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Now We Are Spreading Freedom Gas Around the World and We Are Doomed

Now We Are Spreading Freedom Gas Around the World and We Are Doomed


Abby, I can always count on you to enlighten me more…and depress the crap out of me because of the Sisyphean tasks before us in fighting a monster whose sum is greater than all our pieces.
Maybe that guy who self-immolated was trying to show us how easy it is to “incite” someone…maybe orange is more flammable than other colors. Feh.


Zimet sez:
“This latest imbecility reportedly originated with alleged Secretary of Energy Rick Perry …”

Wait — Rick Perry is still alive?


Stories like these is why I took up drinking.


“At a press briefing, he said that by helping European nations diversify their energy supply away from Russia, the U.S. was “delivering a form of freedom” to them”

But muh Russia conspriacy

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Well, our exports of freedom gas dovetail perfectly with our exports of freedom bombings, freedom sanctions, and freedom coups.

Even better: they help the statement “they hate us for our freedom” kinda make sense.


The odious, criminal and malignant trump regime, continues to be the most destructive and dangerous in US history!. Continuing the climate crisis by serving the fossil-fuel conglomerate to enrich a few at the expense of all life on Earth! Their crimes include allowing and promoting the poisoning of the Earth with thousands of mostly untested chemical poisons to agriculture, homes and families in many forms.

Only one of the trump regime’s (and previous administrations) crimes against humanity is spreading deadly chemical pesticides around the world - deadly carcinogens and causes of numerous other conditions and diseases, banned here (so-far) but legally allowed to be exported, sprayed on crops abroad, spreading death and disease among farm workers, then imported to poison our citizens as well as people in those other countries. The overt racism inherent in that export legality is magnified by poisoning our own families and children when those carcinogens/poisons return as produce!

The power of the Big-Ag-chemical-poison conglomerate to spread their known carcinogenic poisons is one of the most deadly threats facing human and animal life around the globe and one of the most egregious criminal outrages by our corporate-dominated corrupted government!


Thanks Abby for another great no punches pulled essay! Tell it like it is!
(please reuse your now edited-out second “in chief” descriptive term for the “petty, thin-skinned, trifling no-account shitbird”)

The linked words of General Ripper in Dr Strangelove are spoken by the great Sterling Hayden who himself wrote these words:

“I’ve always wanted to sail to the South Seas, but I can’t afford it.” What these men can’t afford is not to go. They are enmeshed in the cancerous discipline of “security.” And in the worship of security we fling our lives beneath the wheels of routine - and before we know it our lives are gone."
“Where, then, lies the answer? In choice. Which shall it be: bankruptcy of purse or bankruptcy of life?” - Sterling Hayden - from “Wanderer”


How funny…Just take us out back of the barn

My grandfather used to say a similar thing all the time for those
that look/act like the south end of a mule headed north.

And he was the town Marshal.
Also the town’s referee for prohibition Canadian whiskey coming across the border,
just to keep them all from killing each other.
(You try stopping a town full of loggers from drinking, have to arrest everyone)
Just saying…

No he didn’t get a cut, didn’t really need money in those days, we logged, raised hay and horses. Bartered for most everything.

Used to say…Killins too good for him, he needs the shit kicked out of him.
Remember many stories where he escorted 2 guys out back of the barn to let them settle things between them.

Usually, each took their lickin, and were working together the next day, still friends.
I can think of quite a few people that need a trip to the woodshed.
(Different Time…Much the Same Remedies needed)

Just Saying…


“I’ll believe corporations are people when Texas executes one”
It’s long past time for those executions to begin, I’ll donate the rope.


Yes. And along with this freedom gas gem he is spearheading the charge to provide the Saudis with nuclear technologies.


The rapacious dementia began with sugar, then cotton and now fossil fuel–same type of parasites promoting this in the 18 and 19 century in the US, same type of parasites/sociopathic bullies for endless quest of personal wealth made by slaves then workers, are now pushing fossil fuel as the new exploitation resource.

Clearly we need to increase and make more militant our resistance!


Understandable. These moral imbeciles had better define what they mean by “freedom”. It appears it only means license to steal, rape and impose their will on the rest of us.


AMERICA brings the world:

Brought to you by ,

The DeFARTment of Energy.


That “delivering of freedom” was either super-stupid or super-disingenuous. Either way, we get screwed.

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Right. What could possibly go wrong?