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Now that everybody is for Medicare for All, Opponents Say Let’s Dilute It


Now that everybody is for Medicare for All, Opponents Say Let’s Dilute It

Michael Lighty

A strange phenomena has appeared in the US debate over universal healthcare: a big majority favors a well-known reform—Medicare for All—as the pundits, insurance and pharma lobbyists, and political insiders denied it (since 1992!), then since 2016 opposed it and all of sudden want to re-define it.


Let’s Dilute The Duopoly with at least 2 or 3 new political parties that the electorate has to choose from.

Nothing like a shiny new toy.


The author presents what amounts to a false choice for d-party leadership in the closing paragraph.

There is no need to choose between voters and donors – because voters generally hold their nose to vote for the perceived LOTE. And even when the Ds lose when voters stay home, as we’ve seen over the last decade, their leadership clings to centrist half measures like barnacles, while running on their tried and true ‘at least we’re not _____’ platform. Right now, they’re thrilled to have that blank filled in by Trump.

Take it to the bank: True MFA won’t happen with the d-party in charge. Revisit the RomneyCare fiasco if you want proof.


Revisit the history of Obama’s ACA for additional proof.


Right, opponents like the DINO sellout “leadership” especially Pelosi who fights against any universal single-payer to serve the for-profit industry, and so much else…betrayal after betrayal! With “leaders” like Pelosi, who needs Republcons to sell us down the fuckin river & screw us?

I don’t know how the progressive/left Independent base is going to make any changes to this infuriating sabotage over and over and over from the centrist corporate-whore DINO scum!


Once again we need to remind Pelosi that we already have one GOP and she doesn’t need to lead a second GOP.


Most of us are familiar with the abuses of the health care insurance industry; those who are not can review the Congressional testimony of the early 1990s that led to the Hillarycare debacle.

For the health care industry, profits increase when payouts decrease. “Payouts” are known to most of us insured people as coverage that we paid for, but the industry calls them “medical losses”.

Medicare Advantage plans are nothing more than the hated policies of the 1990s prettied up by an association with the widely popular Medicare, but - I repeat - they are little more than the same old industry abuse.

Insurance companies must be removed from the health care field, period.


It’s ironic that Lightly - a co-founder of the Sanders Institute - talks about diluting Improved Medicare for All, since his boss has take the lead in diluting it “from the left” with the introduction of S. 1804.

Read this, and this analysis for details.


“(…) and the healthcare industry has seemingly endless monies to buy lobbyists and make contributions, individually or through PACs, (…)”

presumably from the costs paid by those who subscribe to the scams - and in other cases sucking the pour spout end of taxation. Either way its a parasite model for people devoid of any vision of purpose for their lives. Yo, thanks Milton Friedman and you poor a$$ scratching effete dweebs.


What we really need is MEDICAID FOR ALL. Pay doctors and nurses worthy salaries, but make the system serve everyone who serves the health system … except the parasite profiteers- take their skimmings and pay it to the doctors and nurses.

End the pharma psychoses and the entire model of $5000 hammers


This not dilution as much as it is sabotage. What they are trying to do is ensure any implemented plan does not work or result in Cost savings. They will then come back and say “This shows a Public model can not work and we need the involvement of Private Industry”


Third party won’t work right now. Stay with the Democratic party. We are on the cusp of overcoming the neoliberals and the center-right ‘Third Way’ conservative Democrats in the DNC. Give us two more election campaigns before you surrender to the nihilists like some of the countries in Europe have done. We can and WILL represent the will of the people who want a more progressive and transparent government for all Americans by restoring the integrity of the FDR - style Democratic party.


Do members of Congress have really good health insurance? if Yes, did Congress create their own? If their own is very good, why can’t all the People have it?

If Canada can create coverage for all—why can’t America? Besides Congress people, some of you aren’t going to last very long because you just aren’t thinking ahead. So, if the best we could get is just the worst and unthinkable for you---------MAYBE now is the time to make sure that you, your family and relatives -----hey maybe EVERY citizen -----has access to the best care available-----and then make sure it’s available for all!


In this here country, “medical malpractice” is the polar opposite of an oxymoron


The DNC leadership is not ‘centrist’. It is neoliberal, center-right ‘New Democrat’ led. It is conservative when compared to the traditional center of the Democratic party and certainly when compared with the progressives in the Democratic party. The base of the Democratic party is, in 2018 through 2022 elections, restoring the integrity and strength of our commitment to the best interests of all Americans.


Quite so. Yet today I received an email from “MoveOn” urging me to help them celebrate Pelosi’s ascendancy with a congratulatory letter.

No… i wasn’t shocked… just dismayed at how cluelessly, simplistically partisan said org is and reminded once again of how screwed up it is to have so many enablers for the rot within the DP.


You my friend, live in a delusional world. The Dem party will not be reformed, they proved that this past summer. I’m assuming you know about the rule change, that allows the party leadership to eliminate any candidate they want, no matter what the voters want, if not, do some research on the subject. They have killed single payer in the past, and have already put roadblocks up to kill it in the near future. They will do this first by offering a watered down version that includes the insurance companies, to confuse the average voter, Sanders has already done this with his version of MFA (his popularity should have tanked at that point, between this and the 2016 election, exposing himself to who he really is), but progressive voters are desperate, and have a short memory.


I empathize with you and this is a true dilemma. For many of us who’ve been trying for the last couple decades to get the Party to wean itself from its corporate controllers, and who perceive that we are in a state of impending peril, waiting another 8 yrs in the hopes reforms will be real seems too much to ask.

I too, for a long time decided not to vote Green or any other alternatives whenever it might put a D at risk. Having thus held my nose, for more than 4 decades, I see what it has wrought. This very moment…and Trump’s election to boot.

So i won’t likely hold my own nose any more; will simply vote my conscience. And if enough others insist that the D’s nominate only such persons who principled, democratically-oriented people can trust, then the dilemma will go away.

2020 will be telling. if the D’s manage again to sabotage Sanders, nominating anyone other than him (with Warren as VP), they will be signalling that they WILL NOT accede to progressive impulses of their partisans.


I like your loyalty, but if I had a nickel every time I heard that plea, I’d have a bunch of nickels.

You work on reforming the Democratic Party, I’ll work on reforming the options that the electorate has, other than the corrupt Duopoly.

Money is an addiction they’ll never give up.

You can take that to the bank.


Thank you Roger for coming to your senses.

Many here never will.