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Now That It's Over, It's Times to Exercise Our 'True Power'


Now That It's Over, It's Times to Exercise Our 'True Power'

Ronnie Cummins

The best thing about the 2016 election, a contest between two of the most unpopular candidates in history, is that it’s over.

Now, we get back to work. Back to our radical roots (it’s never been lost on me that the word radical originates from the Latin word for root).


i agree, spending dollars in the marketplace, we should direct our spending away from the worst abusers of corporate power. Rigorously, clear-eyed, even when this means spending more money for food or other consumer goods. We should strive to not feed the corrupt economic monsters that rape the Earth, manipulate the people, and twist the political system. We should strive to feed genuine, accountable, human-scale, local and regional economic entities that sustain the Earth, and treat people as people, not tools. Spending money should be recognized as one part of our real power.

But the problem goes deep, way deeper than can be addressed only with consumer spending.

Corporations were invented as tools of colonialism. The British East India Company, Dutch East India Company, Hudson's Bay Company - these were chartered by the Crown, to empower investors to fund and profit from the operations with "limited liability," as these newly-invented "corporations" carried out colonization of lands in the name of the Crown.

The claims to "discovery" and "ownership" and "colonization" of the Earth and of the people, are all tied intimately with the construct of "corporate personhood."

If we are to go to the root, and uproot the systems and structures that not just oppress us but are truly dis-integrating the ecology and leading to omnicide and civilizational collapse, we need to see these systems for what they are, and imagine different systems, not built on "limited liability for investors" and "corporate personhood" and the "ownership" of the Earth and the land and everything. And the economy that we inhabit and work in today, is built on these foundations, and continues operating on this model. It must be completely transformed, from its roots on up.

We must, radically, imagine and build systems based on ecological and social accountability.

And in the short and medium term, in terms of being "consumers in the marketplace," this truly radical vision that can enable the survival of civilization and the restoration of ecological integrity, means DO NOT BUY the vast majority of what these "corporate persons" are selling. Simply do not buy anything, unless you actually need it for your human and community sustenance. Put your resources, time, life, into ecologically and socially accountable work. Your "career track," social status, "entertainment" and "consumer goods" mean nothing in a collapsing ecology and collapsing civilization.