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#NoWarWithIran: US Peace Advocates Say 'Time for De-Escalation Is Now'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/01/07/nowarwithiran-us-peace-advocates-say-time-de-escalation-now

The generals, the CIA, the private contractors and weapons manufacturers who have grown rich off these conflicts, the politicians such as George W. Bush, Barack Obama and Donald Trump, along with all the “experts” and celebrity pundits who serve as cheerleaders for endless war, have convinced themselves, and want to convince us, that Iran is responsible for our catastrophe. For whom is it NOT a catastrophe? Who profits? Wesley Bush, Dennis Muilenberg, Thomas Kennedy, Phebe Novakovic, Marillyn Hewson, Neal Blue, Kathy Warden.

Depose POTUS-t immediately. His is the kiss of death.


Maybe tonight, just for once, as reports come in re: attacks on U.S. facilities in Iraq, we can all pause before issuing the hot takes.

Instead keep our men and women in uniform in our thoughts and for their loved ones whose hearts just sank reading the breaking news reports.


Common Dream editors - I believe the group is Win Without War, not this -
“…U.S.-based anti-war group Win With War…”


??? pause for war folks, I guess Webster is saying to keep my comments to myself … OK plan on going to bed anyway … I’ll dream PEACE

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This was posted by Michael and I am reposting it. You need to read it.

82d’s deploying. Not an especially good sign.

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How do we replace the Warfare State with a Welfare State? Time is running out.


Actually, one leads to the other. Sort of a Trumpian “BOGO” special… “Buy (into) one, get one free”.

Of course, only the first will be funded with that buy in.

A little after midnight. MSNBC Bowing to Trump, Bolton, Pompeo walking away from Iran nuclear deal.
Nuts !!
That was a good deal.

Want Peace??
Impeach Trump within 11 hours. Fire Pompeo. He has acquired the power over CIA, NSC, State (emasculated) and pentagon.

Barry McCaffery is a war criminal. Murdered 3,800 retreating Iraq soldiers after desert storm.
Here he is on TV as expert.


I believe just two weeks ago we were all singing, “All is calm, all is bright…Sleep in heavenly peace.”

What happened?

Opposing this war is NOT “issuing a hot take”. It’s that SOME of us have learned something over the last 18 years of the Forever Wars: that it;'s LONG OVERDUE to END them. That no one wins–EXCEPT the profiteers.
Certainly “our men and women in uniform” DON’T win. Try talking to some veterans of these wars–some of whom were toddlers when the wars started. The maiming of bodies and minds from war can last a lifetime.


De escalation??? Surely you jest. The US has been escalating in the
middle east since 1949 ,when the CIA backed a coup against the syrian government . Since that time the US and israel have done nothing but
invade , manipulate, steal , bomb , kill , maim etc.etc. and won’t be satisfied until they have total control of that area .
The US WANTS a war . They are still pissed about the muslim revolution that overthrew the Shah that also kicked their arse out and now they want revenge .
First they tried so e false flag events with the damaged oil tankers and then the striking of the Saudi oils fields .
That didn’t work , so they escalated again by assassinating a high ranking Iranian. This is ENTIRELY the fault of America and Israel .


Some of us learned long before that.


You can only be peacfull, a country that spends trillions on weapons of War is definitely not.

We must say no to war and violence .Stop killing each other for our children’s future.

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We’re witnessing the dawn of post-nation muscle politics.

Our nation’s citizens for the most part abhor the government. Iran’s citizens for the most part abhor their government, and we use a common currency, money.

We have seen organized crime turf wars. During Prohibition Al Capone rubbed out his competitors. Cartels rub out their competitors. Drug gangs rub out their competitors. In this case a specific Iranian general and his staff displeased John Bolton and he was lured into peace talks and rubbed out.

All-out gangland wars weren’t rare in the U.S. over the past century or so. Perhaps we’ve gone international.

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Veterans for Peace, a much maligned group, yes, against war and many individual GIs but go to a VFW meeting some day, you won’t find many “peaceniks” there. War defines people, and in my experience, many seem to take glory in it.

What happened when you were celebrating Xmas is that the MSM was not reporting on events in the Middle East. We all knew there was more to the world than the impeachment of Trump.
Moon discusses some of this below. Trump asked for Iraq’s oil, basically, and Iraq ran to China. And more. And the US should get out now…fast.