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'Now More Than Ever': In Paris and Beyond, Climate Movement Will Be Heard



I don't know. Quite a coincidence this terror plot right before the climate conference! So well executed that French or even the Five Eyes didn't know about it at all to stop it. Really kind of hard to believe in this day and age.

NSA is apparently worthless and should be shut down.


I don't know about your conspiracy theory, but the French/EU/Global establishment will certainly take advantage of the opportunity to quash any popular demonstration.


Looking forward to seeing the creative decentralized demonstrations for climate action that turn out on the Paris streets and globally.


What I think, for what it's worth (and nobody has paid much serious attention to what I think), that the climate-environmental deterioration has led inexorably to the war crises springing up all over the globe like itchy bumps on a chicken pox sufferer. The lust for big bucks of profit is a big motive, that's undeniable, and the state-of-the-arts-of-war weapons pushers deserve a large chunk of the blame.

But I think something deeper is going in: the supposed leaders of the supposedly developed nations can sense that the electromechanical networked world is coming unhinged, and they want to do something about, or at least be seen as doing something about it. So they mobilize the militaries, call up reserves, make sure their weapons are as up to date as can be, get out maps and have meetings in situation rooms, get the pro whatever they think they're doing propagandists into meetings so they can brainstorm and produce slick persuasive justifications and demonizations. A lot of activity and self importance bustling around, the extent of the purposeful busywork making all involved ever more convinced that what they're doing must be right, must be about to be effective and is bound to triumph over all problems.

Let anyone try to say "Wait a minute, what if things don't work out like the grand planners say they will?" That person will be accused of hurting morale by having a "negative attitude" and may end up being blamed for anything that does go awry.


The common thread that should be appearing on every window, shirt, and graffiti is that:
"business as usual" (bombing, bank bailouts, austerity and insecurity for the 99%, fossil fuels, industrial farming) is killing the planet and foreclosing a viable future and is no longer tolerable; the system must be rebooted for the common good.


TJ, my thoughts exactly. Quite a coincidence.