Now Make It National': Vermont and Minnesota Classify Grocery Store Staff as Emergency Personnel

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/03/19/now-make-it-national-vermont-and-minnesota-classify-grocery-store-staff-emergency


Absolutely, I would also add hazard pay on top of that, say at least another $5 per hr.
These workers also need to be taking 2-3 times the daily recommended amounts of vitamin C and D, paid for by their employers.


Maybe this pandemic episode will go a long way in making Americans far more appreciative of the low paid service personnel whose work makes our modern lives possible. I doubt it, but it might.


That made me laugh Brian. Leopards never change their spots.

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What about delivery people? I’m an Amazon driver and yesterday, as I went to deliver, a guy opened the door and coughed in my face.


Makes me wonder if all of these businesses that are giving extra help will make the employees pay back in some way.

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You will need SOLIDARITY to pull that off considering who your slave master is but yes you do deserve to be included in the march for rights for all workers.

All of these people need hillbilly protective equipment at a minimum. I’ve heard elsewhere of a hospital sewing their own protective masks. Customers are going to cough in the cashier’s face, in the Amazon driver’s face, in the ICE kiddy cage guard’s face.

A smarter quarantine solution would be to have most or all shoppers be professional shoppers in the bad states. If everybody is wearing the masks and putting on the plastic gloves, then customers are getting bags of seriously safe groceries. We’re already doing this at restaurants. You can order takeout food and eat it at home or in your car, but you can’t even go in the door at many restaurants.

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I just overdosed on vitamin C today. Yow!

beware too much of that stuff can give you the runs especially if you are prone to it.

I think I’ll go watch a horror film

Just tune into any news channel.


We need to nationalize all occupations so everyone makes the same pay…

Must have been one hell of a dose, but yes you can get too much of a good thing.

911 Dispatchers aren’t even nationally recognized as First Responders. In NY, we’re classified as “Secretaries”.

I have just called my grocery store headquarters and Instacart - and anybody who uses Amazon should do the same with them - and told them they needed to raise holy hell to get masks for their “front line” workers, such as yourself …

Notice the picture in this article - one of these front line workers - has no mask!

We the people need to demand this, and for ourselves as well - this is not rocket science, every region could set up mask factories and churn them out lickety-split, a “jobs creator” as well.

We may well need to wind up rationing life saving ventilator care - because we had to ration masks …

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