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"Now," Says AOC, "Where's His Unaltered Calendar?" House Dems Subpoena Postmaster DeJoy to Hand Over Documents

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/02/now-says-aoc-wheres-his-unaltered-calendar-house-dems-subpoena-postmaster-dejoy-hand


Congress needs to enforce contempt of congress with its own police agents, its own jail and its own fines levied against these people. DeJoy should be the first to enjoy the power of a congress that wants to show that it actually has power and is not just a lap dog for the executive. I am doubtful that congress wants to act against its own kind of people so we probably will see nothing happen.


Not everyone who advocates such a thing fully realizes that you’re contemplating some other Constitution, not the US Constitution. For my part, I’m fine with that, I despise this slaveholders’ Constitution and can’t imagine anyone devising anything worse after starting over from scratch. It should be obvious to thinking adults by now that the system we’ve got never contemplated dealing with half of the government contorting itself into an organized crime syndicate. Going after Orangeman for blatant self-dealing at this point is like going after cops for gratuitously murdering black folks – our system simply has no facility for any such a thing. The very concept of executive accountability (whether executing the Constitution or the latest martyr of police terror) can’t even find traction to get barely started in our senile system. Ergo: the system must go. It’s a matter of survival. As things stand, they’re literally killing us – by the score.


More of this schoolyard “He hit me!” kind of baloney from Democrats. Tired of that–a waste of time. Unless you have the means to enforce your subpoenas, you might as well forget it.


No Trump administration official would defy a House subpoena.

I’m sorry. Did I say “No” official?

I meant “every” Trump administration official would defy a House subpoena.

Because there are zero consequences.


Congress is a co-equal branch of government. Pelosi, apparently takes that as meaning a rubber-stamp to the executive branch as she can’t think of anything else to do besides what Mitch and the Donald want. AOC, on the other hand, occasionally gets it.


Let’s see—where would DeJoy mail his calendar in case he can’t find it… or maybe there will be a fire, and …he will send the ashes.That’s it. : (


I’m surprised to learn that the judicial arm of the government is not obliged to enforce congress’ contempt violations.

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Step aside Nancy, there is a new sheriff in town!

There’s a war having been waged since 1980 on the US public by the wealthy elites and their cohorts in congress and other branches of the US government to transfer vast amounts of public’s wealth to the top. They fear that white elites do not reproduce enough offsprings to ensure white supremacy and wealth control into the future. Therefore they’re attempting to take all of capital under their domain in the time they’re in power.

They are supposed to but do you think William Barr’s justice department is going to enforce the law or hold anyone in the administration accountable by law. I think Congress needs its own enforcement agency for things like this and probably needs some kind of detention facility as well.


At least 200 people die a day who would not have died in some civilized country .

They die because our healthcare system is rigged so it cant be fixed, just wortehed by politicians and voting,

Thats of bad or not received health care alone, and thats a very conservative figure.

But we dont have democracy, so we dont have our system now, we have the WTO’s system.

Thanks to Bill Clinton signing the URAA on December 8, 1994.

Congress has the power to enforce contempt of Congress with jail sentences – and I believe there even still is a congressional jail. Maybe a significant fine would also serve the purpose.

From a recent article in Politico: ~https://www.politico.com/news/2020/08/31/dc-circuit-panel-kills-house-subpoena-power-406140

The [recent judicial] decision is likely to spark a renewed debate over the House’s power of “inherent contempt” — its long-dormant ability to fine or jail witnesses who refuse to comply with its oversight requests. Though courts have acknowledged this power exists, it has been in disuse since World War II…"

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above the law… always has been and will always be… usa

drumpf’s game plan has always been to run out the clock on the law. Pelosi had the chance to jail karl rove back when he meddled with the DOJ, and of course she balked.

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To emulate our fearless leader and his vile tactics against Hillary during the 2016 campaign.


I totally agree. I like the way you put it: "Our SENILE System’. Indeed.

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And with trump’s handling of covid-19 the number is presently 900-1200 per day, not including any military deaths.

The definition of excess deaths amenable to healthcare or improved healthcare compares the number who die under comparative systems. Thats where the 200 or more a day number comes from. Its compared to other wealthy countries, all of whom have systems that go to great lengths to make it so everybody can get decent healthcare and people aent bankrupted. In part thats why we created the WTO to prevent the poor countries from doing that too.

That figure of 200 a day basically is very very conservative, it could easily be double that or more. Also, it just includes people who eventually go to the hospital or doctor to get some healthcare, I dont know actually if lots of people die of illnesses that were never treated because poor people knew that if they did seek care they would be signed up for insurance they could not afford - which would probably be medicaid which might, for example, expose a family home to seizure by the government to pay the bills, tossing children out if the parents died.

Things like that, our system is inherently quite brutal to the poor, and middle class people fail to see how it is, fairly consistently.

Agree totally about our current, senile, elite/property serving Constitution. It is WAY past time for a constitutional convention of all the States. Unfortunately, it will probably take a revolution of the people to throw off our masters; just like the first time…Sigh…

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