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NRA Issues Call for White Supremacy and Armed Insurrection


NRA Issues Call for White Supremacy and Armed Insurrection

Bill Moyers, Michael Winship

Take a look at the ad below and ask whether the National Rifle Association can go any lower. Ponder this flagrant call for violence, this insidious advocacy of hate delivered with a sneer, this threat of civil war, this despicable use of propaganda to arouse rebellion against the rule of law and the ideals of democracy.


“Be very afraid and be very white.”

The bumper sticker version.


I agree it’s despicable, but I’m afraid this “analysis” goes pretty low (especially for Moyers) in response. It appears the NRA isn’t so much recruiting with this “ad” as preaching to the bottom of their choir. But there’s no need to invoke McCarthy in hell. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that. Fear cannot overcome fear; only hope can do that. We will not unclench the NRA’s fist with our own fists; only identifying as people with open hands can do that.

Still, I’m comfortable with being part of the NRA’s “they.”


For many white supremacists it apparently always feels like it just takes one event to set off the armed revolution which is why some of them carry out horrible acts of violence in hopes that they can be the spark. The Oklahoma City bombing and the shootings in a black church in South Carolina were said to be carried out with that goal. The reality appears to be, however, that there really aren’t a lot of white guys with guns willing to carry out an armed revolt. At least nothing has set them off on this revolution yet. Perhaps they realize that their numbers are too small and they will be quickly crushed. But, any in case, it is likely more violent acts to set off the revolution of white guys with guns and perhaps other weapons will follow and the NRA will be making sure all these guns are available.


They have been saying this stuff for a long time, the difference is they are now broadcasting it as a policy. It is pretty weird and of course should not be taken lightly.


There’s been a massive call to remove this ad from various social media sites. This is understandable, but better to let it play out and expose the NRA and it’s most extreme members for what they are. Use it as an example of how to recognize and dissect propaganda. Moreover, any move to remove something like this, as disturbing as this ad certainly is, not only plays into the hands of the NRA and its most extreme base, it also shows the same disregard for free speech as the the ad. Use our right of free speech to criticize the ad and make the NRA sorry they ever sponsored it. That’s the way the First Amendment is supposed to work. The last thing we need is to use is the very type of censorship being promoted by the NRA.


We all think like Nazis were a different, long-extinct, species … they’re not… a different species.
Hitler’s plans for the world were no worse than those of the British Empire, they wisely chose to conquer 3rd world countries.


I don’t see the ad as a call to white supremacy although it is there in an unstated or rather understated way. Too often progressives seek to frame everything according to race almost as if that is required these days. It is one thing for people to fight back against the overt racism of police shootings like the Black Lives Matter movement does. The need to oppose such abuses of power against blacks is clear and important because of race.

However how do progressives oppose things which are not solely about race? While at some level race is brought into it with the NRA seeking to imply an association at some level, the fact remains that this ad is not about race and it is a mistake to restrict opposition to the vile ideas it displays solely to race.

This ad is about fascism not race. This is a call for separation to draw a defined boundary between the right ( which includes an appeal to racism nevertheless but not primarily so ) and the rest of us. There were many appeals to the worst in our natures but they included defense of oligarchy and compliance with the corporate coup and others which had nothing to do with race.

The ad is unique in that seems an electioneering device like a Willy Horton ad ( speaking of race ) but without strictly targeting race. It targets the left not race. It includes race in its definition of the left of course but the primary focus of the ad was political. The right wing drawing away from what it perceived as an unworthy population.

There is them and there is us the ad clearly says. They are not us and never will be. We must protect ourselves against them with their resist protests and all the rest because they want to destroy us. We are freedom and they are not said the ad.

This ad is at its most scariest because it isn’t about race. It is a separation based on politics and this ad kind of makes that separation official.

This was an advertisement for fascism.


Liberals could join the NRA en masse and take it over:



It’s tough to identify someone’s politics on sight, and that’s how race comes into all such divisions. The immigration battles aren’t about the Irish any more, but about people who don’t look like “us” or dress like “us.”

I appreciate your reference to “oligarchy,” however, as by definition there are limits to how deeply one can recruit to an oligarchy. And of course oligarchy is by definition antithetical to freedom and democracy. Who is willing to be coopted from among the dominated to defend the clean-hands oligarchy becomes very interesting.


I dunno. They seem to have long ago turned away from attending to their actual membership.


When the cretin ginger pig in the WH revels in pathological narcissism and unconscionable attacks on critics, wholesale bigotry, racism, sexism, discrimination, and for profit wars sold as “us vs them” using lies, fear and intolerance to manufacture and maintain “enemies”, it’s no wonder contemptible rot such as this NRA example is the result!
Shite rolls downhill and there is so very much such filth and stench emanating from the trump regime and all its attacks on America and our people, the environment, and wider world, it’s astonishing anyone can defend such frankly destructive/divisive actions we are seeing every day!

A stench by any other name would smell as thoroughly rotten…


BEYOND irresponsible!!!


I was just having a comment with someone from a conservative site that said electing trump stopped a civil war in the country, but that if liberals and all the others didn’t stop pushing, they would start that civil war after all. They want complete domination and for everyone to just go along with them. And because liberals are not going to stop fighting for rights and decency, they threaten war. Many of them on sites like that one are eager to start a war to get rid of liberals and their friends.
They think it will be easy. But then again they don’t know history or reality. They live in their own little world where reality doesn’t exist. Like being in a holy war against ALL muslims and that ALL muslims are marching into the US to destroy us. Lots of hate from their group towards anyone not one of them.


Bill goes straight to the heart of the matter. I will take my inspiration from those who told Joseph Mc Carthy to go fuck himself and not his ass kissers:


What will it take to bring America crashing down? We all know who the authors will be. Perhaps I will die before it happens, but my children… My blessed beloved children. Will they live in chaos with Democracy a forgotten dream? We are already limping along, crippled and injured by Republicans and the Trump administration. I don’t see any way out other than revolt…


Total, Gandhian, non cooperation. Now.


There must be large numbers, at least equivalent to the American Revolution. I think it’s time. Even a Gandihan revolution would result in great tragedy since our enemies are heartless and evil. But when we are ready, I suppose it will be spontaneous.


The Gandhian revolution in India did result in several thousand dead pacifists.

I would not expect any less today. In fact I think if we do take that route, any previous multi million person culling will nook like Sandy Hook.


The NRA is attempting to make robber baron Jay Gould’s 19th century mantra to “see half of the working class kill the other half” a reality. NRA is nothing more than a product marketing organization whose mission is SELL MORE ARMS AND AMMO. With a civil war in the US, and Trump’s military expansion, arms and ammo sales will spike up to unprecedented levels.