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NRA Decries Liberal Violence While Appearing to Declare War on Resistance


NRA Decries Liberal Violence While Appearing to Declare War on Resistance

Julia Conley, staff writer

A new ad released by the National Rifle Association, in which conservative talk radio host Dana Loesch bizarrely casts the anti-Trump resistance as a violent threat—is receiving fierce pushback on Thursday, with many pointing out the irony (and danger) of the nation's largest gun lobby casting itself as the victims of violence.


How can “conservatives fight lies with truth” when their existence during the past three decades has depended on their serial lies ?

Casting your own values and actions on your opposition and blaming the victims is straight out of Goebbels’ playbook.


People just need to take a breath and get a grip. Americans need to remember that “United we stand” includes everyone, otherwise we ALL go down. It’s that simple. Keep fighting each other, and 99% of us lose.


How could any teacher be suspended for comparing the rise of Trump to Hitler ? They seem to be just speaking the truth, especially when one considers how republicans in so many states are pushing these anti-protest bills that are antithetical to our 1st amendment. I am much more fearful of losing my 1st amendment rights than some stupid right to carry a gun !


“They use their conservative corporate socialism to teach their children that our nation’s former president was not born in the United States and that he is a socialist,” the progressive independent explains, using “they” to refer to white nationalists, white supremacists, fake free speech protesters, and people who oppose the common good…”And then they use their last stand of racial advantage to elect a conservative corporate socialist president who is the furthest wealthy type of traitor from a true populist than anyone can find on the earth. All to make the white nationalists, white supremacists, fake free speech protesters, and intolerant conservative corporatists march, to make them protest, to make them create vicious ads, to make them scream about the accusations of racism, sexism, xenophobia and homophobia that are essentially true most of the time, to murder innocent people on trains, and to beat innocent people up simply for having a different opinion, and even worse to terrorize the rest of the country and all other law abiding citizens who do not agree with their alternative facts that are not actually facts and who notice their fake news is very harmful to our country.”


Your post is perhaps a bit naive. You see, the progressive independent explains, conservatives including all of their different types (republicans, fascists, white nationalists, white supremacists, intolerant white people in general) typically do not recognize (1) right wing violence, (2) right wing pathological lies, (3) right wing deceptions, (4) right wing illusions, (5) right wing fake news. When conservatives of any type concede a wrong, it literally takes a long time of continuing to stand on real truth before they will finally acknowledge any wrong doing committed by one of their own.


During my past half century plus of political activism I have yet to witness ANY conservative “finally acknowledge any wrongdoing committed by one of their own”, and that observation is not limited to dyed in the wool Republican partisans.


The majority of Americans feel the same as you do Walter.

They are silently screaming this in total frustration with one party tearing apart our Democracy, and the other party seemingly powerless to do anything about it.


This “spokesperson” is a transgender. This is, what I like to term, Conspiratorial Warfare."


Something that should have been very obvious but only occurred to me yesterday when reading this article is that the right’s the entire view of the federal government has quietly flipped since January 20. Before that time the view was distilled in the saying “I love my country but fear my government”. But now the right - both the fascist right and the Ayn Rand right - view federal (and most state and local) government as the defender of their so-called “rights” (more accurately, extremist ideological agenda) against dissent from the left.

Evidence of this are reports of a big crash in gun and ammunition sales (with the exception of black USAns obvious reasons). I suspect that right-wing terrorism (such as Malheur NWR or Charleston) will probably decline too as most or the right will assume that the federal government can now be trusted to do their terrorism for them.

Of course, we on the left (particularly anarchism-leaning types like me) have understood that as a fundamental principle, government (and the corporate media) is always to be distrusted because they will always side with wealth and power (i.e. the Right) absent vigorous resistance. We have fought and shed our blood for every grudging concession the government has ever made to the demands of the worker and down-trodden. The right’s meme that government and the media somehow naturally gravitate to “socialism” (absent vigorous citizen activism) is utterly bogus flack. Exactly the opposite is true.

A healthy level of fear is warranted in this situation. We need to understand that should our resistance achieve a certain level of effectiveness (and good-god, we are still far from that right now) the repression will likely be violent. The savage death-squad regime in Colombia through the 1980’s and 1990s comes to mind, where union organizers and ordinary community activists of all kind were dragged out of their homes, killed and disappeared by the thousands. If it happened in Colombia (and, I fear Venezuela under the coming right-wing regime) it can happen here - the temperament and impulses of the USAn right and the Latin American right are very similar.


Crazy people buy pizzas.

Crazy people buy cars.

Crazy people buy guns.

So what?

Decide for yourself whether or not you need to buy a gun.




Yes, it’s true. We want to be unified by listening deeply, caring, accepting, . And, it’s most important not to get sucked into hatred, name calling, shaming others. We have to make loving popular. Why not? We all want to loved and well regarded. The vision of the 60" matured. We have to creat the world we want to live in. No easy task. Flower Power is True Power.