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NPR and the Corporate Criminal Element

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/10/24/npr-and-corporate-criminal-element


It would matter if NPR was journalism. But there is very little of that in the USA (or elsewhere) these days. I comment on NYT and all comments have been approved except one wherein I must have touched the NYT’s third rail when I refuted the claim that “only recently have serious scholars started to pay attention to media manipulation.” I called their attention to the book by Edward Herman and Noam Chomsky, Manufacturing Consent, published in 1988.
Perhaps it will show up someday, long after anyone will ever see that article much less the comments. Or not.
Those with the big bucks who fund media aren’t progressives. Consolidation has trampled our free press to dust.


All media must be listened to and read with a critical and questioning mind.


One should always make themselves aware as to where a given organizations money is coming from. This related not just the traditional media (NPR and so forth) but to all of the think tanks that send their “journalists” forth to write opinion pieces.

Here in Canada if one looks at “The Fraser Institute” and see who pays their salaries , it becomes pretty clear they are NOT an independent think tank promoting sound economics. They are all about feeding the Corporate trough with more dollars and their various “studies” are always done with that goal in mind.

Down in the USA The “Rand Corporation” claims itself as nonprofit. They produce a number of studies and simulations that show the US losing badly at wars with Russia and China in various wargame scenarios. These guys are funded directly by the arms manufacturers and were in fact founded by an Aircraft company that was making weapons.

On every article I read here I make a habit of looking at the bio and seeing what “think tank” a given person might be associated with. I then look to see who funds them.


NPR serves the Empire well.


We don’t have to go THAT far into the dark side to have our apropos comments summarily deleted or be banned? If you’re trying to discover local wildcat strikes, “unauthorized” employee sick-outs and attempts at anonomous whistle-blowing on social media, lefty blog-aggregators, etc. do be careful as to what you post, where? Cantankerous, proudly oblivious or subliminally obdurate folks flag posts or links they’ve been programmed to distrust by Comcast, AT&T, Disney or brainwashed peers (informed by iPhone or Google SEO or Atlantic Council/CAP/AIPAC/PropR’Not AI, that only jihadist BernieBro™anarchists question WaPo, NYT & PBS’ narrative; of, for, by and about Creative Class… Never MIND!


WSWS & Houston’s daily BOTH covered this (devoid of ANY links to the rank & file website, Tweets & pertinent texts?) Any notion we’d had that: nice, educated, liberals wouldn’t feed our poor asses to a frigging VIRUS to save their own equities portfolios (or maybe, monitize our circumstances) seems speciously gullible, naive or pathetically delusional?


A few years ago, during a previous upsurge in Black Lives Matter activism and a reflection on “Our Founding Fathers” I commented on NPR and NYT, that Thomas Jefferson was a rapist and a pedophile, because he raped Sally Hemmings when she was 13 or 14 years old. They both removed my comment and banned me from making comments.


I wish John Adams had prevailed over that racist rapist pedophile.


The problem is that many liberals and some progressives, have the impression that NPR presents “in depth” reporting and “fair coverage” of the most important news.

I entered “assange” into the search on NPR’s website (_https://www.npr.org/search?query=assange&page=1).

What was the most recent article? ==> February 24,2020.


My arbiter as to nascent journalists was pretty simple: who did Jeff Bezos/ The Atlantic Council/ AIPAC & CAP try the hardest to SEO off metasearch & social networks? Ergo, PropR’Not is MY guide! But, theres NO place, where working class whistleblowers can post, “prole” stuff, surreptitiously!

~https://fair.org/home/tips-for-a-post-mueller-media-from-nine-russiagate-skeptics/ (useful idiots UNITED!)

I’d certainly add CounterPunch, Caitlin, Naomi, Chris, Katie Seymour & “Yves,” who kicks me off NC’s thread, frequently. Can’t help but notice just how prejudiced WSWS is, with some pretty cantankerous old coots, flagging everybody!

Let’s all go DONATE to ProPublica, DeSmogBlog, etc???


What a bunch of malarkey ! I just googled NPR and Exxon and quite a few articles came up on corruption.

This wokiness must stop NPR is one one the best news outlets .

NPR=National Party Radio=National Propaganda Radio= …etc… yes is the mouthpiece of the Authoritarian State and the One-Party System… NPR seems also to have a monopoly on the radio channels…NPR was turned some years ago…now it supports the Government, The Corporate state and so forth…if you are donating money to this group, you are supporting the Corporate state of things…


Try Googling Assange and see how much comes up.

Or, try Googling Venezuela and see how many voices of people who are opposed to the Guaido, come up.

If you insist on parroting the malarkey that NPR, is anything other than a mouthpiece for the ideology of the corporate dictated Washington consensus and American exceptionalism, I challenge you to find one NPR segment that gives voice to family members of victims of US military crimes against humanity in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Somalia, or Yemen.


Was Airedale replying to MOI? NPR (Canary Project, Koch Industries, Ukrainian Nazis) has pretty much devestated university and “independent” radio outlets, such that I don’t even have a radio app on this phone & I’d dumped my car’s satellite & FM radio before I’d basically abandoned it? I’d worked in mill towns throughout the “red” states as this happened and ClearChannel & Klan radio/ podcast was only too happy to fill in. So, the false dichotomy in rural/ po’ass America was Nazi falangist or neoConfederate, Neoliberal?


Don’t bother responding to Airedale, who trolls this site evidently for the DNC. Or else who is a ridiculously uninsightful person. (Airedale was bashing Sanders back in 2016 in favor of Hillary Clinton!)**

I stopped listening to NPR completely in the wake of 9/11.



bubble free, search results.


Especially since they were allowed to have corporate sponsorship of their programs.


F$&@ Assange he is a Russian agent or a useful idiot used by Russians . He is the reason Trump is the president, he contributed to it .

Man, I jus’ luvz a’rasslin with David Brock, Mark Penn, Rick Berman’s “social networking advocacy solutions” industry churls. I’ve neighbors here in Manhattan’s UWS who script TROLL cut & paste “talking points” (purportedly “both right & left?”) But as much as I love to learn others’ perspectives, empirically acquired prejudices, speciously misconstrued or unresolved childhood trauma… I’ve never learned how to give a fuck about others’ religions, politics, sexual kinks or delusional obsequience to famous, rich, powerful folks? I’d posted the very first mention of “directionally drilled, high volume, slick-water hydraulic fracturing” on C&L, MoJo, Alternet, Wonkette & the rest ~2006. About how BP was about to outdo EM (who’d plugged Blackbeard) and kill the Gulf AND along with two others, suggested that 3-4 old GE reactors in Japan had doubtless ALREADY melted down, within 4hrs of the tsunami. By April 2016, a LOT of us were BANNED? Troll feeding, is taking away ALL of our voices, at a real BAD time?

Bullshit Airedale. The impact of Russia pales in comparison to the work of US hired electoral manipulation firms like Cambridge Analytica that designed algorithms to collect data on individual voters in swing states and specifically target them with feed of news and analysis that the Artificial Neural Network algorithms found to be effective in swaying voting.

No, it’s not Assange that got Trump elected. It’s folk who take your approach of denial of the White Supremacist, war mongering, corporate led nature of the Democrat Party that got Trump elected. Once more people in the US own up to the need to abolish both Parties we can work on building a movement for structural change, similar to movements in other parts of the world, and perhaps built on what has started, in the US, through the efforts of Black Lives Matter.