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'Now or Never': Hundreds Launch March in Bangladesh Against Coal Plants


'Now or Never': Hundreds Launch March in Bangladesh Against Coal Plants

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Hundreds of protesters in Bangladesh on Thursday launched a 400 kilometer (248 mile) march in opposition to the government's plans to build two coal-powered plants near the world's largest mangrove forest region on the border between Bangladesh and India.

Work has already begun on the $1.7 billion venture, but protesters fear that pollution from the plants would destroy the forests, known as the Sundarbans, which are home to a range of species—including Bengal tigers—and are collectively a UNESCO World Heritage site.


Lions, tigers and bears - oh my!!!

No room, no more for the wild places.

Leaving precious little for all the rest.

We go after the last of the best now.

Till one day even that little is all that is left.

Leaving less, ever less of the last of the best.

Oh my.

They would build coal plants and destroy the mangroves as sea levels rise when the mangroves are most valuable and yet they could build off shore wind farms and solar plants and install hundreds of millions of solar panels in sunny Bengaladesh not even needing the coal. We are madmen aren't we, our passion for greed makes us stupid unto death.


I would like to sign those petitions that ask the government to prohibit keeping tigers and other large cats in the home, but I do not sign them. Why? Because at the rate people are extinguishing these species in the wild, the only chance to save the species is for people to keep them on their premises until they kill each other off and these cats can take their place in nature. Sort of like in Chernobyl today...

One good way to stop the human overpopulation that is at the root of our ecocidal problems is for the government to give a guaranteed income for each family of three or four. The more children, the less of this guaranteed income to go around. The money will come from the billionaires.


I would give to any organization that helps the protest....Goes to show you how much people care...including progressives...only 3 comments...
just like the progressives are fighting against global warming (not)...
They all love the 70 plus weather when it's still winter, in NYC... when it should be at the most
in the 40s.

Progressives are just like everyone else ....big mouths and little else
when push comes to shove, they just care about their own comforts.
I believe I'm a progressive, and let's just say, lately I am becoming very disappointed and discouraged.