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'Now or Never': Congress Flooded With Calls to Stop TPP on National Day of Action


'Now or Never': Congress Flooded With Calls to Stop TPP on National Day of Action

Nika Knight, staff writer

A coalition of labor, environmental, civil rights groups and other progressive organizations with millions of members around the country united on Wednesday for a national call-in day to Congress to stop a potential lame-duck vote on the unpopular Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal.


This article helped remind me to call. So Thanks And....Since I'm in OR that meant:
Rep. Greg Walden (R) who will vote however party leaders tell him if past behavior is anything to go by.
Sen. Jeff Merkley (D) who will vote NO as he understands what is at stake & cares.and isn't afraid to buck the fossil fuel industry.
Sen. Ron Wyden (D) who I bet will vote YES as he was a major advocate of fast-track. . As TPP will give the natural gas/methane leaking industry a huge boost I can only assume he wants to hurry global warming along even faster than it is.


Fellow Oregonian here . . . Peter Defazio is my Rep, and a consistent opponent of TPP and other job-killing trade deals, along with Jeff Merkley. But, yeah, ole Ron Wyden, and Gov. Kate Brown are all for'em.


Tell Democratic lawmakers that Hillary does not get your vote until they publicly come out in opposition to TPP now, tomorrow and forever. Remind them that their presidential candidate opposes TPP. Don't give away your vote to Hillary, make the Democrats come out publicly against TPP to get your vote for Hillary.


Politicians that would support the TPP do not deserve our support. They deserve our scorn. They are going against the wishes of their constituents.

Essentially these rogue politicians are admitting they do not care about you or the welfare of the American people. They have been bribed into their support for the TPP.

No more playing dumb on this one, Obama. There has never been a trade deal that has benefited the American people and you know it.


Playing dumb? Obama? On this and many other issues, he's done just what his bosses asked him to do: health insurance, fracking, pipe lines, oil wells in the ocean, Saudi Arabia' Israel. This one is different: TTP and TTIP mean the end of the last remnants of our democracy. International industrialists will bankrupt every nation that still has anything left to steal. Bankruptcy, serfdom, are those words over the top? I don't think so. Nor is calling Obama a traitor. Clinton hopes he'll fast track this before she takes office, so all she has to do is sigh and say, "I wish they hadn't ...".