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Now We Know for Certain Trump Will Do Anything to Win in 2020—Even Start a War

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/01/08/now-we-know-certain-trump-will-do-anything-win-2020-even-start-war


But, the most important consequence to his little show for all to see, one in his tiny little brain that even he the great reality TV star Donald Trump could never fathom because he could only see the glory in the act that would be showered upon him, in killing a beloved Iranian General and boasting as he always does, he has become a target for an entire nation of Iranians, who will do most anything in their power during their lifetime to avenge the General’s death, by slaying the infidel who dared to end the honorable military man’s life so unhonorably.

For the rest of his “reality TV star” life, no matter where he goes, on the golf course, at a rally, sitting on a commode tweeting some nonsense that he thinks makes himself look brilliant, he will know that, any number of young or old Iranians, men or women, will be looking for the glory they alone will capture, once they end this particular “reality TV star’s” pathetic life.

Or, perhaps his narcissistic mind will never even consider it.


Sitting on a commode; hmmm…could his passing be traced back to two double bacon cheeseburgers, and a large order of fries with onion rings on the side? Could Whopper World be held liable and charged with a federal crime under the 2001 AUMF or by the HSA?
Will we taxpayers have to pay for an extra large exhaust fan with a venting tank and capture mechanism; so that we’ll have enough of him left so he can actually lie in state, respectfully? These questions are answered in the Secret Service Manuals, hopefully. Right?

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It would take a huge distraction to knock discussion of Trump’s upcoming trial off the news circuit. It would take something really big to do that. The possibility of war did that. Trump went from scurrying around as an impeached politician desperately trying to cover his rear end to Trump as Commander in Chief at the helm in the event of war with Iran (that he started). Utterly cynical as well as evidence of Trump’s incompetence as President. This was beyond risky and far worse than just cynical. It was plainly amoral. Warren has stated the truth of this ultimate con of Trump’s. It knocked all talk and analysis of Trump’s trial in the senate off the airwaves… as intended it would.

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“…lie in state…”

It’s what he’s been doing his entire life, "lying."

It’s beyond belief that anyone will honor his memory once he’s dead.

His gravesite will need to be guarded 24/7 otherwise grass will never grow on it due to the burning effects urine will have.

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At least, unlike Trump, you’re not long winded.
I’ll take the answer as a Yes to my ?s and a No to attending the visitation and his lieing in state.

I’ve always been a man of few words.

No, I will not be paying any respects to one who deserves none.

Here’s the thing (or one of them): We are encouraging Don to continue wreaking havoc by (1) allowing him to remain in office for yet another day and, (2) actually permitting him to run for a second term.

“Even start A war” ?

Trump will start AS MANY WARS as he deems are needed to keep his voters happy. Plus the more he spends on wars the sooner Congress guts Social Security and Medicare which will endear Trump to Wall Street forever.

OK, then.

For Trump it’s either stay in office or go to jail. Which would you prefer if you were him? And please keep in mind, he is a symptom, not the cause of chaos.

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