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Now the Senate's Trying to Torpedo Net Neutrality


Now the Senate's Trying to Torpedo Net Neutrality

Candace Clement

No member of Congress should be allowed to dismantle good public policy by sneaking language into funding bills. But that’s exactly what’s been happening in the latest attack on Net Neutrality.

This “legislation by appropriation” tactic is a convenient way for the cable and phone lobbies to accomplish their agenda on Capitol Hill. In contrast to the FCC, whose policymakers don’t rely on campaign contributions to keep their jobs, Congress is a place where industry's used to getting things done.


hey, we tried to tell them back when the premature celebration was occurring that this wasn’t over yet. it’s never over with the corrupt US Congress.

what’s interesting is how fast this happened after the FCC rejection. in any event, as long as this system remains intact and captured, “progessives” won’t secure any wins of substance. There’s always a back door to tyranny somewhere.


How is this representational democracy when public policy rules, regulations and even laws are circumnavigated in this manner behind closed doors (to the public but not industry lobbyists it would seem) and with sneak around shenanigans (riders) by Congress?

Is it now the Congress does only what the corporations want vs. the People and what the people want? Doesn’t that make it an adversarial relationship between our Congress and the people they are supposed to be representing? Is it a government of, by and for the people or for corporations?

Is it Congress vs. the people? What happened to democracy?

It is supposed to be OUR Congress not the corporations Congress.